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    ... ... I thought I d dig up a 21-year-old article I wrote on black holes for the now-defunct Heliogram. [snip] Diana K. Rosenberg Appeared in May 1988
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      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" <fixed.stars@...> wrote:

      ... I thought I'd dig up a 21-year-old article I
      wrote on black holes for the
      now-defunct Heliogram.


      Diana K. Rosenberg
      Appeared in May 1988 Heliogram,


      March 15, 1988

      Revised, updated for NCGR Memberletter, March 1996 (not used)

      Note: When this article was first written I was working with a list of 19
      Black Hole "possibles." The list now (11/03) is about 6 times that long.



      A black hole is a dying star collapsed into infinite density. Because these
      celestial cannibals are still considered theoretical, there are several
      possible explanations for their (apparent) existence. One possibility is
      that they are collapsed neutron stars pressured into infinite curvature of
      space and infinite gravity; gravity so intense that nothing - not even light
      - can escape. Therefore in their immediate vicinity time stops, and on
      passage through, may move in the opposite direction. Black holes rotate, and
      may contain mass, charge, and angular momentum. It is theorized that they
      are "paired" or co-habit with a stellar partner in mutual orbit, and as the
      matter of the star falls into the hole, the surrounding area becomes heated
      to millions of degrees, generating x-rays which can be detected from Earth.
      When the star passes in front of the hole and obscures our (x-ray)
      observation of it, this is known as an x-ray eclipsing binary system.

      These speculative, never-never land light-grabbers are as fascinating as
      dinosaurs...and since x-rays from these (and other) sources reach and are
      absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, it is worthwhile taking a look at how they
      manifest their energies on astrological charts. Taking the theoretical
      structure of the holes as a starting point, some possible/probable key words
      were assembled to be tested:

      A: Pulling, taking, acquiring, begging, cadging, (receiving?), needing,
      hungry, insatiable {for love, money, friends, experience, adventure,
      companionship, family, oneness with God, sense of purpose, dignity}; intense
      longing, yearning, desire. Ingathering.

      B: Charisma, drawing power, magnetism, evocation, drawing out, bringing
      forth, (channeling?), obsessor/focus of obsession; persuasive, seductive,
      demanding, fascinating, mysterious, spellbinding.

      C: Anguish, despair, melancholy (inability to radiate or give off light),
      absorption of energy, bottomless pit. Cells, prisons, dungeons, mental
      chains, fear. Dark night of the soul. Darkness feeding on light.

      D: Carnivorous, preying, devouring; to snatch, steal, seize, kidnap. To
      cause to disappear.

      E: (Added after research) Genius, originality, daring, "one of a kind"

      In the physical world, black holes rule black holes (potholes, sinkholes,
      caves, pits, and places where things have been hidden --this has been tested
      and found true), and they may rule things that draw and suck, such as vacuum
      cleaners, toilet bowls, suction pumps, straws. Vortices: whirlpools,
      cyclonic storms, such as hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes.

      TESTING, 1...2...3

      First, the acquiring, taking, "pulling" energy. I decided to start with
      charts of men of wealth -- whether born to it or devoted to acquiring it:
      JP Morgan: Asc & Dsc. John D. Rockefeller: Asc/Dsc, Venus, Saturn. Andrew
      Carnegie: M, Sun, Uranus. Getty: Sun, SNode. DeLorean: Mercury, Venus,
      Jupiter, PF. Al Capone: Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune. Ivan Boesky
      (3/6/37 no time avlbl) Venus, NNode. Pete DuPont: Asc, IC, Saturn, Uranus.
      Ted Turner: MC, Moon. 1º orbs (i.e. 1º moieties) are used.

