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  • Trishmare7@aol.com
    Well that s interesting Mark, because so far from what I ve seen, Menkar active in a horoscope suggests an attraction to animals. Particularly large, mythic
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 30, 2008
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      Well that's interesting Mark, because so far from what I've seen, Menkar active in a horoscope suggests an attraction to animals.  Particularly large, mythic animals (whales--an obvious connection, bears, wolves ...).  More so even than animals though, Menkar has in many cases seemed to be connected to people who are attracted to putting themselves at the mercy of elements beyond their control--the wilderness and all of its ecstasies and dangers particularly.  These are only observations of mine so far though and I'm not sure of their full validity yet ... (often, though by no means always, a definite preference for one's own company is evident when Menkar is hanging around, a need to escape from people--taking off "into the wild" is one way of doing this, but the unprepared risk starvation or becoming the dinner of grizzlies I guess).
      And again, as in the case of Heath Ledger, becoming famous because one disappeared seems to be one of the star's themes.  Which of course doesn't mean you all with Menkar in your charts are going to disappear!  It's just--the star seems to show up regularly in the charts of those who reached fame by disappearing.  Again, so far, just a casual observation ...
      Trish Marie
      > I've got Menkar aligned with the Ascendant. I've been
      > near horses a few times (somebody used to keep theirs
      > in the field right behind my house, along with beef
      > cattle), but I've never ridden a horse. I've always
      > been kind of leery of horses, cows, big dogs like
      > Saint Bernards, and any other kind of large animal. Or
      > some smaller animals like pit bulls. Pit bulls are
      > supposed to be good pets when treated right, but we
      > know what they can do to people if they decide to
      > attack.
      > Maybe Menkar's trying to tell me something.
      > Mark A. Holmes

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