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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Does anybody want to try and tie all this to current events (personal or in the world at large)? Mark A. Holmes _________________________ Hi Diana, This is
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      Does anybody want to try and tie all this to current
      events (personal or in the world at large)?

      Mark A. Holmes


      Hi Diana,

      This is what I've found about El Nath myself before (I
      this in my own group pages):

      I remember some astrologers regard it is as bad in
      nature in horary
      (perhaps that Mars-effect), but there are mostly other

      El Nath Beta Taurus is in 22.38 Gemini. Bernadette
      Brady says it is
      the nature of Mars. It is described with words like
      "luck, fortune,
      success, quarrels, headstrong" , and it is regarded to
      be fortunate.

      About Taurus this link may be helpful:
      http://www.skyscript.co.uk/taurus_myth.html :

      El Nath is a double star, brilliant white and pale
      grey, situated on
      the tip of the northern horn. The name derives from Al
      Natih, the
      Butting One, and the nature, according to Ptolemy, is
      like the
      influence of Mars. Nonetheless, El Nath enjoys a more
      reputation than many of the stars in Taurus and is
      renown for giving
      fortune, favour and eminence, accompanied by a sharp
      wit. It carries
      some danger of quarrels, enmity, and 'many small
      losses' but overall
      its influence is a beneficial one and when harnessed,
      can propel and
      promote effectively.


      Sabian Symbols:

      New Moon is in 16.16. Gemini:
      Part of Body: First rib
      Sabian Symbol: The head of a youth changes into that
      of a mature

      The 23th degree of Gemini (El Nath):
      Part of Body: Head of the humerus
      Sabian Symbol: Three fledglings in a nest high in a

      (the Full Moon is in that 00 Capricorn-Cancer axis)


      They say the degree of 22 Gemini is about Literature:


      Of Star elixirs they say El Nath helps to understand
      principles and ideas.


      About El Nath connected to planets (this is from Ann
      Fixed stars pages):


      General influence of the star: Of the nature of Mars
      and Mercury. It
      gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or
      (Robson).Martian in nature; reputed to be an
      indication of success.
      (Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology). Since Mars (the
      ruler of this
      star) is not only the planet of war but of surgery,
      iron and steel generally, El Nath will show practical
      skill in all
      these professions. (Dr Eric Morse).

      With Sun: Ecclesiastical preferment, honor through
      science, religion
      or philosophy. (Robson).

      With Moon: Quarrels with questionable associates,
      business success,
      environment detrimental owing to wife, partner or
      relative. (Robson).

      With Mercury: Favour of superiors, but enmity of
      colleagues, rises
      to high position or changes vocation, favorable for
      gain, but many
      small losses, domestic expenses, often obliged to
      support an
      invalid. (Robson).

      With Venus: Favorable for gain, enemies who are
      powerless to injure.

      With Mars: Good lawyer, speaker, and debater,
      quick-witted. (Robson).

      With Jupiter: Success in legal or ecclesiastical
      affairs, favorable
      for gain and inheritance. (Robson).

      With Saturn: Cautious, thoughtful, bad-tempered,
      accumulates money,
      favorable for domestic affairs, gain through
      relatives, may receive
      start in life through a legacy. (Robson).

      With Uranus: Great mental energy and force of
      character, weak body,
      original and practical ideas, occult interests, but
      material aims,
      late success, favorable for domestic affairs, death in
      middle age.

      With Neptune: Active in mind and body, vacillating,
      some physical
      defect, occult interests, may make discoveries in
      medicine, domestic
      disharmony owing to peculiar matrimonial ideas, may
      become famous,
      death in middle age. (Robson).



      (and many thanks for your time, Diana)


      >> Diana Rosenberg writes:

      Very short of time folks, but here is what I have for
      Nath in my Workbook (positions are 1980 - for 2005,
      add 21

      Mintaka, Delta Orionis var 1 of 3 belt stars 22GE07
      -22 57 - 0 17 5
      2.23 O9.5 II
      El Nath Beta Tauri/Gamma Aurigae 22GE18 5 23 28 35 5
      1.65 B7 III
      Tip of Bull's north horn & right ankle of Charioteer
      Hatsya Iota Orionis Orion's sword 22GE43 -29 12 - 5 55
      5 34
      2.76 O9 III
      M42 Great Orion Nebula NGC1976 in sword 22GE44 -28 45
      - 5 28 5 34
      4 Nebula

      Natural leaders, "take charge" types, swashbucklers.
      Struggle for self-control, dignity - most of the
      battle is
      within. On the surface are cool, confident,
      think big, but many must make a conscious effort to
      off despair. Usually have good sense of humor, verging
      sarcasm. Sense of self-worth, innate aristocracy helps
      through struggles of life. Traditionally, fortune,
      success, honor in 9th house matters such as religion,
      philosophy, and in business and science as well; there
      is a
      tradition that El Nath is also called the "Wounded" or
      "Slain." I have not discovered the source for this,
      but it
      is true that many of them do not die in bed. Issues:
      prejudice vs acceptance of other cultures, universal
      viewpoint. Shipwrecks, explosions, fires.

      dignified adventurous prejudiced, sarcastic
      natural leaders confident show-offs

      In the book I have:

      Fires, quakes, explosions, storms, shipwrecks;
      riots, upheavals; assassination; epidemics, oil wells

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