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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: ================================== I offer, for your consideration, Ophiuchus, the great shaman-in-the-sky, who lies exactly over
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      I offer, for your consideration, Ophiuchus, the great
      shaman-in-the-sky, who
      lies exactly over Scorpius, the Scorpion;
      Approximate tropical spans (2000) based on IAU boundaries: Ophiuchus: 24
      Scorpio through Sagittarius to 12.7 Capricorn;
      Serpens: 14.3 Scorpio through Sagittarius to 16 Capricorn

      Barak Obama was born with Ophiuchus and Serpens, the Serpent he is holding
      (or struggling with?) culminating, along.with Scorpius.
      His MC is variable FQ Serpentis and HD145050, right where the left hand of
      the Shaman is grasping Serpens; in ancient China,
      this area (the entire figure of Ophiuchus) was T'ien-Chi, the "Celestial
      Market"! In the same longitudes are some stars of Libra, the
      Scales (there's his legal career) and Hercules, the Strong Man.

      from my book:


      Incensed with indignation Satan stood
      Unterrified, and like a comet burn'd,
      That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge
      In th'arctic sky, and from his horrid hair
      Shakes pestilence and war...
      - Milton (Omega Ophiuchi
      Rising): Paradise Lost

      O great eagle circling the sky,
      Malicious snake slithering along the river
      I myself want to cross this river.
      All you spirits lifting me, ferrying me
      Hurry! Reveal your power!
      - from a Manchu
      shamanic epic

      Shaman Ophiuchus (also known as Serpentarius) is shown handling or
      struggling with Serpens (Greek Ophis or Anguis) while stepping on the
      Scorpion-of-Death; in Phoenicia he was healing god Eschmun (Esmounos);
      Greeks called him Asklêpios (Aesculapius). Eschmun and Asklêpios may have
      been two phases of one archaic deity: according to Burkert, the Akkadian
      name for "chief physician" (epithet of Mesopotamian medicine-and-healing
      goddess Gula (see Aquarius, Chapter 12) was asugallatu from the Sumerian
      a.zu.gal, which went through Asgelatas, an aspect of Apollo, to Asklepios,
      son of Apollo.

      An ancient Babylonian constellation tablet lists Nutsirda
      ("Prince-of-the-Serpent"), called in Semitic Namassû, "Reptile." Nutsirda
      (also called An-u-giê, "Lord-of-the-Underworld") was connected to the god
      Sagimu, possibly the Lord of Invocation (the ideographs of his name
      "mouth" and "invoke"); this asterism presided over dead bodies and
      The archaic lunar zodiac of "The Tablet of the 30 Stars" from the
      Birs-Nimroud, which goes back at least 5,000 years, lists asterism XXV
      Kakkab Mulu-Bat ][ Pa-gar, a-sig: "The Asterism Man-of-Death | the corpse,
      the fever." made up of Epsilon and Zeta Ophiuchi (Yed Posterior, Han); the
      next asterism, XXVI, is Kakkab Tsîr ][ Ilu Nin-ki-gal: "The Asterism
      of the
      Snake | The Goddess Queen-of-the-Great-Region" made up of Eta, Xi, Theta
      Ophiuchi (Sabik, Wajrik, Kashud); Ninkigal ("The Unwearied"), its
      regent-divinity, was also called Nin-lil, "Queen of the Ghost-World" and
      Nin-gê, "Queen of the Underworld" (i.e. Scheôl-Hadês). Ninkigal is an
      eastern counterpart of Persephone, the Greek goddess-mistress of Hell. (In
      China, the great outline of Ophiuchus-Serpens with some stars of Hercules
      were all part of huge T'ien-Chi "The Celestial Market," running from 18
      Scorpio through all of Sagittarius and ending at about 20 Capricorn)

      So we have a Shaman in the White House. Dig it.

      Love, Diana R

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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