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    Forwarded from the Political Astrology list with the author s permission. Mark A. Holmes ... wrote: *Celaeno & Merope: The Little Sisters of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2008
      Forwarded from the Political Astrology list with the author's

      Mark A. Holmes

      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, Charley Settles
      <csettles_1@...> wrote:

      *Celaeno & Merope: The Little Sisters of the Pleiades*

      * By Charley Settles*

      * (12/10/05)*

      * *

      * Background*

      According to Rao, about every 18.6 years the Moon begins an almost 6
      year long cycle of occultations of the Pleiades. (1) I constructed an
      astrological ingress chart for the White House timed to the initial
      occultation in this cycle which lasts from February 16, 2005 until
      December 19, 2010. (2) I believe this ingress chart will identify the
      themes that will become salient in American Social and Political Life
      over the next 6 years.

      My focus to this astrological inquiry comes through a private
      communication with one astrologer and through a posting from another
      astrologer to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PoliticalAstrology/ . On
      this basis, the question arose as to whether this cycle of lunar
      occultations of the Pleiades have implications for human eyesight.
      key questions driving my analysis are:

      1. Why is the 7^th Sister of the Pleiades virtually invisible?

      2. How might this invisibility play itself out during this cycle of
      lunar occultations?


      First, there is confusion over which is the 7^th Sister. (3) From the
      relative brightness of the 7 stars, I reject Electra's claim
      (4) Next, although relative brightness points most strongly to
      as the 7^th Sister, I maintain either Celaeno or Merope would
      Therefore, I will analyze the issue of eyesight with respect to both.
      The analytical tool I will use is the above styled ingress chart.
      this point of view, through the Moon's monthly visit to a 7^th house
      Taurus, we have an extremely refined and wealthy lady, probably a
      lawyer, of high social status. This lady who sets the social register
      uses her charms and position to maximum advantage. Her goal is to put
      together an alliance of similarly situated women for the purpose of
      giving voice to those who are voiceless—namely, all who are
      in Celaeno who became disabled from a stroke of lightening, and
      who married whom she loved. (5, 6) These stars respectively represent
      those who become physically separated from people because their
      kept them hidden away, and those who become socially separated from
      people because of ostracism. Neither young woman can be heard or seen.

      The lunar occultation cycle of Celaeno and Merope grants concrete
      purpose to the above forming alliance. Through their Venus despositor
      with its aspects, Celaeno and Merope signify the coming into being of
      network of mentally, physically, and socially handicapped young
      More specifically, through Aquarius in the 3^rd , these young people
      liberated from an anchoring in the provincial thinking of the
      here-and-now of their local neighborhoods; this liberation will
      eradicate space/time restrictions thereby allowing companionship
      people worldwide. Further, these Aquarian placements through their
      Uranus despositor portend the long term establishment of an
      community which will benefit the arts, literature, and science.

      * Conclusion*

      At the current time, Jupiter cruises the 10^th degree of Scorpio. But
      January 12, 2006, it will hit the 15^th degree of Scorpio thereby
      initiating the first of three occultations of the South Scale, also
      called Alpha Librae. (7) In the American business world, this should
      manifest as the beginning of severe problems with deficit financing
      out of control inflation. However, hidden in the 12^th , but squaring
      Venus and Neptune, Jupiter's behavior also suggests preparations are
      underway for the filing of a huge lawsuit on behalf of handicapped
      people. We should expect more on this development when Jupiter
      the ascendant of this lunar occultation chart whose rising degree
      exactly conjuncts the North Scale—also known as THE FULL PRICE.

      (1) http://www.space.com/spacewatch/051202_night_sky.html

      (2) The initial lunar occultation in this cycle occurred February 16,
      2005 at 5:28:55 AM, GMT, and the last lunar occultation of this cycle
      will occur on December 19, 2010 at 3:46:57 AM, GMT.

      (3) http://www.astro.uiuc.edu/~kaler/sow/celaeno.html

      (4) http://www.ras.ucalgary.ca/~gibson/pleiades/pleiades_see.html

      (5) http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constellations/messier/m45.html

      (6) http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/Merope.html

      [new link: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Merope.html.--
      MAH, Sept. 8, 2008]

      (7) The three Jupiter occultations of the South Scale or Half Price
      the White House occur on January 12, 2006 at 6:02:08 AM GMT, April
      2006 at 4:00:14 PM GMT, and September 11, 2006 at 8:18:22 AM GMT,

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