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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: [birthdata provided by someone else] ... [Eight teenagers accused of luring another teen, a 16-year-old girl, to a house in
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      [birthdata provided by someone else]

      >attacker (her home) Mercades Nichols, DOB 1/24/1991

      [Eight teenagers accused of luring another teen, a 16-year-old girl,
      to a house in Lakeland, Florida on March 30 and beating her and
      videotaping it.--MAH



      I haven't had time to study this, but I'm very interested because I was
      ganged-up on
      at summer camp when I was 8 - there was a ringleader who I now suspect
      psychopathic tendencies - I was not beaten up, but my cot and all my
      belongings were
      tossed out of the bunk and I was not allowed in. This ringleader convinced
      that I had to be shut out (I don't remember the reason she gave) - and
      all dutifully
      followed her (she was very large and powerful, a control-and-power

      As soon as a space opened up in another bunk, I was moved there, and the
      rest of the
      summer was great, I got along with everybody there.

      The apparent ringleader Mercades Nichols has her Sun at about 4 Aquarius -
      one of the stars there is

      Dabih Beta Capricorni Sea Goat's horn 4AQ03 4 36 -14 46 20 21 3.08
      F8 V
      Sadalzabih; the ancient Akkadian kakkab Sak-sa-di,
      Bright-horn-of-slaughter; Lunar Mansions: China,
      Arabia: see Xi Capricorni (2 AQ) and Giedi Secunda, above

      There are some positives here, but among the negatives I have

      Along with intense commitment and dedication, there may be intolerance and
      prejudice, with some expressing or acting upon hatred and bigotry, others
      suffering extremely from these, being hounded for their ethnicity or
      beliefs... there is a distinct tendency to conservatism, in a few, even to
      hyper-patriotic, nationalistic and racist fanaticism (or they may
      the polarity, and have to deal with these). The cold of what 1st-century
      astrologer Manilius called "the shivering sea-goat" can reach deep
      into the
      marrow of their bones, into their very souls, for some here are capable of
      being cold, cruel and utterly indifferent to the suffering of others.
      and Beta Capricorni were determinants of the Arabic Manzil "The Lucky
      One of
      the Slaughterers" or "Lucky Sacrificer," and Al Shat (the Sheep) was a
      sacrificial lamb; China's Draft Ox was slaughtered when no longer
      needed for
      field work, and the ancient Liber Hermetis has, for these stars
      "shameless...those suffering a violent death, either blinded or mutilated
      with extreme ignominy." Terrorists, murderers, assassins, and both
      and victims of stalking, persecutors and victims of persecution are found
      here, along with those accused of "crimes against humanity."

      So I don't think it's necessarily her family or society - it's just
      who and
      what she is.

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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