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Re: Port Arthur Massacre

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  • Heather
    Mark & Diana, Wow! the fixed star analysis on the massacre is fascinating. Just out of interest here are some links to this event. One from honesty not
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2005
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      Mark & Diana,

      Wow! the fixed star analysis on the massacre is fascinating.

      Just out of interest here are some links to this event. One from
      "honesty not necessarily conspiracy" guy David Icke. One looking at
      Psyops operations. Another from an man with a long experience with law


      It was the Prime Minister's statement that now the perpetrator had
      been apprehended the need for an inquest should be ignored so as the
      survivors didn't have to relive the suffering and anguish of their
      experiences at Port Arthur. This has been a continued theme throughout
      the politician's defence of their actions in rebuffing every plea by
      the victims for a proper investigation into the massacre...." quote

      This hushing up of the real facts about these sort of episodes by
      conservative leaders when they are quick to point the finger of blame,
      is very suspicious in my books. Similar happened with 9-11 from what I
      can gather. It seems to me that certain leaders need catastrophic
      events in order to get an opportunity to plan their strategies.

      What better way to create havoc in Australia but to have a massacre!
      because it has been done before. My first thoughts when the massacre
      happened in Tassie was that it is history repeating itself, and then
      thinking that there were probably heaps of terrible events like this
      in the past, maybe even at the old historic prison.

      Check out this article about our cruel history here. My heart goes out
      to our enduring indigenous people.


      Whilst I am strongly anti-war and anti-guns in the hands of
      irresponsible people, there is this article:-

      "....As part one of this report proved, policewoman Yvonne Fletcher's
      murder in London during 1984 was a psyop where the intended patsies
      were four million Libyans. The operation was successful and resulted
      in Tripoli being bombed by an `outraged' President Reagan in 1986. The
      next blatant psyop was Lockerbie, when on 21 December 1988 Pan
      American flight 103 exploded in midair killing all 259 passengers and
      crew. Although very recent scientific evidence not yet in the public
      domain proves conclusively that the Libyans could not have been
      responsible, they were nonetheless blamed for the atrocity. The
      principal effects of those two psyops on the Libyans were sanctions
      designed to prevent them updating defensive weapon systems capable of
      protecting their resource-rich nation. Since 1984 Libyan defence
      capabilities have steadily declined, leaving its people and resources
      increasingly vulnerable to external attack and thus possible conquest.

      By a strange coincidence Australia is also a resource-rich nation,
      with overall reserves more than twenty times as valuable as those in
      Libya, but with only half the defence capability.

      In some ways this was not an insurmountable problem until 1996 because
      unlike Libya this nation has always had huge numbers of sporting
      shooters traditionally used in time of war to both train and
      supplement our minuscule armed forces. Not any more. Since the psyop
      at Port Arthur more than 400,000 reserve firearms have been pulped
      instead of stored by the Federal Government, leaving our nation and
      people terribly exposed to just about anyone interested in taking over
      the natural resources jewel in the southern hemisphere crown.

      To hell with multinational global ambitions. This is Australia and we
      need to restore our reserve capability in order to keep this country
      the way it is. The first thing we have to do is prove once and for all
      time that Martin Bryant was used as a patsy to cover the objective of
      the Port Arthur psyop, which effectively under- mined our national

      Martin Bryant, an intellectually impaired registered invalid with no
      training in the use of high powered assault weapons, could not under
      any circumstances have achieved or maintained the incredibly high and
      consistent killed-to-injured ratio and kill-rate which were bench
      marks of the Port Arthur massacre. Whoever was on the trigger that
      fateful day demonstrated professional skills equal to some of the best
      special forces shooters in the world. His critical error lay in
      killing too many people too quickly while injuring far too few,
      thereby exposing himself for what he was: a highly trained combat
      shooter probably ranked among the top twenty such specialists in the
      western world...."

      And this is by a guy who was 17 years in Victorian police force:-

      "....If we don't get it right this time. Then next time there is a
      massacre, and there will be, then they'll take all our guns off us."
      Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer, in May 1996. It was the Australian
      Prime Minister who initiated the call for any inquest relating to the
      Port Arthur massacre to be denied. What we must consider is that by
      these peoples' actions, truth, justice and in fact every facet of what
      we call democracy in Australia has been undermined. How can we trust a
      system when it has been utilised so that these 'pillars of our
      society' were able to steal from us, the very basis of our
      civilisation. The question as to 'why' is then open to scrutiny. The
      initial moves in relation to firearms was instigated within the Labour
      Party in 1987, and the New South Wales Labour Premier, Barry Unsworth
      is credited with the quote of, "There will never be National Firearm
      Laws until there is a massacre in Tasmania" in December 1987 at a
      Special Premiers meeting at Hobart. There are also the media
      journalists of whom, Ray Martin was leading the vanguard. In the
      second debate between Paul Keating and John Howard in February 1996,
      it was Ray Martin who was strongly advocating the full Labour Party
      agenda in relation to the ceding of firearm laws from the State to the
      Federal arena, during that debate. It was Ray Martin who provided
      Australians with all the tainted evidence in relation to the Port
      Arthur Massacre, purported as factual evidence from the Tasmania
      Police. What is also noticeable was that the National Anti-Terrorist
      Plan was endorsed in November 1995, and first utilised during the Port
      Arthur Massacre in April 1996, five months later...."

