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  • Trishmare7@aol.com
    Hi Diana!--I never did thank you for this ... extremely embarrassed! (I got swamped with work soon after I wrote this). So a belated but very heartfelt
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2005
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      Hi Diana!--I never did thank you for this ... extremely embarrassed! (I got swamped with work soon after  I wrote this). So a belated but very heartfelt Thank you!  I'll look for Jupiter angular.
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         Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 09:46:34 EDT
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      Subject: Re: electionals

      >You are so sweet to take the time to look at this Diana!  Really--when  I
      posted my letter I didn't expect anyone to take time out of their schedule to 
      give me a second opinion, I just wanted to explain the situation (and wondering 
      out loud how much the difficult fixed stars should influence my acceptance or
      rejection of a time I otherwise liked).  Yes, Venus at Alcyone bothered 
      me--I've seen Alcyone manifest as something to weep about in other  charts!  If I
      want to be doing any weeping I'll reread "Lassie  Come Home," thank you very

      >As to the hidden enemies--I don't know person or thing that could  be
      enemies, but then if I did they wouldn't qualify as "hidden," would  they? Ha.  Don't
      need any poor, demanding clients either--have enough of  those and am trying
      to shed 'em, frankly (succeeding, too).  I've a few  clients who really like
      the work I do for them and are willing to pay a  fair price for it, and it's
      that kind of person I want more of in my life.

      >I really love the Sabian symbols of the May 10th, 10:00 am, Grand  Blanc
      Michigan chart, but Sabians probably aren't enough to overide the  negatives.

      I agree. I would not base an electional on the SSymbols

      >The business consultant I'm working with--one of my clients--says I've  got a
      product people like and the market, I'm just not leveraging my  talents well.
      This whole transformational process came about because I'd  mentioned to her
      that I was considering getting out of astrology all  together (delineating
      charts for people that is--I'll always love  the astrology) because it was too
      much work for too little pay and I was  getting tired of the constant struggle. 
      I'm reminded of the John  Ruskin quote, "In order that people may be happy in
      their work, these  three things are needed; they must be fit for it.  They
      must not do  too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it."  

      My natal data:
      7th October, 1959
      8:45 pm, EST
      Flint, Michigan
      43°N00'45" 083°W41'15"

      There are a couple of dates that looked possible to me -

      June 6th - about 1 PM you'd have Jupiter in 2nd trine MC,
      approaching a trine to your natal Sun and MC; Mercury (your
      natal ruler, and chart ruler) in dignity, trine and sextile

      July 9th - about 6:35 PM: Mercury-Venus cnj sextile natal
      Sun, Moon 25 Leo approaching trine to your Moon which rules
      your 2nd, but the above time has a Cap ruled 2nd (w/part of
      fortune in it)

      Can't spend more time on this, but the basics are to try to
      fortify the 2-8th rulers (your Moon-Saturn), fortify MC,
      maybe fortify natal Jupiter (maybe July 22-23, when Sun
      trines your Jupiter? No - Mercury goes wretch there.

      Anyway, play around with these, and when you get a good
      aspect, try to get it applying.

      Would be good to get ruler 7th in 1st, that's others coming
      to you, but sometimes not be possible.

      Can you get one with your NATAL Jupiter on 2nd or 8th?
      One of the most successful electionals I ever saw was based
      on getting natal Jupiter angular.

      Love, Diana
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