      The next idea I tried was that the BH's might have charismatic drawing
      power, and decided to check the charts of two 20th Century "Svengalis" -
      Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones. Eureka! Hitler's Asc is Centaurus X-3; his
      Dsc/Mercury conjunction is the triple set of holes now at 27 Aries:
      Cassiopeia A & M 31/M 32 Andromeda; his Venus/Mars conjunction is Radio
      Galaxy 3C 66B. As for Jones, whose deadly mix of charisma & paranoia led
      nearly a thousand followers to their death, all four of his angles are black
      holes! Asc/Dsc are Sagittarius X-4 and A-0620 Monoceros, and his MC/IC is
      Centaurus X-3 and the M31 Andromedae. Jones' ruler, Saturn is rising, with
      NGC6814 in Aquila, and Neptune, ruler of the third, is on Vela X in the
      eighth. His Sun aligns with Quasar 1928+738, a pair of binary black holes in
      Draco, the Dragon! (This brings in the suggestion, yet to be tested, that
      the holes may contribute, in certain circumstances, to paranoia and/or other
      mental aberrations). Every movie star's chart that I could check in the
      limited time I had for this article, had at least one black hole, often
      more. It may even turn out to be a prerequisite for stardom -- the ability
      to draw an audience, to attract fans. (OJ Simpson has Saturn & Uranus, the 2
      rulers of his 7th house cusp, on Black Holes; Nicole's Sun & Mercury were on
      2 others). And while we're talking about attracting attention, mid-July to
      mid-August, 1969 contained a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on M-87 Virgo A -
      the black hole on the world axis. That was the summer of Woodstock &
      Chappaquiddick (at midnight the Moon was on Vela X). Hurricane Camille
      smashed the gulf coast leaving damage over $1 billion, and just to keep it
      from being a totally boring summer, the Apollo 11 Eagle landed safely. On
      the Sea of Tranquility. On the Moon. During that remarkable summer, the BH
      JupiterUranus conjunction at M87, on the Aries axis, had the whole world
      tuned in....

      Now. What about taking, snatching, kidnapping? On March 1, 1932, when the
      Lindbergh baby was kidnapped, the Moon and Neptune were aligned with black
      holes, his mother's SNode and his father's Moon, Mars, and Uranus were BH
      degrees; Hauptman, the kidnapper/ murderer, had Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, &
      Mars on them!. Another example was on Nov. 4 1979 at 10:55 AM when the
      American Embassy in Teheran was invaded and American diplomats taken
      hostage. It was the day of a full moon (with Chiron and Vesta) aligned with
      Cepheus XR-1, squaring the nodes of Neptune. Mercury (ruler of diplomats)
      was 4 Sag 03, aligned with Hercules X-1, the BH that circles over Teheran.
      The MC was Centaurus X-3, and the IC, M 31 Andromeda (in the constellation
      "The Chained Woman"). Neptune was on 3U1700-37, the hole near the Scorpion's
      sting, and Jupiter and the NNode were on Vela XR-1, opposite the SNode on
      Royal Star *Fomalhaut. Of course, two examples do not prove anything; I
      simply want to indicate that this seems to be a fertile area for further

      Perhaps the most intriguing experiment I tried was the "vortex" or
      "maelstrom" idea. I was unable to think of a way to test it until I
      realized that great storms are swirling vortices of atmospheric energy.
      Would my frumious bandersnatches turn up on hurricanes, typhoons and

      Storms usually form when "air-controller" Mercury conflicts with Mars,
      Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn (Saturn depresses the barometer), and if these
      energies combine with violent fixed stars, a whopper is born. Let's see
      what happens when we add black holes.

      September, 1900 opened on an ominous note. Saturn was stationing on the
      destructive, IFR-emitting Trifid Nebula (*Spiculum), Uranus was on the
      Mars-like Royal War Star *Antares, Neptune was visiting violent *Menkalinan,
      and helio Pluto was on *Rigel - the "Giant's Foot" (Delta Orionis), the same
      degree as the node of asteroid #128, "Nemesis". On September 2nd Mercury
      reached Royal-and-stormy *Regulus, while the moon entered "Black Hole Alley"
      - the nine Sagittarian potholes that can wreak havoc with the weather. The
      Sun reached *Zosma, the Lion's rump, and Venus went from Saturn's node to
      *Procyon. But it was Lord-of-Storms Jupiter who gave the whole thing away,
      starting the month on Circinus X-1. On the 3rd helio Mercury raced past
      M-82, semi-squaring in quick succession helio Uranus, helio Mars and Jupiter
      (now opposing each other), and then helio and geo Pluto. By the 4th when Geo
      Mercury reached Vela X & squared Jupiter & semi-squared Mars at the same
      time, a hugely powerful cyclonic storm was moving from Cuba into the Gulf
      of Mexico. On the 5th helio Saturn reached Sagittarius X-4 and by the 6th
      Mercury, on Vela XR-1, formed semi-octile aspects to the tightly-squared
      Saturn and Neptune, deepening the barometer. On the 7th when the Sun/Earth
      squared the nodes of Uranus and the Sun reached disaster star *Mizar, the
      Moon encountered the SMC X-1/Cygnus X-1 combo in Aquarius, and as helio
      Mercury sesquared the W Geodetic Asc., MC, Equatorial Asc., and Co-Asc. and
      Geo Mercury (*Zosma) squared Uranus (*Antares), the gulf coast was given
      official warnings of a major storm (by the 8th the barometric pressure hit a
      record low of 28.48 inches). As Venus came to M-82 in Ursa Major, Chiron was
      on GX339-4, the NNode was coming to Scorpio X-1, the SNode was on stormy
      *Prima Hyadum, Mars on *Wasat, and Jupiter had reached Hercules X-1. On
      Saturn's day, September 8, 1900, with helio Saturn on its West Geodetic IC
      and square the W Geodetic Asc and Admetus conjunct the East Geodetic Asc.,
      the worst recorded natural disaster that has ever hit the North American
      continent totaled Galveston, Texas. Somewhere between six and eight
      thousand people were killed and seventeen million dollars worth of property
      was lost. (Transpluto was 12 Cancer 38, on the US Sun).

