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Dubhe and its neighbors

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
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      Dubhe and its neighbors

      Sherri sent

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      Saturn  aligned with Dubhe: He lives in the middle of that long-running civil war  in Sri Lanka (so freaking stupid). Maybe that's it.

      Assume this refers to Arthur C Clarke - he had polio, and suffers from post-polio syndrome - paralysis is one of the "gifts" of Dubhe.

      Sherri wrote
      perhaps this is off topic, but what is there about Dubhe?
      I have several small birds, several years ago I acquired a pair of gouldian finches... named the male Fabio and the female Dubhe.  It was the only bird  I ever named after a star.  Within a several weeks she seemed ill  and I took her back to the breeder, who recognized the bird was not well and  gave me a new female.  I had liked the name and so named the new  female.  Both birds were remarkably personable and intelligent,  Dubhe  II was especially so.

      But then she got sick or something irregular.  There is a condition  called 'twirling', as if the bird becomes blind in one eye, can no longer fly to target or even navigate around.  After some weeks of extensive care she  died, dove into the water bowl and drowned.

      I just wonder there might be something about this star that might tragic be particulary tragic, or not encouraging to birds, I've been afraid to replace her  since. I do wonder that I named them for a star that would not be good for  their own vitality.

      Sincerely, Sherri

      That's interesting - and very sad - I'm so sorry about your beautiful bird.

      When I went to check out the Dubhe starset in my book, I realized that it shares that area of the sky with
      the head of Hydra, the poisonous water snake - in China the same stars formed the head of their Great Red Bird!

      From the book:
              Long    Lat     Dec     RA      M       Spec
      Rho Hydrae  in Water Snake’s head       12LE55  -11 33  5 50    8 48    4.36    A0 V
       Lunar Mansions: China: Hydra’s head formed Liu, The Willow, in India, Aslesa (see Minchir, 11 Leo)
      Xi Cancri  Crab’s left eye      13LE13  5 25    22 03   9 09    5.14    K0 III
       Lunar Mansions: Arabia: a star of al Tarf “The Glance” or “The Eyes” of the huge, early Arab lion: said
       to hinder harvesting and travel "with the Moon here, plant, build, marry but do not travel”
      Kochab Beta Ursae Minoris  right shoulder       13LE19  72 59   74 09   14 51   2.08    K4 III
       with Pherkad (21 Leo), one of the “guardians” of the Pole Star; was the pole star ca.1500 BC–300 CE
      Acubens  Alpha Cancri  Crab's south claw        13LE39  -5 05   11 51   8 58    4.25    A   m
        Sertan; “Acubens” comes from Al Zubanah, the Claw    
      Dubhe Alpha Ursae Majoris in Bear's back        15LE12  49 41   61 45   11 04   1.79    K0 III
       from al-dubb, “the Bear;” with Merak, a "pointer star" used to find Polaris, the Pole Star
      Minchir al Asad  Kappa Leonis  mane     15LE18  10 26   26 11   9 25    4.46    K2 III
      Kappa Draconis   in Dragon’s tail       16LE15  61 46   69 47   12 33   3.87    B7   p
      Also here: 36, 39 Ursae Majoris (14LE36, 15LE52) in the body of the Greater Bear; variables MZ and AP Puppis (14LE13, 16LE41) in the Stern of Argo Navis; Quasar 3C 215 (14LE07) in the head of the Crab (on the ecliptic), Kappa, Pi Cancri (16LE10, 16LE39) in its left front claw. Modern: 8 Leo Minoris (13LE45) in front of the Lesser Lion’s head. Kochab was the closest star to the N Pole ca 1500 BC to 300 CE. Minchir means nose (of the huge, ancient Arab lion in this area), but this star is now part of his mane. Manilius said the Crab had no eyes, but Ptolemy and Aratus (following Eudoxus) mention the eyes of the Crab (there are many blind people with placements here). Set span: 12LE40 to 17LE08. The Sun transits these longitudes approx Aug 4th-9th

                  Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs,
                  even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those
                  poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because
                  they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat.
                                                  - Theodore Roosevelt (Saturn here)

