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Re: [thefixedstars] UFOs and stars

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  • astrocalypse@blueyonder.co.uk
    ... Thanks, Diana. And yes, thanks for the reminder about the heaven s gate. Guess I was wondering the meanings of Antares and Rigel in the chart. Rigel is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2008
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      > Astrrocalypse sent:
      > 1b. Antares or Rigel for UFOs?
      > Posted by: "astrocalypse@..."
      > astrocalypse@...
      > astrocalypse
      > Date: Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:34 pm ((PDT))
      > 8 June 2008 00:40am Cardiff, Wales.
      > http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080620/tuk-britain-police-ufo-offbeat-a7ad41d
      > .html
      > LONDON (AFP) - UFO enthusiasts got a boost Friday when Welsh police
      > confirmed that one of their helicopter crews had spotted an "unusual
      > aircraft" flying over Cardiff earlier this month. An investigation into
      > the
      > sighting had been launched, they said.
      > The police clarification came after The Sun reported a UFO had "attacked"
      > a police helicopter, following it for several miles over the Bristol
      > Channel. "The pilot banked sharply to avoid being hit, then launched into
      > a
      > high-speed pursuit. But he was forced to give up the chase as the
      > helicopter's fuel ran low -- and the UFO escaped," the tabloid reported.
      > The helicopter crew had described the object as "flying saucer-shaped and
      > circled by flashing lights," it added.
      > "Err... " not so, said the police.
      > "South Wales Police can confirm its air support unit sighted an unusual
      > aircraft. This was reported to the relevant authorities for their
      > investigation," police said in a brief statement, avoiding the use of the
      > term 'UFO', or unidentified flying object.
      > At the time of the incident, the helicopter with three men on board was
      > waiting to land at the St Athan RAF base near Cardiff. The sighting
      > reportedly took place at 00:40 am (23:40 GMT) on June 8.
      > South Wales Police denied there was a pursuit and indicated that the
      > helicopter crew was never in any danger.
      > ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
      > Not Antares or Rigel - think Cancer, the Crab!
      > From my book:
      > Like the tortoise, the crab is an amphibious creature living at the
      > water's
      > edge - Manilius and Ovid called Cancer litoreus (shore-inhabiting); like
      > the Egyptian scarab beetle, the scavenging crab has the symbolic function
      > of
      > devouring that which is transitory, thus contributing to the moral and
      > physical regeneration of the temporal world. These lunar creatures are
      > aspects of the Great Mother as the Lady of Waters; their protective shells
      > are associated with the embryo, womb, mother, and the unconscious.
      > Developing crabs shed their shells, thus they are symbols of resurrection
      > and renewal. In Platonist, Orphic and Chaldean philosophical doctrine,
      > this
      > constellation was the "Gate of Men," the point of entry for reincarnating
      > souls. In "In the Caves of the Nymphs," Porphyry (300 BC) wrote that
      > "souls
      > that descend from the heavens to become incarnate on Earth pass through
      > the
      > celestial gate of Cancer and upon completion of their life cycle return to
      > the heavens through the gate of Capricornus" (it is interesting in this
      > context that the ancient Chinese called this area Koui, the "ghosts" or
      > "spirits," and research has shown that planets transiting the Crab often
      > produce UFO sightings, suggesting that this area of the sky is indeed an
      > interdimensional "portal"!)
      > I have many examples, including the 1947 Socorro, NM event.
      > The chart for June 8 2008, 11:40 PM GMT, Cardiff, shows the
      > Dsc, Mars and SNode at 15 Leo 45, 16 Leo 44 and 20 Leo 34, all in the
      > stars
      > of the Crab
      > Tropical span of Crab: approx 26 Cancer to 21 Leo.
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com

      Thanks, Diana.

      And yes, thanks for the reminder about the heaven's gate. Guess I was
      wondering the meanings of Antares and Rigel in the chart. Rigel is
      obviously 'knowledge' and the heart of the Scorpion that Antares is ??
      Wonder if it is something we should be concerned about...

      Antares is still bright and high in the sky in the Greek evenings in the
      summer but this year it certainly doesn't seem as red or as menacing as it
      did when it was aligned with Jupiter. Not sure why the redness is not
      obvious this year.

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