      But that's just one storm. Will black holes test out again?

      The 1906 Chinese New Year New Moon was 3 Aquarius 50, on *pi and *rho
      Capricorni in the stormy Sea-Goat. It squared Hong Kong's West Geodetic
      Polar Asc; the New Year chart for Hong Kong had Cygnus X-1 on the IC, and
      Cepheus XR-1 setting, and a helio Mercury-Jupiter opposition squared the
      Geodetic Polar Asc. A New Moon eclipse followed, at 3 Pisces 48,
      semi-octile the node of Neptune and conjunct Hong Kong's West Geodetic
      Equatorial Asc. This was the start of the ominous Year of the Fire-Horse
      (the first since 1846, when millions died of famine) -- and just 2 months
      into the eastern calendar, San Francisco, Hong Kong's trading partner, lay
      in ruins from an earthquake. A July 21 eclipse (conj. Zeus) on M-82, square
      Hong Kong's Geodetic Equatorial Asc., gave another warning. 11 days later
      came a conjunct-Chiron/conjunct-Neptune's-SNode/conjunct-Moon's-SNode Lunar
      Eclipse on SMC X-1, followed in 16 days by a third eclipse, this one in the
      "Rain Dragon" asterism of the ancient Chinese zodiac, right on Hong Kong's
      West Geodetic Dsc. September began with the Moon on Cygnus X-1 and Jupiter
      on A0620 Monoceros, opposing Uranus stationing on Sagittarius X-4; Neptune
      on *Sirius, and Pluto on Taurus X-1 (the remnant of the 1054 AD "Crab"
      supernova that the Chinese had welcomed politely as a "guest star"). On the
      4th the Sun came to *Zosma and Mercury squared Mars, whipping up the wind;
      on the 5th the Earth aligned with Saturn and semi-squared Uranus; by the 6th
      Venus reached Centaurus A; by the 7th the Sun reached *Mizar and squared the
      nodes of Uranus, while Mercury went over stormy *Regulus, and on the 8th
      Mars reached the "Rain Dragon" eclipse degree and semi-squared Neptune,
      helio Mercury squared helio Uranus, and during all this time the lunar nodes
      were squaring Neptune's helio nodes. The energies were relentless - there
      was never any time or space for the storm to weaken. By the 9th they
      increased still more as Mercury reached Vela X (sesquad Pluto on Taurus
      X-1); the 10th saw Mars on *Regulus, and by the 11th Mercury on Vela XR-1.
      On the 13th Venus reached 3U1322/Centaurus A, and by the 15th Mercury was on
      the Uranus node/*Mizar combination semi-square Uranus (Sagittarius X-1), and
      helio Mercury was conjunct helio Mars. By now the Sun had come to *Denebola,
      the disaster star of in Leo's Tail. Uranian planet Zeus (similar to Mars)
      was 25 Cancer 36, on Hong Kong's East Geodetic Asc.

      On September 18, as helio Mercury reached Hong Kong's West Geodetic
      Equatorial Dsc. and with helio Saturn square the West Geodetic Vertex, the
      huge typhoon reached the mainland. The Moon was on M 87 Virgo A, Mercury on
      *Denebola, helio Mercury on Vela X, and helio Venus and helio Chiron
      conjunct on the SMC X-1/Neptune SNode combination; Pluto was still with
      Taurus X-1, the Black Hole/Pulsar that circles the Earth at 22N Latitude,
      over Hong Kong! The huge Rain Dragon Typhoon in the Year of the Fire Horse
      came ashore about 9 PM on September 18, l906, killed an estimated 10,000
      people, sank 9 steamers and wrecked another 22, and capsized thousands of
      sampans and junks; damage ran to more than $20 million, a huge amount in
      those days.

