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New Moon aligned with Thuban/was Gustav

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    MissB sent you know tomorrows new moon aligns fairly well with Thuben doesn t it? any thoughts on its impact with gustav ? Missb ====================== Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
      New Moon aligned with Thuban/was Gustav

      MissB sent

      you know tomorrows new moon aligns fairly well with Thuben doesn't it?
      any thoughts on its impact with gustav ?

      Thank you for bringing this up - my head has been elsewhere; this is one of the worst storm areas -

      Here's some of what I have for Thuban (and the other stars sharing its longitude) in my book:  sorry if alignments get messed up.

      These are 2000 positions; add 7 mins to each (Thuban is now 7 Virgo 34)

              Long    Lat     Dec     RA      M       Spec
      Spindle Galaxy  Sextans  Black Hole     6VI13   -18 13  - 7 43  10 05   8.8     GX/BH
       NGC3115 "the most massive black hole ever discovered"
      Maru-Sha Rho Leonis   under Lion’s chest        6VI23   0 09    9 18    10 33   3.85    B1 Ib
      Alula Borealis  Nu Ursae Majoris  hind paw      6VI39   26 10   33 06   11 18   3.48    K3 III
      Vela X-1 (GP Vela)  pulsar, Argo’s Sail 7VI02   -53 55  -40 33  9 02    6.9     B0.5 Ibe
      Alula Australis Xi Ursae Majoris  hind paw      7VI21   24 43   31 32   11 18   3.79    G0 V
      Thuban Alpha Draconis  upper part of tail       7VI27   66 22   64 23   14 04   3.65    A0 III
       Pole Star from about 3,700-1,500 BC; will be the Pole Star again ca 22,000 CE
      Upsilon2 Hydrae  in Water Snake’s back  8VI19   -23 11  -13 04  10 05   4.60    B8 III
       Lunar Mansions: Part of China’s Hsiu Tschang, the Drawn Bow or Net: see Al Sharasif, 2 Virgo

      Also here: HD135384 and HD136064 (6VI18, 8VI11) under Ursa Minor’s head; 53, variable SW Velorum (6VI33, 8VI18) and dark nebula “Bok’s Valentine” (7VI23) in Argo’s Sail; I Hydrae (7VI03) in the Water Snake (just under the paw of forsaken Felis, the Cat); 49 Leonis (7VI09) under Leo’s chest, Galaxy NGC 3377 (black hole at 7VI59) and Spiral Galaxy M95 (8VI03) under Leo’s navel. Set span:  6VI03 to 8VI27. The Sun transits these longitudes approximately August 28th to August 31st



      Storms, sometimes of demonic intensity, fogs, ship losses, air crashes, collisions, fires, explosions, riots, battles, meteorite falls, discoveries of ancient art, artifacts and bones.

      Storm and shipwreck paragraph:
      Al-Zubrah and Tschang were both considered unlucky for travel, and there are three black holes here, one of them in Argo’s Sail (black holes are tagged at storms and shipwrecks - two Ursa Minor stars here were part of China’s Yin-Te, The Hidden Virtue of the Principle of Darkness!)  This was Venus at a July 1591 SolEcl, the year 4 hurricanes in 1 month sank more than 100 ships in the Atlantic, most (88) part of the Grand Fleet of Spanish treasure ships from the Indies; other events here include a Royal Spanish fleet of 28 ships, carrying "immense treasure" that sailed from Havana in 1622; 8 ships, including the largest, Atocha, Margarita, and Rosario, went down in a hurricane off the Florida Keys; 550 died, $250 million in cargoes were lost; the 1711 Egg Island disaster: an English invasion fleet, lost in dense fog and gales, smashed into jagged reefs off Labrador with a loss of 8 ships carrying the troopers’ families; in 1896, following a “stupendous” electrical storm, a violent tornado hit St Louis, MO killing 306, injuring 2,500, causing damage in the millions; the 1934 Morro Castle disaster (see under fires); in 1945, refugee ship Wilhelm Gustloff, 250%, overloaded, sailed from Gdynia, Poland in a winter storm: torpedoed, she sank quickly, drowning 5,348 (1,252 were rescued), the Dec, 1947 New York City record “Big Snow,” a massive, unforecast 24-hour blizzard - 26.4” (67 cm) paralyzed the city; in 1979 Greek cargo ship Evriyali speared Romanian tanker Independenta in the Bosporus spilling 95,000 tons of oil (41 crew died); in 1979 killer tornados hit 4 states: at Wichita Falls, Texas, 3 twisters combined into one giant tornado ¼-mile wide, lifting debris ½ mile into the sky, killing about 100, injuring 900, destroying 2,000 homes; in 1986 passenger liner Admiral Nakhimov was rammed by a freighter on the Black Sea near Novorossisk: she sank in 15 minutes, taking 398 with her (836 were saved); Jupiter was here in 1991 when the “Perfect Storm”- a once-in-a-hundred-years meteorological freak convergence of 3 weather systems, one of them Hurricane Grace, over Sable Island, S of Nova Scotia, whipped winds and seas to hellish levels, sank ships, and occasioned heroic air-sea rescues, Mars in 1998 at the start of Category 5 Hurricane Mitch: with sustained winds of 180 mph (290 kph) and torrential rains, it remained almost stationary, devastating Central America, especially Honduras and Nicaragua, killing about 18,000, destroying 150,000 homes-“one of the deadliest hurricanes ever reported” (this was the MC when a volcanic crater mudslide caused by the storm’s massive downpours buried 14 villages),


      I just ran the New Moon chart for New Orleans (standing in for the entire Gulf coast) - Aug 30, 2008, 7:58:02 GMT: this one is a killer -- the late Ann Parker noted that a key mass disaster signature on mundane charts is for Mars and Pluto to be angular - and here Mars is culminating and Pluto is rising! 

      Uranus at 21 Pisces is sq the US Mars and opposite its Neptune, and the solstice point of Mars (22 Pisc 42) is conj Uranus, so that's hitting the US chart as well. The Solstice Pt of Uranus is not only cnj Mars, but the MC too, and the Part of Peril (Asc + Ruler 8 minus Saturn) comes out at 21 Sag 18, hitting all of them as well.

      The solstice point of the lunation is cnj Eris in the 4th (Eris is 21 Aries 37 rx, the Sun-Moon solstice pt is 22 Aries 12) - since Eris is an angry troublemaker, that's another indication (a storm with a bad temper?) and 21-22 Aries is Baten Kaitos, a major shipwreck star.  Venus is in an out-of-sign square to Pluto. Mars is square the Equatorial Asc-Dsc. Uranian planet Zeus, very much like Mars, is cnj both Mars and the MC  The West Geodetic angles are getting hit too.

      I'm glad they're evacuating and preparing for the worst - but jeez, someone upstairs has it in for the Gulf Coast!! I feel so bad for the people who have been trying so hard to rebuild...

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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