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Fw: [soleclipse] July solar eclipse

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ... From: Diana K Rosenberg Subject: [soleclipse] July solar eclipse To: soleclipse@yahoogroups.com Date: Wednesday, September 2,
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      --- On Wed, 9/2/09, Diana K Rosenberg <fixed.stars@...> wrote:

      From: Diana K Rosenberg <fixed.stars@...>
      Subject: [soleclipse] July solar eclipse
      To: soleclipse@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 12:52 PM



      I've been watching the terrible LA fires on TV and remembered that I had been worried about the July eclipse and Los Angeles --


       -- the July eclipse at

      29 Cancer happened to be at the very highest-scoring fixed star fire area - the last degrees of Cancer - (the first degrees of Leo are also a high scoring area) - originally I was puzzled by this until I got into the ancient Chinese material -- this is from my old Chinese Constellations file (positions are 1980 - for 2009, add 24 minutes to each):

      Just above and to the west of the Crab's shell, where we have its hind legs, is Kouan, The Warning Lantern, which is Phi2, Chi, Psi & Lambda Cancri, (2LE14, 0LE42, 28CA58, 1LE49), also called the Light House or Bea-con.

      Chinese astrologers disagreed about these stars; some said the figure presided over the rekindling of the fires in the sacrificial kitchens at the four seasonal ceremonies; some said it stood for lanterns lit as disaster or distress signals; still others called it The Fire Officer. Mu Cancri (29CA12) was Tsi-Sin, the Piled-Up Kindling

      When I saw the degree of the eclipse, I ran it for Los Angeles, because the

      1781 Incorporation chart's MC is 29 Cancer 44; the chart came out with the helio nodes of Saturn rising and setting and the eclipse itself in the 7th House, just 6 degrees above the Dsc. The SNode and Mercury were also in that fiery early Leo area (stars of our Cancer, the Crab).

      The next "odd bit of information" that helps here is the Circle of Athla, described in the Loeb Library edition of Manilius' Astronomica. It's a technique that puts the Part of Fortune on the Asc and runs equal houses from there - but the houses have different delineations than those we are used to. The Athla 7th House is the House of Dangers. I keep this in mind when I run eclipse charts, because in a solar eclipse, the Part of Fortune is always exactly on the Asc, and thus in any solar eclipse, the 7th House is always the Athla House of Dangers. Another thing - Mars was 6 Gemini 58 - the volatile Hyades Cluster, and its solstice point, 23 Can 02, fell smack on that dangerous 7th house cusp.

      The 3rd "odd bit" is the Uranian planet Zeus, a reliable indicator of the danger of fire. It was at 11 Libra 11, square home-and-hearth Vesta and on the Octile axis of Neptune and the AntiVertex (things out of control in the environment) , and Admetos as well, concerned with the earth and real estate.

      The solstice point of Zeus came out exactly opposite chart-ruler Saturn, and both squared Venus, ruler of the IC, in Gemini, sign of neighbors and neighborhoods.

      I sure hope some rain from that hurricane reaches that far north!

      Love, Diana


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