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Fwd: Re: Fritzl's Sun and fixed stars

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... aligns with; ... the area ... Coronae Frederici (see below)... ... This star has a proper name: Aquae Abyssi (Latin for watery abyss ). (monsters lurking
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2008
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      > Just read the messages that gave Josef Fritzl's birth date:
      > Apr 9, 1935, Amstettin, Austria
      > Big shock. He was born on my 2nd birthday!
      > Anyway, I thought you might like to see the stars that his Sun
      aligns with;
      > this
      > is from my book, coming out at UAC; particularly note that this is
      the area
      > of
      > Andromeda, the Chained Woman!
      > Lambda Andromedae chained right hand 18AR17 43 47 46 28 23 38 3.82
      > G8 III-IV

      Coronae Frederici (see below)...

      > Iota Eridani River 18AR46 -51 43 -39 51 2 41 4.11 K0 III

      > Upsilon Ceti below Monster's belly 19AR26 -31 02 -21 05 2 00 4.00
      > M1 III

      This star has a proper name: Aquae Abyssi (Latin for "watery abyss").

      (monsters lurking in the deep of the subconscious, brought up from the
      dark depths into the sunlight)

      > 19 Cephei in area of King's neck 19AR50 64 18 62 17 22 05 5.11
      > O9.5 Ib
      > Revati Zeta Piscium in cord, west fish 19AR53 -0 13 7 35 1 14
      > 4.86 F0 IV-V
      > Lunar mansions: India: "a large group of faint stars" including Zeta
      > Piscium formed Revati "Wealthy,"
      > ruled by Pusan, the Nurturer, invoked in the Vedas for safe travel,
      > regarded as a protector of flocks and
      > herds, bringer of prosperity; symbol: a drum for beating time; as
      the final
      > Vedic mansion, Revati stands
      > for finality and time.
      > Also here: HD210939 Cephei (18AR17) in the chest and 4 Cephei
      (19AR11) under
      > the right arm of Cepheus; Sigma, Zeta Andromedae (20AR24, 20AR35) in the
      > upper right arm and in left arm of Andromeda; Rho Draconis (20AR20)
      in the
      > bend below the neck of Draco, the Dragon. Modern: Epsilon Reticuli
      > in Reticulum, the Optic Eyepiece or Net and dim stars of Horologium, the
      > Clock.

      And the obsolete constellation Frederici Honores (the Honors of
      Frederick), invented by Bode in 1787 to honor Frederick II of Prussia:
      a crown, an olive branch, a sword and a pen. I think Lambda Andromedae
      (Coronae Frederici) marks the crown.

      I think that would fit in with Fritzl's abuse of his parental role.

      Mark A. Holmes

      Set span: 18AR04 to 20AR27. The Sun transits these longitudes
      > approximately April7th to April 10th.
      > By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down,
      > yea, we wept...
      > How shall we sing the Lord's song in a
      > strange land?
      > - Psalm 137
      > (Mercury was here at the fall of Jerusalem
      > to Nebuchadrezzar in 597 BC; this
      > was Mars at the premier of Verdi's "Nabucco"
      > (Nebuchadrezzar) in 1842, with its
      > moving Va' Pensiero ("Chorus of the Hebrew
      > Slaves") inspired by Psalm 137)
      > The cords binding the Fishes and Andromeda's chains of restriction and
      > frustration combine with the fiery, independent energies of tropical
      > to bring forth people who, within the limitations of their
      > search for ways to implement their beliefs and inspire others, becoming
      > activists and crusaders, insisting upon doing things in their own
      > and original fashion. 19 Aries is the degree of exaltation of the Sun
      > (though it is only in this century that these stars pass through this
      > degree). These are clever, inventive people, resourceful, adventurous,
      > rebellious, with a quiet, intense aggressiveness and persistence
      > through self-sacrifice and self-denial) that wear down opposition.
      > art (with a love of, and interest in, ancient artifacts), handcrafts and
      > dance are among the fields in which they excel, along with mathematics,
      > philosophy, science, exploration and invention; there is also a
      great love
      > of nature. This is the right hand of Andromeda: many are "tinkerers"
      - they
      > like to work with their hands. There may be exile (sometimes
      > evacuation or persecution, and some suffer great torment. This is
      the Hindu
      > nakshatra Revati, "Wealthy," but many here struggle just to earn a
      > and even if abundance is available or attained, there are usually
      > difficulties related to it (what you have here are issues pertaining to
      > wealth). There is a wealth, however, of ideas, talents and
      > Intimate relations are an issue here; there may be suffering through
      > sexuality (homosexual, hypersexual, trans-sexual, asexual, sexual
      > deprivation, sado-masochism, castration, obsession, molestation);
      there is
      > often intense passion, willful repression, or both at once. Besides
      > sexuality, there are questions related to entrapment, bondage
      (including the
      > bondage of the mind) and freedom, and whether to be reclusive or
      > active. As with any combination of stars of Andromeda and Cepheus,
      there are
      > often father-daughter issues, including (in a few cases) possible
      > Some may be prone to addiction, a form of bondage. Here the fine mind of
      > Cepheus, the King combined with the intuitive sensitivity of the Fishes
      > overcomes the brooding influence of the dark Sea-Monster. Attacks and
      > persecutions, (especially racial and religious), fires, shipwrecks,
      > tsunamis, meteorite falls; cruelty inflicted upon helpless, defeated
      > animal attacks
      > Yup.
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com

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