      Born under the puissant Dragon, the Crab’s grasping, tenacious claw, Ursa’s alpha star and royal Leo’s mane, these are souls with courage to spare who grab for power and glory and cling to it with stubborn determination; possessing a keen awareness of history, they will go to great lengths to be part of it. Imperious, bossy, grasping, passionately willful, they will not give in, give up or let go of what they have! "True Leos" (tropical and sidereal Leo combine here), they are vivid, dramatic, infused with tremendous inner energy and a natural physicality; attacking life head-on, they make strong, lasting impressions. Often involved in governing and/or leadership within their professions, they are bold, adventurous and resourceful, and, needing excitement, willing to gamble, speculate, and take big risks. However, many are sensual, self-indulgent, manipulative, irritable, even cruel, and no strangers to scandal; if they cannot make their mark in a positive way, they may turn to crime or self-destruction, for this is a contentious, intolerant energy that cannot be repressed: both lawmakers and lawbreakers are born under these stars. Keenly aware of social and ecological problems, their minds are inquisitive, imaginative, image-forming and inventive, geared to problem-solving; besides government, law, the military and sports, many are drawn to medicine, psychology, astrology, education, hygiene and environmental concerns (there is a great love of nature), as well as technology and invention; they enjoy a particular feeling for the arts, with a fascination for anything weird, exotic, strange, even sinister. With a Lion’s inclination to be courageous and domineering and the Bear’s “I know what’s best for you” maternalism, they may “rush in where angels fear to tread” only to find themselves beleagered, even physically endangered. Under the grasping Crab, some become involved in speculative mania, losing everything in the process. There is the possiblility of a dramatic mid-life “turn-around,” completely converting and  transforming the life-path. Issues here include slavery of the flesh and freedom of the spirit; personal cleanliness and health; passivity or despair vs active determination to better themselves, their neighbors and their environment; independence and self-will vs obeying orders or knuckling under to the will of others; greedy, selfish, careless use of resources vs care of and for the environment; extremism vs temperance; wise use vs misuse of power, and humanitarian action, kindness and helpfulness vs coldness, indifference, cruelty, intolerance, sado-masochism, violence. Lion, Serpent, and Bears, Oh my! Ferocity, courage and wisdom combine at these stars, stirring the spirit, inspiring the soul. Blindness, eye problems (Xi Cancri was part of manzil Al Tarf, the huge Arab Lion's Gaze, Glance or Eyes), head, brain and face ailments or injuries, mental problems (Lion’s and Hydra’s heads are here), depression, addiction, pedophilia, birth defects, multiple births, paralysis, danger of accidents, violence, imprisonment, suicide; choking, suffocation, asphyxiation, illnesses or death due to unclean, polluted, or contaminated surroundings. Unusual and/or extreme weather conditions: fogs, storms, shipwrecks, floods, drownings, great maritime and financial losses; fires, smoke, air pollution, epidemics, persecutions, assassinations, mass suicides; wild animal attacks, especially bears, snakes, crocodiles and bees (Ursa Major and Minor, Hydra, Draco, Leo and the Crab’s “Beehive”), the collapse of extreme speculations and issues relating to the destruction or protection of children, animals and the environment

      Here's the paragraph relating to health and environment:

      The Bear and Crab’s love of the natural world is still evident, but here Hydra’s foul, contaminating breath endangers health (this is India’s serpent nakshatra Aslesha, and in China Hydra’s head - the head of their Great Red Bird - was the hsiu Liu, the Willow: it was believed that willows warded off poisons): these stars were transited at the 430 BC Summer Solstice, in the Great Peloponnesian War’s 2nd year: the Great Plague of Athens killed about half of all Athenians, causing a total breakdown of morale, contributing to the downfall of the Athenian empire; in 1756 when 146 defeated English defenders of Fort William, including women and children, were imprisoned overnight in “The Black Hole of Calcutta,” a small, closed airless space, in terrible heat: by morning 123 were dead of suffocation; in 1875 at the peak of the “largest recorded locust swarm in history” in the US midwest; in 1878 when a fearful Yellow Fever epidemic struck Memphis, TN, killing about 14,000; in 1917 when Union Carbide Corp, responsible for the two of the worst industrial poisoning disasters in history, Gauley Bridge (1930) and Bhopal (1984), was founded; in 1925 when a diphtheria epidemic hit Nome, AK: serum was rushed to Nome through raging blizzards by heroic dogsled teams; when the 1st atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, spreading deadly radiation; at the end of Oct, 1948 when the coal-mining community of Donora, PA suffered a combination of smoke and fog that made 6,000 ill and killed 20; in Dec, 1952 when fog and smoke formed a “poisonous, blinding, choking, suffocating blanket of gas” over London, killing about 4,000, and 8,000 more later of respiratory failure (led to stringent restrictions on coal-burning furnaces and rigid enforcement of antipollution laws); in 1971 at the accidental release of deadly, Soviet weapons-grade smallpox virus near Aralsk, Kazakhstan requiring massive quarantines and emergency inoculations of 50,000; in 1986 when a deadly CO2 gas burst from Lake Nyos, Cameroon killed 1,746 people and more than 8,300 animals; in 1995 when the Aum Shinrikyo cult attacked Japan’s subway system with deadly Sarin gas. Encounters with unclean conditions often engender a longing for cleanliness, purification, health, and a return to unspoiled nature; here are 18th-century "father of modern systematic botany" Carolus Linnaeus, 18th-19th-century naturalist Jean Baptiste Lamarck, environmentalist Pres Theodore Roosevelt, horticulturalist Luther Burbank, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, discoverer of  penicillin, physician-microbiologist Albert Sabin, developer of a polio vaccine, shaman and ethno-pharmacologist Terence McKenna (died at 54 of a brain tumor), environmentalists Dr David Steinhardt, aqua-lung co-inventor Jacques-Yves Cousteau, actor Ted Danson, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, science-teacher-environmentalist-ecological saboteur James Phillips (“The Fox”) harrasser of polluting corporations, and activist anti-war physician Dr Helen Caldicott. Pluto was here in 1946 when UNICEF - United Nations Internat’l Children’s Emergency Fund - was established, Saturn and Pluto in 1948 when the National Health Service was established in England, Pluto when the World Health Organization was founded in the same year; this was the SNode in 1953 when biologist-physicist Francis Crick walked into a Cambridge pub and (referring to the discovery of DNA's double helix), announced "We have discovered the secret of life!" "Earth Mother" asteroid Ceres was here the day Rachel Carson’s "Silent Spring," detailing environmental devastation, was published in 1962 with shocking revelations that jump-started a world-wide environmental movement. 

      Hey, Sherri, try another name!

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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