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Fwd: Fritzl's Sun and fixed stars

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: Just read the messages that gave Josef Fritzl s birth date: Apr 9, 1935, Amstettin, Austria Big shock. He was born on my 2nd
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      Just read the messages that gave Josef Fritzl's birth date:
      Apr 9, 1935, Amstettin, Austria

      Big shock. He was born on my 2nd birthday!

      Anyway, I thought you might like to see the stars that his Sun aligns
      is from my book, coming out at UAC; particularly note that this is
      the area
      Andromeda, the Chained Woman!

      Lambda Andromedae chained right hand 18AR17 43 47 46 28 23 38
      G8 III-IV
      Iota Eridani River 18AR46 -51 43 -39 51 2 41 4.11 K0 III
      Upsilon Ceti below Monster's belly 19AR26 -31 02 -21 05 2 00
      M1 III
      19 Cephei in area of King's neck 19AR50 64 18 62 17 22 05
      O9.5 Ib
      Revati Zeta Piscium in cord, west fish 19AR53 -0 13 7 35
      1 14
      4.86 F0 IV-V
      Lunar mansions: India: "a large group of faint stars" including Zeta
      Piscium formed Revati "Wealthy,"
      ruled by Pusan, the Nurturer, invoked in the Vedas for safe travel,
      regarded as a protector of flocks and
      herds, bringer of prosperity; symbol: a drum for beating time; as
      the final
      Vedic mansion, Revati stands
      for finality and time.

      Also here: HD210939 Cephei (18AR17) in the chest and 4 Cephei
      (19AR11) under
      the right arm of Cepheus; Sigma, Zeta Andromedae (20AR24, 20AR35) in
      upper right arm and in left arm of Andromeda; Rho Draconis (20AR20)
      in the
      bend below the neck of Draco, the Dragon. Modern: Epsilon Reticuli
      in Reticulum, the Optic Eyepiece or Net and dim stars of Horologium,
      Clock. Set span: 18AR04 to 20AR27. The Sun transits these longitudes
      approximately April7th to April 10th.

      By the rivers of Babylon, there we
      sat down,
      yea, we wept...
      How shall we sing the Lord's song in a
      strange land?
      Psalm 137
      (Mercury was here at the fall of
      to Nebuchadrezzar in 597 BC; this
      was Mars at the premier of
      Verdi's "Nabucco"
      (Nebuchadrezzar) in 1842, with its
      moving Va' Pensiero ("Chorus of the
      Slaves") inspired by Psalm 137)

      The cords binding the Fishes and Andromeda's chains of restriction and
      frustration combine with the fiery, independent energies of tropical
      to bring forth people who, within the limitations of their
      search for ways to implement their beliefs and inspire others,
      activists and crusaders, insisting upon doing things in their own
      and original fashion. 19 Aries is the degree of exaltation of the Sun
      (though it is only in this century that these stars pass through this
      degree). These are clever, inventive people, resourceful, adventurous,
      rebellious, with a quiet, intense aggressiveness and persistence
      through self-sacrifice and self-denial) that wear down opposition.
      art (with a love of, and interest in, ancient artifacts), handcrafts
      dance are among the fields in which they excel, along with
      philosophy, science, exploration and invention; there is also a great
      of nature. This is the right hand of Andromeda: many are "tinkerers" -
      like to work with their hands. There may be exile (sometimes self-
      evacuation or persecution, and some suffer great torment. This is the
      nakshatra Revati, "Wealthy," but many here struggle just to earn a
      and even if abundance is available or attained, there are usually
      difficulties related to it (what you have here are issues pertaining
      wealth). There is a wealth, however, of ideas, talents and
      Intimate relations are an issue here; there may be suffering through
      sexuality (homosexual, hypersexual, trans-sexual, asexual, sexual
      deprivation, sado-masochism, castration, obsession, molestation);
      there is
      often intense passion, willful repression, or both at once. Besides
      sexuality, there are questions related to entrapment, bondage
      (including the
      bondage of the mind) and freedom, and whether to be reclusive or
      active. As with any combination of stars of Andromeda and Cepheus,
      there are
      often father-daughter issues, including (in a few cases) possible
      Some may be prone to addiction, a form of bondage. Here the fine mind
      Cepheus, the King combined with the intuitive sensitivity of the
      overcomes the brooding influence of the dark Sea-Monster. Attacks and
      persecutions, (especially racial and religious), fires, shipwrecks,
      tsunamis, meteorite falls; cruelty inflicted upon helpless, defeated
      animal attacks


      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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