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Re: [thefixedstars] Autumn Equinox Mercury-Mars conjunction

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  • mcadler@aol.com
    Diana, this is interesting. Barack Obama has had a secondary progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction at 22 Libra for awhile now, though I think Mars has just moved
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2008
      Diana, this is interesting. Barack Obama has had a secondary progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction at 22 Libra for awhile now, though I think Mars has just moved to 23 Libra. 

      Michele Adler

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      Subject: [thefixedstars] Autumn Equinox Mercury-Mars conjunction

      Dear Friends,
      Next week, at the Equinox, a tight Mars-Mercury conjunction will align with
      shipwreck star Foramen, Eta Carinae (22 Libra 15) in the great ship Argo Navis
      From my book:
      Mundane: Shipwrecks , storms, fog, floods, fires, gas and oil events, epidemics, major battles (and peace treaties), persecutions, acts of intolerance, history-forming and history-turning events, man-made and natural disasters that affect and change history, Virgin Mary apparitions.
      Here's the storm-and-shipwreck paragraph:
      Foramen, a huge, unstable variable in Argo’s keel, combines with a black hole in Boötes and stormy Corvus to make this one of the most dangerous areas of storms, shipwrecks and drowning; with Zeta Ceti (Baten Kaitos, 22 Aries) exactly opposite in longitude, it forms an axis that warns alert astrologers of potential disasters at sea, and Nodes or Angles on Foramen and Baten Kaitos will square shipwreck stars Castor and Pollux. These stars were transited at the Oct 1120 New Moon preceding the tragedy of “The White Ship” which sank off Harfleur's shore, drowning the 2 sons of King Henry I of England as he watched in horror (the loss of heirs to the throne sent England into civil war over the succession); at the Nov 1274 New Moon when Khubilai Khan’s huge invasion fleet was shipwrecked off Japan in20a “kamikaze” storm. at the Great Florence Flood of 1333, in 1530 when floodwaters driven by high winds smashed Holland dikes, drowning 400,000, in 1622 when a 28-ship Spanish treasure fleet sailed from Havana; 8 went down in a hurricane off Key West (including Atocha and Margarita, found in the 1980’s), in 1707 when an English fleet in heavy fog and strong winds crashed into the Scilly Isles: 4 ships and 1,647 perished (this and other losses led Parliament to offer £20,000 for a solution to the problem of calculating longitude at sea); in 1711 when 8 transports of a 61-ship invasion fleet en route to Quebec with the families of soldiers, lost in dense fog and hit by gales, smashed to pieces on jagged reefs off Labrador; at the “Great Snow of 1717” - 36” (91.4 cm) fell in Boston and 60” (152.4 cm) to the north, halting all travel for 2 weeks, “the most celebrated snowstorm in colonial history,” in 1737 when a Bay of Bengal cyclone engulfed seaports, causing severe damage to Calcutta and surrounding areas, at the Great Hurricane of 1780 that flattened the West Indies, demolishing a British fleet at St Lucia and 40 ships of a French fleet at Martinique, in all killing almost 20,000, in 1851 when a wounded sperm whale rammed and sank the New Bedford whaler “Ann Alexander” after biting 2 of her whaleboats in half, at the 1864 Bay of Bengal cyclone with a 40-foot sea wave that hit Calcutta leaving 50,000 dead and 30,000 later of disease, in March 1889 when on the verge of combat over Samoa, German and American warships were sunk in “the typhoon that stopped a war,” ending hostilities and leading to a joint protectorate, in 1912 when the Titanic sailed, hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage (1,503 perished), at the 30-foot tidal surge during 1969’s Hurricane Camille (the barometer at an incredible 26.84”): 400 died, 400,000 lost their homes; at the 1979 collision of a cargo ship and tanker in the Bosporus: the tanker went up in a huge explosion that damaged buildings in Istanbul, spilled 95,000 tons of oil and burned for 2 months: of the tanker’s crew of 44, only 3 were saved; in 1982 when oil rig “Ocean Ranger” collapsed in 50-ft (15 m) seas of a N Atlantic storm 150 miles east of St Johns, taking with it all of its 84-man crew: the next day a Soviet freighter sank 65 miles east of the rig - of its 40 crew, only 5 could be saved; at the 1983 Washington, DC crash of an Air Florida 737 into the icy Potomac just after take-off in a blizzard, killing 74 of 79 on board,20in 1986 when a freighter rammed and sank passenger liner “Admiral Nakhimov” in the Black Sea: 398 died, 836 were saved; this was the Sun when a great storm hit England in 1987, destroying 15 million trees (stars of Halley's figure "Charles' Oak" - now obsolete -was in this area), and at a massive 2-day blizzard in 1996 that broke records in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states: Philadelphia alone got 30.7” (78 cm) of snow. Mars and Saturn each stationed here, within 20 days of each other, in Jan-Feb '82, cnj the Dsc of England's 1066 chart -- the stations were followed 2 months later by Argentina’s invasion of the Britain's Falkland Islands: in the war that followed several ships were sunk, including Sheffield and General Belgrano). Note: at this writing (2008), with Foramen (and its Aries partner Baten Kaitos) approaching a World Axis aspect of 22.5 Aries-Libra, the world's oceans are rising, "drowning" shorelines.
      Foramen is an amazing object - take a look:
      Astroweather expert Carolyn Egan is predicting severely unsettled weather, especially for the northeastern US (both atmospheric and political); on the Equinox chart, Saturn culminates at a another set of nasty weather stars, including 2 in Argo and a black hole in Leo.
      Your friendly neighborhoos astrologer suggests that you turn off the TV, batten down the hatches and curl up with a warm pet and a good book...
      Love, Diana

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