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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... [Someone else pointed out that when the NASA space-probe LCROSS was crash-landed on the Moon, Procyon was aligned with Mars and the South Node.--MAH]
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      [Someone else pointed out that when the NASA space-probe LCROSS was crash-landed on the Moon, Procyon was aligned with Mars and the South Node.--MAH]


      This is from my book (sorry if alignments get messed up); positions are for
      2000; for 2009-2010, add 8 minutes

      Lat Dec RA M Spec

      Procyon Alpha Canis Minoris body 25CA41 -16 01
      5 14 7 39 0.38 F5 IV

      Star of the Water Dog, Guardian of the Crossing of the River of Heaven; has
      a White Dwarf companion;

      Hyginus called Procyon canis ululans, the Little Dog that Wept (for the
      death of his master)

      24 Ursae Majoris Bear's ear 26CA20 51 15
      69 50 9 34 4.56 G2 IV

      85 Geminorum Pollux's rt arm or club 27CA03 - 0 53
      19 53 7 56 5.35 B9.5 V

      Chi Geminorum Pollux's head or cap 27CA14 7 14
      27 48 8 04 4.94 K2 III

      Alifa al Farkadain Zeta UMinor back 27CA24 75 07 77
      48 15 44 4.32 A3 V

      Also here: Phi Geminorum in Pollux's head (right ear?) (marked the Summer
      Solstice in Ptolemy's time, i.e. ca 150 CE), 82 & U (25CA15, 24CA49, 26CA31)
      close to ecliptic at Pollux's right shoulder and upper right arm or club;
      Gxy NGC2490 in Gem-should be Cancer? (26CA26); Omega Cancri in Crab's hind
      legs (earliest "official" Cancer star, 27CA10); Sigma1 in Ursa Major's head
      (eye?) (25CA13); Tau Canis Majoris in Dog's lower back (26CA23). The SNode
      was here at the extremely rare (approx once-every 4,000 years) cnj of
      Uranus, Neptune and Pluto of 577 BCE during the "Axial Age" of religious and
      philosophical transformation. Span: 24CA12 to 27CA30. The Sun transits these
      longitudes approximately July 15th to July 19th.

      I fled Him down the nights and down the days

      I fled Him down the arches of the years

      I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways

      Of my own mind, and in the midst of tears...

      - Francis Thompson (Jupiter, Procyon),
      The Hound of Heaven

      Canis Minor is truly the "Hound of Heaven," for its lucida, Procyon, was the
      ancient Euphratean Star of the Water Dog, Guardian of the Crossing of the
      River of Heaven (Milky Way). "Seek and ye shall find" should be the motto
      here, for these are people who will spend their lives on a search for God,
      for reasons, meanings, universal human understanding, lost or hidden
      knowledge, alternate dimensions (and adventure!), and will follow wherever
      that quest will lead them. Proud, passionate, emotional, dramatic,
      imaginative, yet analytical at the same time, they are competitive, restless
      and adventurous with a "wild streak," a need for excitement and intensity of
      experience, and an instinct to go their own way, exploring, taking an active
      part, seeing and testing things for themselves. Stars of the Cancer Crab
      start here; and these "true Cancers" (tropical and sidereal) are unique,
      one-of-a-kind people, concerned for humankind and where it is bound; hearing
      "a different drummer," they seem compelled to march to his beat; all arts,
      but especially poetry, theatre (the Liber Hermetis mentions thespians),
      music and imagery are in their gift, along with a love of the sky, scholarly
      aptitude, considerable psychic ability and leadership capabilities.
      Sensitive to the difficulties people have communicating with one another,
      they try to find remedies for mankind's Tower of Babel (two here invented
      universal languages, one created the World Wide Web; this was the Sun at the
      Neptune st rx in 1866 during the 1st successful laying of a transatlantic
      cable, and the United Nations was founded in 1945 with Mars and Saturn
      here). Striving for dignity and self-control, some take the path of
      discipline and austerity; they may be severely tested by life; feeling
      unappreciated, struggling with envy or what they perceive as life's
      "unfairness;" quietly, determinedly defiant, they may arouse jealousy or
      dislike in others. Rash, heedless, hasty, erratic, imprudent and reckless,
      they may be reluctant to take advice or ask for assistance and may plow
      ahead, eyes wide open, straight into glory or disaster (or both!). Some put
      themselves through harsh trials with missionary zeal; others, despairing or
      too easily influenced, may go to the other polarity of fickle, weak-willed,
      sensual self-indulgence and addiction, with a careless disregard for health
      and sanity. Indignant over injustice, they are quick to anger, with a danger
      of violence (stars of Pollux's club are here). There is a
      higher-than-average tendency to go through cycles of success followed by
      "crashes" that test their inner stability and balance; a great lesson of
      this lifetime is to avoid brooding, sulking, blaming others or circumstances
      and/or attempting escape in the use of drugs and alcohol (the Liber Hermetis
      has "stupefactos"), and to develop faith and trust in their life path. Under
      Canis and Ursa (Major and Minor), some may become involved with animals.
      There are issues of religious faith vs atheism; generosity vs greed (this
      was the Jupiter of Nick Leeson, the on-line trader who ruined Barings Bank);
      a few may become wanderers, exiles, renegades, living outside the law,
      fleeing the realizations which must eventually overwhelm them, that whatever
      their failures or sins, each of them is a beloved child of God. Success
      comes when they learn to handle sorrows and disappointments and to rise
      above them, for the Great Bear's maternal care and the faithfulness and
      fidelity of the Dogs and the Twins assure the development of selflessness,
      and an outgoing, ever-giving serenity and generosity of spirit. Blindness,
      eye problems or injuries, deafness, paralysis, birth defects, multiple
      births and birth anomalies, sexual issues (make too much of sex, or try to
      abjure it), addictions (a high score), incest, pedophilia. Aggression,
      fanaticism, brutality, conquest, eruptions, massive earth upheavals,
      shoreline disasters, especially tsunamis; explosions, fires, storms,
      shipwrecks, fog, air contamination (Hydra's poisonous breath seems to start
      here), meteorite events, things falling out of the sky; disasters caused or
      aggravated by poor judgment or ignored warnings; divine visitations.