      You sort of wonder where all this conspiracy stuff comes from, whether
      it is from people not being convinced that certain truths need to come
      out and be accounted for in a lawful way. Or people become cynical and
      paranoid when the normal protocols for social security look to have
      been bypassed, due to political expediency.


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg"
      <ye-stars@i...> wrote:
      > > Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 05:29:31 -0000
      > > From: "mahtezcatpoc" <mahtezcatpoc@y...>
      > >Subject: Port Arthur massacre stellar alignments
      > http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial/bryant/
      > April 28, 1996
      > 1:30 p.m. AEST
      > Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
      > Alignments:
      > Sun: Hamal (Alpha Arietis), Schedir (Alpha Cassiopeiae); also Alpha
      > Doradus (in Dorado the Swordfish [which some people see as a goldfish])
      > Venus: Bellatrix (Gamma Orionis); also, Beta Camelopardalis
      > Mars: Alpherg (Eta Piscium); also Messier 32 (M-32), an elliptical
      > galaxy in Andromeda which is a companion to M-31, the Andromeda
      > Galaxy, also known as Vertex (not to be confused with *the* Vertex,
      > which is an energy point in the chart derived from the prime vertical).
      > http://www.seds.org/messier/m/m032.html
      > Vertex: "It causes blindness, injuries to the eyes, sickness, violent
      > death." (Robson)
      > M-32 is very close to Vertex in the sky and might have an influence
      > that's similar.
      > Uranus: Bos (Rho Capricorni), Dabih (Beta Capricorni), Giedi Prima
      > (Alpha Capricorni), Oculus (Pi Capricorni)
      > (BTW: nobody has yet answered my question in an earlier post about
      > Dabih--does anybody besides Ted George and Barbara Parker see it as
      > similar in influence to Giedi Prima? Personally, I suspect it isn't.)
      > Pluto: Acrab (Beta Scorpii), Isidis (Delta Scorpii), Yed Prior (Delta
      > Ophiuchi); also Alpha Circini (in Circinus the Drafting Compass)
      > Ceres: Alpha Apodis (in Apus the Bird of Paradise); also, the Great
      > Attractor
      > Juno: Achernar (Alpha Eridani); also Ankaa (Alpha Phoenicis)
      > Vesta: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis); also T Coronae Borealis, a
      > nova-type variable.
      > http://freespace.virgin.net/m.poxon/tcrb.htm
      > "This is the famous "blaze star", a recurrent Nova. It could erupt at
      > any time..."
      > Chiron: Porrima (Gamma Virginis, aka Caphir), Vindemiatrix (Epsilon
      > Virginis), Diadem (Alpha Comae Berenices)
      > North Node: Seginus (Gamma Bootis)
      > South Node: Nu Fornacis (in Fornax the Furnace)
      > I'll do more interpretations later. It's getting late here.
      > Mark A. Holmes
      > ====================
      > Looking at the stars Mark listed, this is what I have for
      > them under "mundane":
      > Hamal/Schedir (Sun):
      > Premeditated crime, falls or dives from high places "into
      > the abyss." (Ebertin); disease; violent expression of
      > hatred, intolerance; attempts to exterminate, annihilate
      > unwanted peoples; freedom-slavery issues; historic battles,
      > massive, overwhelming events, atrocities, massacres,
      > assassinations, explosions, fires, storms, plane crashes,
      > meteorite falls, Archangel and Virgin Mary apparitions.
      > Bellatrix (Venus):
      > Disease (incl smallpox), fevers, imprisonment, attacks,
      > volcanic eruptions, fires, crashes collisions, maritime
      > events, weather conditions (including fog) that can cause
      > shipwrecks, fanaticism, intolerance, assassinations,
      > slaughter; communications events
      > Al Pherg/Andromeda I galaxy (Mars):
      > (violent deaths, including murder, suicide). Fires,
      > explosions, fogs, shipwrecks, natural disasters.
      > Bos (Rho Capricorni), Dabih (Beta Capricorni), Giedi Prima
      > (Alpha Capricorni), Oculus (Pi Capricorni) (Uranus):
      > >(BTW: nobody has yet answered my question in an earlier post about
      > >Dabih--does anybody besides Ted George and Barbara Parker see it as
      > >similar in influence to Giedi Prima? Personally, I suspect it isn't.)
      > As these 4 stars span only 1 degree 24 minutes in longitude, I have
      > grouped them together; Dabih and Giedi Prima are only 17
      > minutes apart in longitude, 2 24 in latitude and 2 15 in
      > declination; it would be next to impossible to separate
