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Hanny's Voorwerp

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Hanny s Voorwerp is in Leo Minor, near 13 Leonis Minoris in (I think) the Lion Cub s rump.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 6, 2008
      Hanny's Voorwerp is in Leo Minor, near 13 Leonis Minoris in (I think)
      the Lion Cub's rump.


      "Position(2000): RA 09 41 00.86, Dec 33 43 42.26"

      16 Leo 18.

      Mark A. Holmes

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      > > Amateur astronomer spies gassy "cosmic ghost" - Yahoo! News
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      > > http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080805/sc_nm/cosmic_ghost_dc
      > Amateur astronomer spies gassy "cosmic ghost"
      > Tue Aug 5, 3:51 PM ET
      > CHICAGO (Reuters) - A Dutch primary school teacher and amateur
      > astronomer has discovered what some are calling a "cosmic ghost," a
      > strange, gaseous object with a hole in the middle that may represent a
      > new class of astronomical object.
      > The teacher, Hanny van Arkel, discovered the object while volunteering
      > in the Galaxy Zoo project, which enlists the help of members of the
      > public to classify galaxies online.
      > "At first, we had no idea what it was. It could have been in our solar
      > system, or at the edge of the universe," Yale University
      > astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski, a member and co-founder of the Galaxy
      > Zoo team, said in a statement.
      > The find, nicknamed "Hanny's Voorwerp" (Dutch for object), soon had
      > scientists training their telescopes on the object.
      > "What we saw was really a mystery," Schawinski said. "The Voorwerp
      > didn't contain any stars."
      > Made entirely of very hot gas, the eerie green object is illuminated
      > by remnant light from the nearby galaxy IC 2497.
      > "We think that in the recent past the galaxy IC 2497 hosted an
      > enormously bright quasar," Schawinski said.
      > He said light from the past still illuminates the ghostly object, even
      > though the quasar shut down some 100,000 years ago and the galaxy's
      > black hole went quiet.
      > "It's this light echo that has been frozen in time for us to observe,"
      > said Chris Lintott, a co-organizer of Galaxy Zoo at Oxford University
      > in the United Kingdom, said in a statement.
      > Researchers will soon use the Hubble Space Telescope to get a closer
      > "It's amazing to think that this object has been sitting in the
      > archives for decades and that amateur volunteers can help by spotting
      > things like this online," van Arkel said in a statement.
      > Van Arkel is one of more than 150,000 amateur astronomers who have
      > assisted in classifying more than 1 million galaxies over the past
      > year as part of the Galaxy Zoo project.
      > The next stage of Galaxy Zoo will ask volunteers to search for more
      > unusual astronomical objects.
      > Galaxy Zoo can be found at www.galaxyzoo.org .
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