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Frederici Honores

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    ... You re right! It has to be Kappa - all I can think of is that maybe I read Greek K as X The 1980 position of Kappa was 17 Aries 01 (now 17 AR 22)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
      > Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 16:27:43 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Mark Andrew Holmes <mahtezcatpoc@...>
      >Subject: Re: Frederici/Andromeda

      --- "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-stars@...>

      > Mark wrote:
      > > North Node
      > >
      >> Termes Frederici (Psi Andromedae--marks the crown
      >> in the obsolete
      >> constellation Frederici Honores the Honors of
      >> Frederick, hence my
      >> name Termes Frederici, the Crown of Frederick)
      > Frederici Honores (3-21 Ari) was created by Bode in
      > 1787 next to Lacerta, out of stars between Andromeda,
      > Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Cygnus: Lambda (18Ari01), Chi,
      > 10Tau13,

      >That's Chi Andromedae? Not Kappa Andromedae?

      You're right! It has to be Kappa - all I can think of is
      that maybe I read Greek "K" as "X"

      The 1980 position of Kappa was 17 Aries 01 (now 17 AR 22)

      Thanks for spotting that!

      > (15Ari48), Psi (19Ari40) Andromedae, to honor
      > Frederick II
      > of Prussia: "Below a nimbus the sign of royal
      > dignity hangs,
      > wreathed with the imperishable laurel of fame, a
      > sword, pen
      > and and olive branch, to distinguish this ever to be
      > remembered monarch, as hero, sage, and peacemaker."
      > Before
      > that, in 1679, Royer had placed the Sceptre & the
      > Hand of
      > Justice in the same area, to honor King Louis XIV.
      > They are
      > no longer used.
      > (From an old file, where positions are 1980; for
      > 2000, add
      > 17 minutes; for present, add 21 minutes)
      >>More opportunities for Bush with the impending
      >>retirement of Sandra
      > I prefer to keep these stars with their original
      > constellations;


      LOL! OK, OK, maybe my position was a bit "pompous" but I
      found early on that I was resenting modern "interlopers"
      made up from borrowed stars.

      in this case Psi Andromedae, near
      >> Andromeda's chained right hand. Bondage-freedom
      >> issues.
      >> Egyptian envoy seized, for instance.
      >> Sandra O'Connor "tied down" because of her
      >> commitment to her
      >>ailing husband.
      > Kidnapped girl found.

      >Her brother still missing.

      >Two Rwandan businessmen sentenced to jail terms for
      aiding the genocide there.

      >Also, continuing the "crowned with honors" theme:

      >Venus Williams beating Lindsey Davenport at Wimbledon
      (Venus Williams has had it rough these past few

      >The death of former Wisconsin senator and leading
      environmentalist Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day.

      >An expansion underway of Arlington National Cemetery,
      >where America's foremost military heroes are buried.

      Oh brother. Just what the world needs. More cemeteries.

      >Tony Blair takes over the EU Presidency.

      >Steve Fossett and Mark Rebholz successfully reenact
      the 1919 transatlantic flight of John Alcock and
      Arthur Brown in a replica of the Vickers Vimy biplane
      these two British aviators used, touching down in
      Ireland after a 20-hour flight from Canada, navigating
      by the stars and the moon just as Alcock and Brown

      That's all true - but have you considered that the
      NNode is also aligned with stars of the head of Cepheus, the

      You know, even tho I don't use them, I kind of like what
      you're doing with what I call the "obsocons" (obsolete
      constellations). Fills in the gaps of what Bernadette and I
      are doing.

      Keep 'em coming!

      Love, Diana
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