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    ... [snip] Here are two of the paragraphs under that set of stars [including Procyon--MAH] in my book - [snip] Chicken Little take note- this is an area where
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      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" =


      Here are two of the paragraphs under that
      set of stars [including Procyon--MAH] in my book -


      Chicken Little take note- this is an area where things fall out of the sky!
      This was Mars at 3 major meteorite falls: in 1803 an exploding fireball
      showered 3,000 stones on L'Aigle, France; the 1908 Tunguska event, a huge
      explosion over Siberia, was probably an exploding meteorite; in 1962 a 40-lb
      stone, said to be from Mars, fell at Zagami, Nigeria; Saturn in 1798 when a
      fireball detonated and dropped meteoritic stones at Krakhut, India and in
      1976 when over 4 tons of meteorites fell at Jilin, China, Neptune in 1913
      when groups of meteorites passed over Saskatchewan "in perfect formation"
      accompanied by earth-shaking thunderclaps, Pluto in 1935 when a shower of
      meteorites fell near Lowicz, Poland, the Asc when a meteoric stone fell from
      a clear sky at Evora, Portugal in 1796. These stars were transited in 1933
      when the dirigible USS Akron, hit by high winds, plunged into the sea (of
      77, only 3 survived); in 1935 when structurally-flawed airship USS Macon,
      damaged by a violent gust of wind, crashed into the sea (of 83 crew, 81 were
      saved); in 1947 at the reputed crash of a UFO near Socorro, NM during a
      storm (the Crab is a "sky gate" - see Chapter 5); in 1959 when a severe
      storm at Selden, KS left an area of 54 sq miles covered with hailstones to a
      depth of 18" (46 cm); in 1976 at the Seveso, Italy chemical poisoning
      disaster, when poisonous dioxin fell from the sky; in 1989 when the right
      wing engine of a DC-10 blew apart, severing hydraulic lines, leaving the
      crew with no control: running throttles by hand, guiding the plane with
      engine power alone, they crash-landed at Sioux City, IA: the plane
      cartwheeled in flames past the runway into a cornfield: 112 died, but
      astonishingly, 184 survived, in 1996 when TWA Flight 800 exploded and
      crashed off Long Island, and in 2000 at the fiery crash just after take-off
      of an Air France Concorde that killed 113.

      Early stars of the Crab (called litoreus "shore inhabiting" by Ovid and
      Manilius) are here, and were transited when a devastating quake hit Antioch,
      Syria in 526 CE, causing the city to be abandoned; in 1783 at one of the
      most extraordinary volcanic events in history: Mt Laki (Lakagigar) in S
      Iceland split open along an 8-mile stretch - fountains of lava erupted "at a
      rate surpassing Niagara Falls," burying more than 200 sq miles under 3 cubic
      miles of fresh rock - the largest historic lava flow known, it blocked
      sunlight, causing the "Haze Famine:" 10,000 people (25% of Iceland's
      population) and 75% of the livestock perished (it also caused a severe
      winter in Europe); at the stupendous eruption of Krakatau in 1883 with a
      huge tsunami that killed about 35,000 and sent ash into the stratosphere
      around the Earth; at the 1995 port of Kobe, Japan 7.2 earthquake that killed
      5,000; in 1998 when a 23-foot tsunami caused by an off-shore quake destroyed
      villages in Papua, New Guinea, killing about 3,000; in 1991 when a Mt Unzen
      eruption in Japan killed 41, including police, vulcanologists, and
      reporters, and in Dec, 2004 at a 9.3 Indian Ocean earthquake, the cause of
      frightful tsunamis that devastated the coasts of surrounding nations,
      killing about 300,000 (Manilius assigned the Ganges Delta to the Twins).

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>

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