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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Re Indus: Mark sent 5b. Re: Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Indus Posted by: mahtezcatpoc mahtezcatpoc@yahoo.com mahtezcatpoc Date: Thu Feb 5, 2009
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      Re Indus: Mark sent

      5b. Re: Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Indus
          Posted by: "mahtezcatpoc" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc
          Date: Thu Feb 5, 2009 10:36 am ((PST))

      How about Australian Aboriginals?


      Mark A. Holmes
      I wrote this a year ago for the NCGR Newsletter:

      Sorry in Australia
      An extraordinary and fascinating event took place in Australia on February 13 - an official and ceremonial apology to Australia's aborigines for the suffering and indignities inflicted upon them over the years, most particularly the snatching of children away from their families; at 9 AM in Canberra the new Australian PM, Kevin Rudd, delivered a heartfelt and unconditional apology, especially to the "Stolen Generations" - tens of thousands of children taken from their families in a cruelly misguided effort to "improve" them, causing untold sorrow and anguish to the indigenous people of the land. 

      I went looking to what was happening in the sky in 1910, when the kidnappings began -- on May 9 1910 there was a Solar Eclipse at 17 Taurus 43; on Feb 7 2008, 6 days before the "Sorry" ceremony, there was a Solar Eclipse at 17 Aquarius 44! The 1910 eclipse was at the earliest stars of the Taurus Bull, which in mythology, was Zeus, who disguised himself to kidnap Europa! Uranus was at 25 Cap 12 rx, aligned with stars of Indus, the Indian which research has shown relates to all indigenous people, not only Amerinds.

      The Node in 1910 was 28 Taurus; the Canberra Asc of the Feb 7 08 Eclipse was 29 Taurus; these are the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters; they bring rain, and it was raining at the ceremony; in symbolizm, rain stands for tears; in this case, they were tears of both sorrow (remembrance) and joy.  Also at the "Saying Sorry" event, Mars was 25 Gemini 05 tightly cnj Uranian planet Hades at 25 Gemini 51 rx (Hades represents anyone or anything that has been demeaned, devalued or trashed); both were cnj the 1910 Eclipse Pluto at 25 Gemini 29 - these positions align with the stars Lambda and Mu Columbae, which in ancient China formed Tsze-Soun, The Sons and Grandsons!  The 1910 Uranus was 25 Cap 12 rx; the "Sorry" event Venus was 24 Cap 07 (again, an alignment with Indus stars). 

      As the ceremony began, the MC (22 Sagittarius) aligned with Rasalhague, the Head of Ophiuchus, the great Shaman-Physician, a healer not only of bodies and minds, but souls as well; he shares this degree with stars of Ara, the Altar, carrier of beneficent prayers to heaven.  The Asc aligned with Markab, Alpha Pegasi, the saddle of divine Pegasus who soars to great heights and the West Fish of Pisces who swims the depths, gracing the ceremony with a vast span of vision and understanding.

      Scanning Australia's charts I found that the 1910 Uranus and the ceremony's Venus were on the 1788 chart's Mercury and the Jan 1 1901 (1:25 pm)'s MC!  At the 1910 Eclipse run for Canberra, the Placidian 3rd cusp is 15 Sag 25; the Uranian planet Cupido (marriage, family, the arts, "the urge to merge") at the ceremony was 15 Sag 40, so you could say that a sense of family and community had come into the consciousness of whatever was happening in 1910; Cupido, a benefic, is at the same time at the Australia 1901 Uranus-of-humanitarianism and opposite the 1788 Jupiter-of-arrogance. (Cupido moves slowly - it has a 262.5 year orbit).

      In Esoteric Technologies' Newsletter, Australian astrologer and Sabian Symbols expert Lynda Hill noted that the Sun was at 24 Aquarius, for which the symbol is "A Man Turning His Back on his Passions Teaches Deep Wisdom From His Experience"  Wow.  And another Wow - the morning of February 13 in Australia is still Feb 12  in the West - the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator.

      Last but not least, the recent Aquarius eclipse aligned with the stars of little Delphinus, the Dolphin, known since ancient times as a most beneficent, helpful critter.

      Good to have some good news for a change! 

      Sometimes, just once in a while, humanity gets it right.
      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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