      What do Churchill, Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas
      Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Henry VIII, Herbert Hoover, Harding, Queen
      Elizabeth I, J. Edgar Hoover, John F. Kennedy, W. H. Taft, Benjamin
      Harrison, William R. Hearst, Pope John Paul II, John D. Rockefeller, Sir
      Alexander Fleming, Joseph Mengele, Ayatollah Khomeini (if born in 1900),
      Toulouse Lautrec, Dane Rudhyar, Cagliostro, and Houdini have in common?
      Every last one has Saturn on a Black Hole. And Leonardo da Vinci, Tip
      O'Neill, Andrew Carnegie, Martin Luther and Joseph Goebbels, Thomas
      Jefferson and Mao Tse Tung, Karl Marx and FDR, Lautrec, Rimbaud, Dr. William
      Masters and Ayn Rand all have the Sun on one. The Marquis de La Place, the
      first to speculate on the existence of black holes in the 1700's, had Mars
      on "Z" - the Galactic Center. (Yes, Virginia, there probably is a BH at the
      center of the galaxy). Sir Isaac Newton had Mercury on "Z". So did Kepler.
      In fact, the holes seem to have something to do with genius, and/or depth of
      perception...(after all, they are X-Ray sources!).

      OK. Another run. What do La Place, Newton, Karl Schwartzschild (black hole
      theorist and friend of Einstein), Kepler, Fermi, Wegener (early, scorned
      proponent of theory of continental drift), Rommel, the Duke of Wellington,
      Marlon Brando, Indira Gandhi, Mozart, Melville and Evel Knieval have in
      common? Mercury on a BH, that's what. Key words: Genius? Daring?
      Imagination? "Flair"?

      ITEM; Of the 6 examples of test-tube babies in Lois Rodden's Data III, 3
      have BH Ascendants, 3 have Neptune on a BH, 2 Uranus. amd the twins have a
      BH setting. Each of the three thieves listed in the data book have a BH on
      the IC. Mother Theresa's Asc is "Z", her Mercury (ruler of the Dsc.) is
      M-87 Virgo A. She is drawn to the needy and they to her.

      ITEM: The 1340's was the decade of the Black Death - perhaps the greatest
      disaster that ever befell mankind-about one third of the Earth's population
      died. It started in Asia and reached Europe in the fall of 1345. Were Black
      Holes hit at the Black Death? The SaturnNeptune conj. of 1344 was SMC X-1.
      the JupiterNeptune of 1345 was Cygnus X-1. The JupiterSaturn "Great
      Mutation" of 1345 was at Cygnus X-3.

      ITEM: 4 of the BH's form "pairs" or axes; they are opposite each other and
      can turn up as MC/IC, ASC/DSC, NNode/SNode, Sun/Earth, etc. These are:
      A0620 Monoceros 5 Cancer 25 opposite Sagittarius X-4 at 4 Capricorn 51; and
      Andromeda M31, 27 Aries 36 opposite Centaurus X-3, 28 Libra 56. Then there
      are some that hook up with fixed stars (shotgun weddings?): *Difda, 2 Aries
      18 and M-87 Virgo A, 1 Libra 30. (M-87 is the Supergalactic Center). Royal
      Star *Regulus, 29 Leo 33 and Cygnus X-3, 28 Aquarius 16 (I call these two
      Queen Elizabeth VIII & Wyatt Slurp). Then there's 5 Gemini 32 (*Prima
      Hyadum) and 5 Sag 34 (Scorpio X-1) (Prima Ballerina and Ogden Gnash?); Royal
      *Fomalhaut 3 Pisces 35 with Vela X 3 Virgo 08 (Prince Charming and Aunty
      Em!); *Hamal 7 Taurus 23 and Centaurus A, 6 Scorpio 50 (Miss Piggy and
      Dearth Vader....).

      Along with intense willpower, drive, need/greed, and charisma, black holes
      rule peep shows, disk drives. Doritos, donuts, salted peanuts, big round
      lollypops with tootsie roll insides. And cookie monsters.

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>

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