      How about that "meteorite events" and "things falling out of the sky"? And
      the tsunamis that just hit in the western Pacific - that fits too.

      Love, Diana

      PS: book is not published yet.

      Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>

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    • mahtezcatpoc
      ... [snip] Here are two of the paragraphs under that set of stars [including Procyon--MAH] in my book - [snip] Chicken Little take note- this is an area where
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        --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg" =


        Here are two of the paragraphs under that
        set of stars [including Procyon--MAH] in my book -


        Chicken Little take note- this is an area where things fall out of the sky!
        This was Mars at 3 major meteorite falls: in 1803 an exploding fireball
        showered 3,000 stones on L'Aigle, France; the 1908 Tunguska event, a huge
        explosion over Siberia, was probably an exploding meteorite; in 1962 a 40-lb
        stone, said to be from Mars, fell at Zagami, Nigeria; Saturn in 1798 when a
        fireball detonated and dropped meteoritic stones at Krakhut, India and in
        1976 when over 4 tons of meteorites fell at Jilin, China, Neptune in 1913
        when groups of meteorites passed over Saskatchewan "in perfect formation"
        accompanied by earth-shaking thunderclaps, Pluto in 1935 when a shower of
        meteorites fell near Lowicz, Poland, the Asc when a meteoric stone fell from
        a clear sky at Evora, Portugal in 1796. These stars were transited in 1933
        when the dirigible USS Akron, hit by high winds, plunged into the sea (of
        77, only 3 survived); in 1935 when structurally-flawed airship USS Macon,
        damaged by a violent gust of wind, crashed into the sea (of 83 crew, 81 were
        saved); in 1947 at the reputed crash of a UFO near Socorro, NM during a
        storm (the Crab is a "sky gate" - see Chapter 5); in 1959 when a severe
        storm at Selden, KS left an area of 54 sq miles covered with hailstones to a
        depth of 18" (46 cm); in 1976 at the Seveso, Italy chemical poisoning
        disaster, when poisonous dioxin fell from the sky; in 1989 when the right
        wing engine of a DC-10 blew apart, severing hydraulic lines, leaving the
        crew with no control: running throttles by hand, guiding the plane with
        engine power alone, they crash-landed at Sioux City, IA: the plane
        cartwheeled in flames past the runway into a cornfield: 112 died, but
        astonishingly, 184 survived, in 1996 when TWA Flight 800 exploded and
        crashed off Long Island, and in 2000 at the fiery crash just after take-off
        of an Air France Concorde that killed 113.

        Early stars of the Crab (called litoreus "shore inhabiting" by Ovid and
        Manilius) are here, and were transited when a devastating quake hit Antioch,
        Syria in 526 CE, causing the city to be abandoned; in 1783 at one of the
        most extraordinary volcanic events in history: Mt Laki (Lakagigar) in S
        Iceland split open along an 8-mile stretch - fountains of lava erupted "at a
        rate surpassing Niagara Falls," burying more than 200 sq miles under 3 cubic
        miles of fresh rock - the largest historic lava flow known, it blocked
        sunlight, causing the "Haze Famine:" 10,000 people (25% of Iceland's
        population) and 75% of the livestock perished (it also caused a severe
        winter in Europe); at the stupendous eruption of Krakatau in 1883 with a
        huge tsunami that killed about 35,000 and sent ash into the stratosphere
        around the Earth; at the 1995 port of Kobe, Japan 7.2 earthquake that killed
        5,000; in 1998 when a 23-foot tsunami caused by an off-shore quake destroyed
        villages in Papua, New Guinea, killing about 3,000; in 1991 when a Mt Unzen
        eruption in Japan killed 41, including police, vulcanologists, and
        reporters, and in Dec, 2004 at a 9.3 Indian Ocean earthquake, the cause of
        frightful tsunamis that devastated the coasts of surrounding nations,
        killing about 300,000 (Manilius assigned the Ganges Delta to the Twins).

        Love, Diana

        Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>

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