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Re: VY Canis Majoris

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... Xiaofang Zhongzhan and Duiqi Dianran, respectively? (I got that from an online translator). ... Tau Puppis has a proper name: Al Taleban (kind of
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2009
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > Thank you, Mark! I've added it to the book. 2000 position: 28 Can 00
      > (I hope alignments don't get messed up)
      > Note that this starset has the highest score of fires. Ancient Chinese
      > called Psi Can "The Fire Officer" and Mu Can "Piled-up Kindling"

      Xiaofang Zhongzhan and Duiqi Dianran, respectively? (I got that from an online translator).

      > Long Lat Dec
      > RA M Spec
      > Tau Puppis in Stern, near rudder of Argo 27CA44 -72 51 -50 37 6 50

      Tau Puppis has a proper name: Al Taleban (kind of appropriate, given current events, isn't it? I think the name actually means "the student," but whatever).

      (BTW: You might have noticed some more nontraditional star names starting to show up in my posts. They're my coinages and they go with mostly third- to fifth-magnitude stars in the far southern sky--specifically, in the constellations Apus, Chamaeleon, Grus, Musca, Pavo, Tucana and Volans. Someday I'll post a list of all the star names I coined.)

      Mark A. Holmes

      > 2.93 K0 III
      > VY Canis Majoris Dog's rump/tail 28CA00 -47 13 -25 46 7 23
      > 7.96 M5e Ia
      > Colossal red hypergiant; largest known star; 4,500 light yrs from Earth;
      > may go supernova at any time;
      > spews vast quantities of gas and dust into space, including carbon, oxygen,
      > nitrogen
      > Gxy M82 Ursae Major behind ear B Hole 28CA58 52 06 69 41 9 56 8.4
      > GX/BH
      > Mu Cancri back edge of Crab's shell 29CA29 1 21 21 35 8 08
      > 5.30 G2 IV
      > M81 Ursae Majoris behind ear Black Hole 29CA30 51 35 69 04 9 56
      > 6.8 GX/BH
      > Aludra Eta Canis Majoris Dog's rump 29CA32 -50 37 -29 18 7 24
      > 2.44 B5 Ia
      > Also here: Psi Cancri (29CA15) in Crab's North hind legs; Tau, 16 Ursae
      > Majoris (27CA36, 29CA17)) in & under Big Bear's head, Open Cluster M47
      > Puppis (29CA08) above-behind Argo's stern; HD66684 (27CA45) at Twins' heads;
      > HD145622 & Zeta (28CA34, 29CA39 - should be Hydra?) in body of Ursa Minor.
      > Modern: Alpha Monocerotis (29CA17) in the Unicorn's belly, & Thumbprint
      > Nebula (29CA23) in head of Cameleopardalis, the Giraffe. 28 Cancer is the
      > degree of the fall of Mars. Span: 27CA31 to 29CA55. The Sun transits these
      > longitudes approximately July 19th to July 22nd.
      > The Sun departs from the Twins and the constellation of the Crab flames red.
      > On Aventine hill, the worship of Pallas begins...
      > - Ovid (Mars and Pluto here), Fasti XIII, Kalends 19th, 1st century
      > CE
      > Commanding, resourceful, visionary, these fiercely emotional achievers put
      > on a tough front, seeing themselves as heroes, demanding high standards and
      > success of themselves, and loyalty from others. There is a good sense of
      > strategy, whether military, political, or business; ambitious and
      > structured, the stronger among them have no patience for ignorance or
      > ineptitude; they are, however, intensely sensitive to their environment and
      > their place within it. Imagery, mythology, and all forms of symbolism are
      > their natural elements; poetry, prosody and melody pour from them as
      > naturally as a river, and a strong sense of theatre and the drama inherent
      > in everyday life infuses their experiences. Here tropical and sidereal
      > Cancer combine; the Crab and two black holes in Ursa Major's head make them
      > crabby and bearish, with major issues of strength of character and
      > willpower, for the less focussed among them may indulge in morbid
      > ruminations, dwelling upon, and indulging, their weaknesses, fears, sins or
      > misfortunes, ever longing for redemption. Collectors and compilers, some of
      > them surround themselves with accumulations of objects, ideas and data in an
      > enveloping clutter. In their behaviour towards others, some believe in
      > "being cruel only to be kind;" in extreme cases, they may become heartless,
      > even sadistic and murderous. Philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astrology,
      > concepts of law, communications, and human rights are matters of concern
      > here, as well as excessive sensuality: they are fascinated by sex, drawn to
      > bondage, and can be either fanatically correct in their behavior or weak,
      > unstable, and scandal-prone. Here the legendary faithfulness of the Greater
      > Dog and the fierce maternal instincts of the Great Bear teach devotion and
      > loving care, while the celestial Crab guards the shoreline between our world
      > of sheltered appearances and the great ocean abyss of endless mystery.
      > Multiple births, birth anomalies, eye problems, Parkinson's disease, wounds,
      > exile, addiction, pedophilia.
      > Fires!!! (an extremely high score), explosions, invasions, attacks, battles,
      > fleets, war, assassination, shipwrecks, train wrecks, foul air, epidemics,
      > meteorite falls
      > Love, Diana
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      > 1. BBC E-mail: Herschel 'fingerprints' huge star
      > Posted by: "Mark Andrew Holmes" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc
      > Date: Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:34 pm ((PST))
      > Mark Andrew Holmes saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
      > should see it.
      > ** Herschel 'fingerprints' huge star **
      > The death throes of one of the biggest stars known to science are observed
      > by Europe's Herschel space telescope.
      > < http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/science/nature/8382348.stm >
    • mahtezcatpoc
      ... Thanks. Mark A. Holmes
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 2, 2009
        --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
        > Thank you, Mark! I've added it to the book. 2000 position: 28 Can 00


        Mark A. Holmes
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