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Re: Neptune return to discovery degree

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  • oparhi
    It is also near the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius as Jupiter transits that point 25.52 Aqu in 19 May 2009 and is then within one degree conjunction
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2008
      It is also near the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius as Jupiter
      transits that point 25.52 Aqu in 19 May 2009 and is then within one
      degree conjunction (about 35') to Neptune and Chiron (about 18'). And
      it passes that point direct the second time on 29 December 2009.

      But adding the epoc degrees we have to wait until April 2010 before
      Neptune gets there. And Jupiter is then in Pisces approaching Uranus.

      Would you think this time could be some kind of sign, time worth-while
      exploring the cosmos, physics, astrology, all the occult, sciences,
      psych etc? There are so many possibilities there in this vast list of


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > Neptune was discovered Sept 23, 1846, about 9-10 PM, at Berlin.
      > It was 25 Aquar 52 rx, closely conj Saturn at 25 Aquar 08 rx.
      > It will return to this position (for the 1st time since its
      discovery) on
      > Apr 11, 2009.
      > For epoch 2000, add 2 deg 08 min; for epoch 2009.5, add 2 deg 16 min.
      > The two planets were aligned with Triple Star NGC7158 at the end of the
      > Sea-Goat's tail
      > and Iota Aquarii in the Water-Pourer's thigh/lap (there's an overlap of
      > constellations here), as well as stars of Cygnus, the Swan and Piscis
      > Austrinus, the Southern Fish:
      > From my book:
      > Albert Einstein, who had Jupiter here, said "I want to know what God
      > the rest are just details;" whether bearing the Water-Pourer's burdens,
      > flying with Cygnus and Pegasus (whose earliest stars are here),
      riding the
      > waves with Capricornus or delving deep into them with Piscis Austrinus,
      > these wayfarers search for comprehension, for God and for "what God
      > examining and questioning everything for its deeper meaning. These "true
      > Aquarians" (these are the last stars that encompass both tropical and
      > sidereal Aquarius), born under the the head of the pourer-out of the
      > of heaven, share their place in the sky with the gulping Southern
      Fish (who
      > wants it all!) Whether filled with faith and hope or troubled with
      > skepticism, their intense curiosity and will-to-understand takes them on
      > life-long pilgrimages of discovery. The Earth and her people, flora,
      > weather patterns, minerals, soil and vital signs are their concern,
      as well
      > as her enveloping universe and the laws, ways and means of human
      > interactions; they create maps not only of the earth and sky but the
      > mind and psyche as well, for here are geographers, cartographers (both
      > terrestrial and celestial), cosmologists, geologists, naturalists,
      > physicists, mathematicians, physicians, psychologists, astrologers,
      > researchers, scholars of religion, philosophy and mythology,
      students and
      > salvors of ancient knowledge, and laws both human and divine. Although
      > charming, they are outspoken and "tell it like it is." Stubborn,
      > fiercely independent, hungry for knowledge (along with money,
      > and recognition); they are anxious to prove themselves; time presses
      > them; they never feel they have enough of it to finish their tasks
      on this
      > plane. Under the Veil Nebula they enjoy the secretive, mysterious
      > of magic, sleight-of-hand conjuring and "hidden knowledge" granted
      by the
      > study of ancient texts and the occult; some have mystical or visionary
      > experiences, and the artists and writers among them have a nicely-honed
      > sense of the gothic and macabre. There is a wild, aggressive side to the
      > Swan (Persians saw a panther in its stars), and often physical
      prowess as
      > well: many athletes and dancers have positions here (as well as
      > with a madcap sense of humor). Some seek God, others play God:
      mastery and
      > control (of themselves and others) is essential to them; opinionated and
      > blunt, they can be cold, tough, brutal and ruthless, and may back up
