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Beijing weather- my March 24 message: blowing my own horn!

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    It has been thundering and pouring all day in Beijing - I went back and dug up a message I sent back in March: Francoise sent ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2008
      Beijing weather- my March 24 message: blowing my own horn!

      It has been thundering and pouring all day in Beijing -

      I went back and dug up a message I sent back in March:

      Francoise sent

      > Olympic Torch lit - Peking - Event Relocated
      > Mar 24 2008, 4:42 pm, AWST -8:00
      > Peking China, 39°N55', 116°E25'
      > Relocating the chart in China
      > - 13 Vi Asc 90 MH at 10 Ge
      > - The Pisces stellium moves from the 10th to the 7th: open enemies,
      > which, for sports would make sense, but also for rebellion
      > - Saturn is in the 12th of hidden enemies and secrets
      > - With so much Pisces and Neptune in the 6th: will drugs be a major issue?
      > It will be interesting to follow the torch throughout the world and
      > see what happens/ how the chart works in each country.

      I replied:

      I don't know about drugs, but might the fates rain on their parade?

      That Merc-Venus cnj is in the stream of water flowing from Aquarius' Urn, an area of
      floods (and earth upheavals);

      Uranus is aligned with both Rho and 52 Pegasi in ancient China's Loui-T'ien,
      Thunder and Lightning as well as Beta Piscium in their Pei-Lei, Thunder Claps
      This is from Staal's "Stars of Jade:"

      This was the time of year the ancient emperors of China deliberated over crimes, pardoned prisoners, and showed indulgence to offenders. The Chinese believed that thunder was the result of the conflict between the principles of Yin and Yang; their battle caused fire, i.e. lightning, which in turn caused thunder. Although thunderstorms had a blessed influence on the earth, the stars of this asterism were black and fatal, because the noise and lightning was thought to be the result of celestial ire. The Book of Rites decreed therefore that during a thunderstorm one should, even in the middle of the night, get up, do one's hair, and sit down reverently, in order to show respect for the wrath of heaven.

          The shock of continuing thunder brings fear and trembling. The superior man is always filled with reverence at the manifestation of God; he sets his life in order and searches his heart, lest it harbor any secret opposition to the will of God. Thus reverence is the foundation of true culture.

                                                                              -I Ching, Hexagram 51
                                                                              The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)
                                                                              Wilhelm/Baynes translation
                                                                              Princeton University Press

      12th cusp (16 Leo): (from my book) here Hydra’s foul, contaminating breath endangers health (this is India’s serpent nakshatra Aslesha, and in China Hydra’s head - the head of their Great Red Bird - was the hsiu Liu, the Willow: it was believed that willows warded off poisons) - so there's the pollution issue.

      Ceres, which has to do with food, is at the abundance-but-something to weep about Pleiades Cluster
       the Chinese stars at the Beijing IC really fits the lighting of the torch!

      Alpha Scorpii, the Scorpion's heart, our great red royal star Antares (9SAG29), (snip) Alpha Scorpii was the asterism of Sin, The Heart of their great Azure Dragon of Spring (it was a heart, and associated with royalty, in both traditions!). It was also called Ho, Fire.  Seedlings needed the heat of the Sun, so "the ceremony of the renewal of the fire" was performed on the morning of the heliacal rising of Ta-Ho, "The Great Fire", another name for Sin. Using a mirror of polished metal, the conductor of the ceremony would reflect the Sun's beams onto dried moss, which would burst into flame; then a willow or elm branch was lit from these flames, creating a torch, which in its turn ignited a great sacrificial pyre dedicated to this asterism and the Spirit of the Fire. From this it was also called Ming-Tang, the Temple of Light. (Schlegel witnessed such a ceremony and left a vivid description). Just as in the West, the Chinese associated red Antares with red planet Mars, and called Ta-Ho "The House of Mars".

      Back to weather - the NNode is at the conj of Saturn and Neptune that occurred at the discovery of Neptune.

      Perhaps most worrisome in this regard: the Asc, 13 Virgo, is Chort, Theta Leonis - this is what I have in the mundane area:

      Storms! (the highest score of any set of stars), extreme barometric lows, shipwrecks, earthquakes, explosions, fires, smoke pollution, fog, poison, (air contaminations that cause trouble breathing) - Purvaphalguni had to do with “cleansing” -  perhaps that should be “in need of cleansing;" sex attacks, orgies, overwhelming disasters, assassinations.

      If China's parade gets rained upon it would be sad for all the athletes and other participants if the weather decides to mess things up, and for the common people of China who are so looking forward to this.

      Carolyn, what do you think?

      Love, Diana

      Let's hear it for fixed stars!!!

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