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Fwd: Admetos station on Algol (long)

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... [snip] ======================================== [Somebody pointed out that the Uranian planet Admetos stationed retrograde at 26 Taurus around August 26,
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      [Somebody pointed out that the Uranian planet Admetos stationed retrograde at 26 Taurus around August 26, between the still-contested election in Afghanistan and Gen. McChrystal's report to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and that Admetos, Saturn and the North Node form a Grand Trine (in Earth).--MAH)

      Admetos is blockage, stoppage, finding oneself in a tight, enclosed space;
      bogged down; it's also earth, real estate; can be death

      That grand trine says to me that we and the Afghans are trapped in a nasty,
      no-way-out (for now) cycle

      26 Taurus is fixed star Algol -

      Ambition, dogged determination, often artistic; "the most evil, violent, and
      dangerous star in the heavens;", keen awareness of cruelty, horror, are

      sometimes the perpetrators. Eye problems, facial surgery, head, neck, upper
      arm, shoulder injuries, thyroid problems, narcolepsy, birth anomalies,

      post-traumatic stress disorder, danger of mutilation, murder. In China, a
      star of "The Great Trench" of piled-up, dismembered corpses. War (esp

      attacks), mass murder, terror, mob violence, intolerance, massacres,
      assassination, mass disasters, quakes, eruptions, fires, plagues,

      storms, fog, shipwrecks, beheading, hanging, mutilation, choking,
      suffocation, asphyxiation, electrocution, animal attacks, mass animal

      meteorite falls, Virgin Mary apparitions.

      see article "Medusa's Head" on my website:

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

      About grand trines - I sent this to the Astrolife group 7 22 09:

      Just have time to write a "quicky" on my take on Grand Trines

      Trines are open channels of energy, like an open valve - the flow is not
      hindered - so they can be benefic - but often are not so, because there is
      no way to control or stop that flow.

      Think of an endlessly cycling railroad track, with no stops except at one of
      the 3 planets (or combination of planets) involved.

      A Grand Trine makes a "cage" that encloses a person, making them "run on
      rails"; it also can close out other influences.

      Grand Trine in Water can "enclose" a person in emotions or family ties with
      (seemingly) no way out - an endless replay loop going round and round,
      shutting out possible new emotional ties

      Grand Trine in Fire can "enclose" a person in their own belief
      system/religion/philosophy/inspirations, unwilling or unable to hear other
      points of view, or perhaps a tragic focus on pleasure and fun

      Grand Trine in Air - the same with ideas, paths of communication, schooling,
      or being tied down in relationships that limit freedom

      Grand Trine in Earth - can be trapped in practical concerns or a "pure
      science" belief system, or a physical situation that limits one, or keeps
      your nose to the grindstone, keeping one from a chance to develop
      creativity, or to just plain have fun

      My first teacher, Betty Lundsted, told us that she once had a job in the
      record-keeping section of a large hospital - she was studying astrology, was
      fascinated with medical and psychological astrology, and had a field day
      getting birth data from the patients files - she never took down the names,
      only the birth date and sex and ailment(s), for research, and learned a lot
      about various diseases and their patterns. She was puzzled about one thing -
      all of the chart patterns turned up, including Grand Crosses and
      "Grand-Grand Cross" - planets bunched in clusters that formed a square) but
      she never found a "Grand-Grand Trine" - charts with most planets clustered
      in a triangle). Then one day she accessed the files for the people in the
      "hospice" section of the institution, where patients were permanently
      helpless, unable to care for themselves and had to be totally cared for,
      fed, etc. Voila! The Grand-Grand Trines! So, quoth Betty, bless your

      Marie Antoinette (Nov 2, 1755 NS, 7:30 PM LAT, Vienna) is a classic example
      of a tragic Grand Trine (you might even say a Grand-Grand Trine: Sun cnj
      Venus in Scorpio, Mars cnj Fortuna in Cancer, Uranus cnj SNode in Pisces.
      (She also had Neptune in Leo trine Pluto in Sag). Although born a Grand
      Duchess, daughter of the powerful Queen of Austria, she ran wild in her
      childhood - no one could get her to study or discipline herself; she wanted
      only to have fun. She was married to King Louis XVI when only 15 (a
      dynastic, forced marriage - the Water "family ties" in spades!) - there was
      no way to control her wild spending sprees (the Leo trine) and in the end,
      contributed to the downfall of the monarchy, and died on the guillotine
      during the French Revolution. There is a legend that the Austrian court
      astrologers were horrified by her horoscope - so I am assuming they knew a
      thing or two about "lucky" trines!)

      Another of my teachers, Joanna Shannon, told us of a client who, she said,
      was one of the loneliest, most unhappy persons she had ever met - and she
      had a Sun-Moon-Jupiter grand trine! She was wealthy, but unable to break out
      of the "cage"

      Betty was right - bless your squares!

      Love, Diana

      PS: forgot to mention - the "shut out" effect seems to operate by
      "bypassing" the intervening houses between the trined planets.

      For instance, I have an exact Pluto trine MC (Cancer-Pisces). It "bypasses"
      my 10th, virtually "castrating" 4 planets there, including what should be a
      powerful Sun in Aries on the degree of its exaltation, bypasses the 11th,
      cutting off friendships by various means (forced to go to a school of my
      mother's choice, far from my neighborhood friends, friends moved away,
      friends died, friends listened to untrue gossip and broke off from me - and
      one (this was very hard to take), broke off because she was devoted to
      science and despised astrology (I should mention that I also have Saturn in
      Aquarius in the 8th - so I assume a lot of this is karma) I hope some who
      are interested will test out this "bypassed houses" theory of mine - it's
      just an idea I had.

      PPS: Marie Antoinette had several admirable traits, and grew into wisdom and
      dignity - but too late.

      Love, Diana

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