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Sudanese mass arrest: reply to Outi

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    How about Juno aligned with Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi), too? According to Vivian Robson: [Rasalhague] gives misfortune through women, perverted tastes and
    Message 1 of 16 , Oct 9 8:55 AM
      How about Juno aligned with Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi), too?

      According to Vivian Robson: "[Rasalhague] gives misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity."

      Also, Sun and Mercury were aligned with Algorab (Delta Corvi) on that day: "Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters and enmity in general. Accidents or injuries, difficult to avoid." (Ebertin)

      Mark A. Holmes

      --- On Thu, 10/9/08, oparhi <scoppias@...> wrote:
      From: oparhi <scoppias@...>
      Subject: [thefixedstars] Re: Asteroid over Sudan
      To: thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 6:24 AM

      I was looking for news in Sudan, the only one that caught my eye was this Reuter's news
      of 7 Oct, that happened in South Sudan:

      "More than 35 young women wearing tight trousers were arrested in South Sudan for
      disturbing the peace, senior police officials said on Tuesday. The arrests in Juba, the
      capital of semiautonomous South Sudan, were part of a campaign against youth gangs,
      the authorities said. The women were arrested on Sunday night but were released without
      charge on Monday. Many Juba residents reacted angrily to the arrests. "We saw about 30
      girls in two trucks piled up like animals," said Nok Duany, a civil servant."

      Well, that sounds like Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Pluto anyway is in 28 Sagittarius and at
      the time given for the explosion maybe at the bottom of the chart with the Part of Spirit
      (night). Sun conjoining asteroid Eros.. . The asteroid Proserpina is in 3 Libra near Asc in
      the chart I made for Ad-Damir. And maybe asteroid Siwa conjoining Mars in Scorpio has
      something to do with it.

      Anyway more news on that:
      http://news. yahoo.com/ s/nm/20081008/ wl_nm/us_ sudan_south_ trousers_ 2;_ylt=AjfN8t
      COyjwMNsdJ_u7wnv0Sh IMA

      Sudan in news today: http://news. yahoo.com/ s/csm/20081009/ ts_csm/owhatpeac e_1


      --- In thefixedstars@ yahoogroups. com, "oparhi" <scoppias@.. .> wrote:
      > I tried to figure out the place where it happened, and think it is
      > somewhere about Al Bahr al Ahmar, nearest town maybe Hayya in the map,
      > because it has not been seen in Khartoum by S&T and Spacewatch, and it
      > was located according to information between Khartoum and Mecca about
      > 300 miles from each, and happened at 02.43 UT.
      > Link: http://www.space. com/spacewatch/ 081008-asteroid- exploded. html
      > Outi

    • Mark Andrew Holmes
      Thank you.   Mark A. Holmes ... From: Astrocalypse Subject: [thefixedstars] Asteroid over Sudan To:
      Message 2 of 16 , Oct 9 2:55 PM
        Thank you.
        Mark A. Holmes

        --- On Tue, 10/7/08, Astrocalypse <astrocalypse@...> wrote:
        From: Astrocalypse <astrocalypse@...>
        Subject: [thefixedstars] Asteroid over Sudan
        To: thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 5:57 PM

        btw, belated Happy Birthday, Mark.

        Many happy returns.

      • Astrocalypse
        ... http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/02/080221-oregon-meteor.html ...
        Message 3 of 16 , Oct 12 4:16 PM
          sisterbellabee@... wrote:
          > We had a meteor here in Oregon February 19 2008, 5:30 am PT


          The SD Mercury in Feb is in exact trine to the about to go direct
          transiting Mercury.

          I am not sure where I am going with this but relocating the chart to
          North Dakota, the MC/IC shares the same axis with the 9/11/07 lunar
          eclipse energy...


          US February Deaths (Source: Wikipedia)
          21st Feb

          * Evan Mecham, 83, American Governor of Arizona (1987–1988).
          * *Matthew Mechtel, 39, American candidate for the U.S. House from
          North Dakota, apparent suicide by gunshot. *
          * Robin Moore, 82, American author (The French Connection, The Green

          20th Feb

          * Mary Elizabeth Carnegie, 91, American nurse, cardiovascular disease.
          * Larry Davis, 41, American convicted murderer, stabbed.
          * Bobby Lee Trammell, 74, American rockabilly singer, Arkansas
          Representative (1997–2002).

          19th Feb

          * Eugene Freedman, 82, American figurine creator
          * Bob Howsam, 89, American sports executive (Denver Broncos,
          Cincinnati Reds), heart condition.
          * Teo Macero, 82, American record producer and saxophonist.

          18th Feb

          * Grits Gresham, 85, American conservationist, sportsman, and actor,
          complication of infection and pneumonia.
          * Jim Jones, 57, American rock guitarist (Pere Ubu), heart attack.
          * Raymond Kennedy, 73, American novelist, complications of a stroke.
          * Ralph Peck, 95, American civil engineer.
          * Raymond J. Smith, 77, American editor, complications of pneumonia.

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