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2008 Summer Olympics - resend

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  • Astrocalypse
    mahtezcatpoc wrote: (coughs) ... Almost missed this one, just retrieved it from the bin... (Yes, I have considered the possible alternatives...) Most if not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2008
      mahtezcatpoc wrote:


      The 2008 Summer Olympics began on August 8, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. AWST (8
      hours ahead of GMT) in Beijing.

      Mars aligned with Lucida Antliae (Alpha Antliae) and Alkes (Alpha
      Crateris) and Venus with Cat's Paw (G Hydrae) suggests the Chinese
      attempt to use the Olympics to build (pump up?) its national prestige.
      Ctesias (Alpha Monocerotis) aligned with Ceres) bears the name of an
      ancient Greek physician who wrote a historical chronicle that
      contradicts Herodotus's (attempts to put a different spin on the facts?)

      Sun aligned with Dubhe and Saturn with Alioth (also in the Big Dipper)
      suggest that the ugly truth continues to shine through, though.

      Mark A. Holmes


      Almost missed this one, just retrieved it from the bin...

      (Yes, I have considered the possible alternatives...)

      Most if not all nations want to host Olympics because of the prestige associated with it.  The true 'costs' to the "local" populace never seem to matter in the decision makers' mind nor considered by the tourists.  Certainly in Athens it fueled the inflation tremendously and the stadium itself is nothing more than a white elephant (or so I've been told).  In London the Stadium site is supposed to assist 'urban regeneration', and the area has certainly has been injected with huge investment but lots of 'underprivileged' local population complaint about being pushed out because of the higher prices of everything or because of compulsive purchase.   No ideas about Beijing and I am not keen on politics, and certainly not mixing it with 'sports'.

      All politicos put spins on facts, in fact most of the mortals do, or it creates cognitive dissonance!   China is a Libran nation so what we are seeing is just typical of what the sign could be like, appearance comes first and tries desperately hard to brush everything under the carpets.  China also has Mars-Pluto on its descendant, and its Mars is also in the crab's left claws.  Its been more than a few years since I've read that US is agitating in Tibet and Xinjiang.  It also 'supports' Georgia even though Putin just said 'the west'.  Ingrid Naiman recently wrote a very good piece "Haves and Havenots - A Perspective on Entitlement, Corporations and Privacy" which points out the real issues behind global politics we need to concern with.  Its so easy for a pot to call a kettle black.

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