      > hard-won, strongly-held beliefs with force (in extreme cases,
      murder). For
      > those in public life, law, government, politics and military force
      are often
      > combined and intertwined. Insisting on obedience and adherence to
      laws; some
      > embrace pacifism while others try to enforce what they consider
      > and fundamentals (as if by forcing them on others, they may quiet
      their own
      > repressed doubts). Scandal-prone, often beleaguered, they are
      > sensitive to slights, wrongs and injustices to themselves, but
      > may impose them on others; some are arrogant, rigid, aristocratic and
      > chauvinistic, even satyrical, sneering and bullying. The gulping
      > Fish can make them greedy for money and the trappings of success,
      and a few
      > give in to overindulgence and addictions, yet many here are
      uninterested in
      > riches; enlightened by Aquarius' gift of a wide-ranging, universal mind,
      > recognizing the oneness of humankind, they open themselves to the
      > all-encompassing energies of the divine, searching (through laws,
      > philosophy and/or reform) for ways to create a peaceful Utopia and
      to help
      > their fellow-passengers on Spaceship Earth. The earliest stars of
      > head are here, and mental health is an important concern: some are
      > conflicted in their sexual identity, convinced that their physical
      bodies do
      > not match the true gender of their souls. Longing for faith but
      wracked by
      > doubts or beset by painful emotional conflicts, they can learn to
      use the
      > mind itself to heal; a few have psychic ability which can be used to
      > others. Issues include waging war vs making peace, taking
      responsibility for
      > oneself and others vs self-pity; self-discipline vs self-indulgence;
      > severity and prejudgment vs forbearance, tolerance and
      understanding. These
      > stars form the last quarter of a Grand Cross of the Pleiades, Regulus,
      > Bungula (Alpha Centauri) and Omicron2 Cygni. High above the travails of
      > Earth, the soaring wings of Cygnus grant a breadth of vision
      vouchsafed to
      > few. Multiple births, umbilical cord problems (around the neck): head
      > injuries, face or skin disfigurements (especially the nose) (the
      > Water-Pourer's head and neck are here); hearing problems, alcoholism,
      > addictions, substance abuse; cannibalism; Great journeys and treks,
      > of long-contained or long-repressed energies and/or tensions;
      > assassinations, mass intolerance, persecutions, droughts, famines,
      > epidemics, disasters with a high number of fatalities, fires, storms
      > extremely high winds, floods, extreme cold, major fossil discoveries;
      > paradigm shifts; meteorite falls
      > This was the Sun of US Pres Abraham Lincoln, who dedicated his
      presidency to
      > saving the Union (spells of depression) (assassinated-shot in the
      head) (the
      > head of Aquarius is here) and 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin
      > "The Origin of Species" (1859) caused intense controversy, unabated
      to this
      > day! (intestinal illness, fatigue, panic attacks) (Lincoln and
      Darwin were
      > born on the same day; each, without intending to, precipitated a
      social and
      > cultural revolution); the Sun as well of 16th-century jurist Sir Edward
      > Coke, champion of English Common Law; 18th-century moral
      > philosopher-economist-social and judicial reformer Jeremy Bentham,
      > 18th-19th-century economist-demographer Thomas Malthus (theorized that
      > population will always tend to outrun food supply, and the betterment of
      > mankind is impossible without limits on reproduction), social
      > Auguste Comte, pioneer feminist Susan B Anthony, social reformer-utopian
      > Charles Fourier, "formidable" one-woman social reformer Carrie Nation, a
      > temperance advocate notorious for marching into barrooms singing,
      > hurling biblical vituperations and smashing stock and fixtures with a
      > hatchet, and UN Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira De Mello
      > by Gulf War II terrorist bomb, Baghdad), This was Venus when Russian
      > were emancipated, and at the inauguration of President Abraham
      Lincoln, both
      > in 1861.