      > their effects, IMO; for the 4 together, I have:
      > Ice, cold, fogs, storms, shipwrecks, epidemics, eruptions,
      > persecutions, expulsions, massacres, incidents of
      > mistreatment of subordinate peoples, and their rebellions
      > against it; terrorist attacks, meteorite falls
      > Acrab, Isidis, Yed Prior (Pluto)
      > For Isidis (Dschubba) and Yed Prior (together-they are only
      > 15 minutes apart in longitude, tho about 15 minutes apart in
      > latitude), I have
      > Assassinations, ambush, stalking, murder; storms, fires,
      > earth upheavals, mass catastrophes, fogs, contaminated air,
      > shipwrecks, air and surface crashes (many collisions),
      > disasters caused by weather conditions; animal encounters
      > and attacks, including venomous insect stings; "famous
      > firsts" and initiatives taken in the name of peace,
      > progress, and a healthy environment
      > Acrab (Graffias) (Pluto):
      > Fires, storms, air and sea catastrophes, fog (highest score)
      > and fog-related disasters (Liber Hermetis calls these
      > degrees "humid and misty"), battles, smoke, dust, smog, air
      > contamination, pollution, suffocation; drought, pestilence,
      > plagues, contagions and responses to them; crime, theft,
      > fanaticism, murder, terrorist attacks, assassinations,
      > executions; animal attacks, air and transportation events,
      > accidents, crashes, meteorite falls, mass disasters;
      > scientific and technological achievements and revolutions.
      > Porrima (Caphir) and Vindemiatrix:
      > Fires, storms (ancient Corvus was a storm-and-mist bird),
      > natural disasters, air and space events, air crashes and
      > ship disasters, rebellions, religious and political
      > persecutions, witch hunts, exterminations, air
      > contamination, public health issues; meteorite falls
      > Diadem:
      > Fires, eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, financial
      > collapses, deadly persecutions, stalking, murder, animal
      > attacks, acts of cruelty, intolerance, invasions, wars,
      > tyranny and resistance to them.
      > Seginus:
      > Fogs, storms (a very high score), high winds, atmospheric,
      > weather and earth disasters sometimes affecting history;
      > wars, peace treaties; fires; sea, air and train disasters,
      > collisions; sneak attacks, massacres, assassinations,
      > meteorite falls, animal attacks.
      > South Node: Nu Fornacis (in Fornax the Furnace)
      > In the same longitude as Nu Fornacis (16 Aries 21 in 2000:
      > (in order, long, lat, dec, RA, mag, spectral class)
      > WW Piscium var below cord, W Fish 16AR16 0 06 6 29 1 00
      5.95 M2 III
      > Nodus Secundus Delta Draconis neck 17AR10 82 53 67 40 19
      13 3.07 G9 III
      > Altais
      > Kappa Andromeda chained right hand 17AR18 41 43 44 20 23
      40 4.14 B8 V
      > (I think Andromeda is important here because she represents
      > trapped, helpless people)
      > Mundane: Storms, floods, shipwrecks, fires, historic upheavals and
      > battles, some with success against overwhelming odds
      > I did not list "massacres" here, there were none per se, but
      > there were some bloody historical battles.
      > Pertinent to the Port Arthur event, here's part of the
      > interpretation:
      > The authoritarian King's head is here; some are impatient,
      > tyrannical loners with an inner toughness and an arrogant,
      > autocratic sense of personal superiority, but his dominion
      > is limited, for he finds it difficult to fully master
      > himself, and his daughter Andromeda may engender situations
      > of limitation or imprisonment. As always under Andromeda,
      > there are issues of bondage and freedom; here there are also
      > challenges of courage, faith vs cowardice, despair, and
      > integrity vs corruption, debauchery, with a risk of plunging
      > into a treacherous abyss of addiction (including sexual
      > addiction), despair and dependency. Temperance,
      > self-discipline and integrity are the keys to success. Ear
      > problems, deafness, facial disfigurement, depression,
      > addiction, suicide.
      > (I've left out the asteroids, not because I don't think
      > they're important, but the above suffices, I think!)
      > Thank you for sending these, Mark; I've decided to add the
      > event to my book.
      > Love, Diana
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