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Chinese tiger

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    ... http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-tiger26dec26,0,21822.story?coll=la-h ome-center ... and Mark sent Several stellar alignments exist (assuming a 5:10
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2007
      Chinese tiger

      --- Antonio Harres <kauborealis@...> wrote:

      > Escaped tiger kills man at S.F. Zoo
      > Mars ret in Cancer was conj Asc at the hour of the attack. It was a
      > female tiger.

      and Mark sent

      Several stellar alignments exist (assuming a 5:10 p.m.
      PST time) suggesting protection or attack or to stars in constellations depicting various big predatory animals (Leo, Lupus, Ursa Major) as well as Centaurus and Sagittarius, which also depicts a centaur.

      Sun aligned with Ira Furoris ("furious wrath"; Eta
      Sagittarii) and Polis (Mu Sagittarii).

      Mercury is aligned with Facies (M-22 Sagittarii), Ghusen (109 Herculis, marking the body of Cerberus being held by Hercules) and Ioannina (Alpha Scuti, in Scutum the Shield; name derived from the Latin for John, in Polish Jan, that is, King Jan III of Poland, whose shield Scutum represents).


      Venus is aligned with a number of stars in Lupus (the
      Wolf): Men (Alpha Lupi), Ke Kouan Lupi (Beta Lupi), as well as with Ke Kwan (Kappa Centauri).

      South Node is aligned with Regulus and with Algieba (Epsilon Leonis), as well as with Ta Tsun (Psi Ursae Majoris).

      One might have expected more alignments to stars in big-cat figures like Leo or Lynx.
      In very ancient texts, Lupus was not a wolf but an indeterminate "beast" -
      from the book;

      Lupus, the Wolf, who no longer is grasped by the Centaur but dangles instead on his spear, and is now "officially" a separate constellation. This unhappy figure that is now called Lupus is also very ancient, but was not usually specifically defined; in the earliest texts he was the Sumerian Ur.Idim (“Mad Dog”), in Akkadian Ligbat, ("Beast of Death"), to Turks, Al Sabu, the "Wild Beast," always combined with Centaurus. The Ligbat (Therion, the Wild Animal, or Beast, to the Greeks), one of the evil brood of Tiamat (see Corvus, Chapter 7), was a leopard, which became associated with the Beast-of-Death; to Arabs he was Al Asadah, the Lioness.

      About Mars:

      China has 4 huge sky figures, and their other constellations are small sections of them;
      One of them is Pe-Hou, a Great White Tiger which runs thru parts of Pisces, Andromeda, Cetus, Perseus,Auriga, Taurus, Eridanus, and ending just past Orion; the very last figure of the White Tiger is See-Koai, the Officer in Charge of Signs and Omens of Death, made up of 1-Geminorum (1CA03), 132 Tauri (27GE36), Chi1 and Chi2 Orionis, (28GE47 & 1CA02); the stars are dim, but right at the intersection of the ecliptic and the galactic equator. Mars is skimming the top of the figure right now.

      Love, Diana

      1-Geminorum (0CA40), 132 Tauri (27GE13), Chi1 and Chi2 Orionis, (28GE24 & 0CA39), were Sse-Koai, the Officer in Charge of Omens, the army soothsayer and augurer who presided over the divinations when the fortunes of the army were predicted.

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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