      > There are chart elements here of paradigm-shifting 15th-16th-century
      > astrologer-astronomer-mathematician Copernicus, 16th-century
      > astronomer-astrologer Tycho Brahe (nose cut off in a duel),
      > 16th-17th-century astrologer-astronomer-mathematician Kepler,
      > astronomer-celestial cartographer Hevelius (proud of his unusually keen
      > eyesight); naturalist-biologist-microscopy pioneer Swammerdam (deeply
      > religious, unstable), 18th-century cartographer-geographer-surveyor
      > Arrowsmith and geologist-mineralogist Dolomieu, 18th-19th-century French
      > Academy of Medicine founder Dr Joseph Guillotin, at whose urging (for a
      > quick, painless means of capital punishment) the guillotine was
      > photograpy co-inventor J Nicephore Niepce, mathematician-physicist
      > Jean-Baptiste Fourier, 19th-century explorer-naturalist-botanical
      > collector-science patron Joseph Banks, naturalist Geoffroy St-Hilaire,
      > pioneering
      > geologist-ethnologist-anthropologist-conservationist-explorer-author Maj
      > John Wesley Powell, 1st to voyage and map the length of the Grand
      Canyon on
      > the Colorado River, creator-publisher of the 1st classification of
      > Indian languages (all this after he lost his lower right arm at the
      > of Shiloh!), ethnologist-explorer Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, an early
      > writer on American Indians;
      > anthropologist-archaeologist-geologist-illustrator William H Holmes,
      > astronomer Urbain Leverrier, pioneering 19th-early 20th-century
      > Pierre Curie (crystallography, piezoelectricity, magnetism,
      > (head crushed in accident at 46), Marie Curie (discoverer of radium),
      > physicist-chemist Otto Hahn (and born just 6 days later) physicist
      > Einstein, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, a believer in UFO's;
      > philosopher-mathematician Alfred North Whitehead, inventor Thomas Edison
      > (became deaf), aircraft designer Willy Messerschmidt,
      > breeder Luther Burbank, paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope,
      > Margaret Mead and naturalist- primatologist-ethologist Jane Goodall
      > (discoverer of tool making and tool use among primates) who travels and
      > lectures about saving endangered animals, the environment (and
      > These stars were transited at the Aries Ingress of 1313 when Chinese
      > Magistrate Wang Chen, whose craftsmen had carved 60,000 characters on
      > movable wooden blocks, published a treatise on the history of
      > and in it mentioned the use of tin characters for printing (more than a
      > century before printing developed in Europe); when the Aztec
      Calendar Stone
      > was discovered, Mexico City, 1760; at Neptune's discovery (cnj
      Saturn) in
      > 1846; when ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamen's tomb was opened in
      1923; at
      > the launch of Sputnik, the 1st artificial earth satellite, from Baikonur
      > Cosmodrome, USSR in 1957, the start of the Space Age (and, as it
      turned out,
      > the Internet), in 1980 when Benoit Mandelbrot discovered "Mandelbrot
      > (fractals), "one of the most astonishing discoveries in the history of
      > mathematics." This was Uranus (cnj Charles Darwin's Sun) in 1835,
      when HMS
      > Beagle arrived at the Galapagos Islands with Darwin on board;
      > of its fauna led to his revolutionary theory of natural selection and
      > evolution. Piscis Austrinus, the Great Southern Fish, apparently
      > fossils: this was the 1822 Aries Ingress NNode the year Dr Gideon
      > discovered the 1st (aquatic) dinosaur bones in Sussex, Jupiter in
      1938 when
      > a live coelacanth, a 5-foot (1.52 m) "fossil fish" sourced in the
      > period (410-360 million years BP - predating the dinosaurs!), thought to
      > have been extinct for over 80 million years, was caught off South
      > and Venus was here in 2006 when scientists announced they had found a
      > 375-million-year-old tetrapod-fish "missing link" fossil in Canada's
      > far-north Nunavut Territory, jokingly dubbing it a "fishapod;" Inuit
      > asked to propose a formal name, chose "Tiktaalik" (Inuktikuk for "a
      > shallow-water fish") - all discoveries that caused great excitement
      in the
      > scientific world.
      > ((Just felt like offering up a bit of a holiday gift, since the book has
      > been delayed)
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com
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