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Xi Herculis

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Never mind, Mark - I found it. Love, Diana Website: http://ye-stars.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 8, 2008
      Xi Herculis

      Never mind, Mark - I found it.

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

    • sisterbellabee@aol.com
      Mark wrote: I think Baraka is Arabic for blessed. ~~~ This approximately, by longitude is at a contrasolstice degree for Obama s Venus that would have
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 9, 2008
        Mark wrote:


        I  think "Baraka" is Arabic for "blessed."

        This approximately, by longitude is at a contrasolstice degree for Obama's Venus that would have opposition to these midpoints:  28+ Sagittarius at 28Sag19 Neptune/Asc, (Ju/Ur)8, (Me/Ur)8
        ....and under transit by Pluto, affecting the following midpoints for Obama:
        29Sag52 Jupiter/MC, (Mo/Sa)4, (Ju/Node)8, (Me/Node)8
        square his (29Pis20 Moon/Saturn)
        ...that initiate under the world axis here:
        0 - 1 Aries  =
        (Me/MC)4, (Su/As)8
        1 - 2 Aries =
        ((Venus)2, (Ur/Ne)4, (Sa/Pl)8 
        This axis is so important with Pluto transiting here, his capacity to inspire with Ne/Asc and the integrity of his ideas, philosophy, and ability to articulate them so strongly tested throughout this campaign effort.
        The Moon/Saturn midpoint bring these karmic/dharmically into focus with his natal Jupiter/Mercury and Nodal midpoints aspecting the world axis.  Exoterically these attempt to bring philosophical or judicial consciousness into a realizable possibility.  Esoterically these will increase the capacity for humanity to recognize and realize the inherent potentials of this moment.
        As we see from the Aries Point axis he is the man of the hour, his message provocates crisis of awareness, he will apply his whole vitality to the task at hand
        What he moves into from this point is the crisis to be identified with, appreciated, valued... in other words, comprehended at an intimate level by the others he seeks to hear, know him (opposition Venus).  The square of Ur/Ne demands evolution, the Sa/Pl 8th harmonic is aggravated by the present conditions enough to learn from experience,
        even though that experience was from dire consequence.
        If I might also add these links, this one has an older painting of the constellation, Xi Hercules (Baraka) is the star at the flexed wrist holding the.... whatever that ambiguous assortment that is that Hercules
        Sinc holds:
        And, wikipedia give this interpretive digest for the greek letter Xi (pronounced 'ksi', sorta like the reversed pronunciation of X in english. 
        The symbol is very intriguing, almost like that for the i-Ching symbol of earth, or the beginning of the Z-strokes for the Reiki energy symbol.  The value of 60 noted here has connotations to transcending ideals, into things like 'faith' or 'hope', for it incorporates long cycles of life experience and gently insists on the potential for manifestation.  The merging of understanding and communication is an essential process for the sixty vibration octave (see Faith Javane's book, "Master Numbers" for reference.)

        Sincerely, Sherri

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