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    ... [snip] In both eastern and western sky-lore, the Hyades have always been associated with storms and torrential rains: from at least 1,100 BCE Chinese knew
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      In both eastern and western sky-lore, the Hyades have always been associated
      with storms and torrential rains: from at least 1,100 BCE Chinese knew this
      cluster as Yü-Shï, Ruler of Rain, and the Hsiu Py (called "Mouth of the
      Sky") presaged torrential downpours. Ovid's: Fasti IV, 2nd Nones (ca 8 CE),
      has "the next day calls up the Hyades...the earth is soaked with heavy rain"
      and Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE) called the Hyades "violent and
      troublesome...causing storms and tempests raging on both land and sea:" this
      was the NNode at a 1333 SolEcl that ran a path of totality through Italy, 6
      months before a historic Florence flood, Uranus at the Great Mutation
      (Jupiter-Saturn cnj) of 1524 that was followed by torrential, unceasing
      rains and floods in Italy; Pluto in 1889 when a violent storm hit Samoa,
      destroying warships of the US and Germany that had been on the brink of
      battle ("the typhoon that stopped a war") and at the Great Johnstown Flood
      (caused by the collapse of an earthen dam that had been weakened by
      incessant rains) that killed 2,200 in Pennsylvania; the SNode at the Great
      Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that inundated the city and left 6-8,000 dead:
      "one of the worst recorded natural disasters ever to hit the North American
      continent;" Mars at the Aries Ingress of 1910, a year a typhoon caused
      severe flooding in Japan, and devastating floods hit Germany, France,
      Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Serbia; the French called their event the
      "Onze Heures Moins Dix Flood" because all the public clocks in Paris,
      controlled from a central power station that had flooded, stopped at the
      same time: 10:50 AM, which happened to be exactly 117 years (4 Saturn
      cycles), to the day and hour after the beheading of King Louis XVI (the
      flood's Moon was his MC, its Uranus was his Mars, its Jupiter was his Dsc),
      and the moment that the clocks stopped, the Asc had come to the Saturn of
      the beheading! The alleged UFO crash near Socorro, NM in 1947 occurred
      during a storm, with Mars here; this was Mercury at a SolEcl preceding weeks
      of almost unceasing rain resulting in the Great Mississippi River Flood of
      1993 (Eridanus!), and 7 months later a LunEcl here preceded severe December
      floods in Europe; these stars were Rising at the moment 1997's Typhoon
      Paka's winds hit 236 mph (380 kph), the highest surface wind ever recorded
      up to that time. Jupiter was here at the Aries Ingress of 2001 that preceded
      a "vast" dust storm over Mongolia, tracked by satellites as it spread over
      most of the globe, also presaging the Sept 11th terrorist destruction of the
      World Trade Center which raised huge dust clouds, contaminating the
      atmosphere, causing severe health problems and some deaths. It is well to
      remember that stars of Perseus, the Hero and Rescuer share these longitudes
      with the Bull; the Aries Ingress Jupiter (coming to ascension at New York
      and Washington) also represented the 403 heroic firefighters, police and
      rescue workers who died trying to save others at the 9/11 attacks.

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>

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