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Fwd: Disc'y of Neptune

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: About the discovery of Neptune About discovery of Neptune 1) Upon receiving data on where the new planet should be, they
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      About the discovery of Neptune
      About discovery of Neptune

      1) Upon receiving data on where the new planet should be, they
      (according to the account) went straight upstairs to look at the
      sky, and found it right away (w/a telescope). Now, that means it
      had to be late enough for the sky to be fully dark - what time would
      that be at the Autumn Equinox in Berlin? Anyone know that?

      2) No one is talking about the thing that astonishes me, when it was
      found it was exactly conj Saturn - how's that for a "coincidence"

      3) Other things that happened at that time: discovery of anaesthesia
      and antisepsis

      Neptune return to discovery degree coming up - it will be conj Jupiter.

      From my book (ready soon!)

      (Adding 2 degrees 8 minutes of precession correction)

      Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      Beta Piscis Austrini gills, Southern Fish 27AQ11 -21 22 -32 21 22
      32 4.29 A0 V
      Triple Star NGC7158 end, Sea-Gt's tail 27AQ26 0 49 -11 36 21 57
      ----- Triple
      Veil Nebula in Cygus Swan's lower wing 27AQ30 46 29 30 13 20 31
      ----- Di
      NGC 6960 and 6992; the approximate central position of 2 extremely large,
      diffuse nebulae, together
      forming the "Bridal Veil Nebula," faint but striking in telescopes:
      "wonderful, lace-like" (Burnham)
      Gienah Epsilon Cyg wing's leading edge 27AQ45 49 25 33 58 20 46 2.46
      K0 III
      In ancient Persia Cygnus was a Panther, this star his breast; in China
      Gienah was part of China's T'ien-
      Tsin, Celestial Ford, spanning the Milky Way (Celestial River); if the
      figure wavered, it foretold floods
      (in Chinese folklore, this was the bridge separating the lovers Ox-Boy
      (Altair) & Weaving Girl (Vega))
      Iota Aquarii Water-Pourer's thigh/lap 28AQ43 - 2 05 -13 52 22 06 4.27
      B8 V
      (the end of Capricornus' tail extends over Aquarius' lap here)
      Omicron2 Cygni base of Swan's N wing 29AQ48 64 17 47 43 20 15 3.98
      Part of China's T'ien-Tsin, Celestial Ford (see Gienah)

      Also here: 25, Ó 2809 and 39 Aquarii in Water-Pourer's head, neck and lap
      (27AQ57, 26AQ34, 29AQ58) and Galaxy Merger NGC 7252 (27AQ58) between his
      legs (nicknamed "Atoms for Peace" because it resembles the icon for
      applications of nuclear energy), Omicron1 Cygni (28AQ47) in N Wing and
      Cygnus X-3 (28AQ36), an X-Ray-Infra-Red Source in body (probable neutron
      star); 4, 7, 11 Pegasi in the Flying Horse's head (28AQ58-29AQ59) and Zeta
      Piscis Austrini (29AQ37) above the Southern Fish. Modern: Iota and Theta
      Gruis in Grus, the Crane's east wing (28AQ30-51), Delta Hydri (29AQ10) in
      the small, male Water Snake, Beta1 Tucanae (26AQ35) in Tucana, the Toucan
      and 32 Vulpeculae in Fox's tail (26AQ47). The Winter Solstice was at these
      stars in 2,100 BC. Set span: 26AQ06 to 29AQ59. The Sun transits these
      longitudes approximately February 14th to February 19th

      I would have nobody to control me, I would
      be absolute.
      - Cervantes (Pluto here), Don Quixote

      Albert Einstein, who had Jupiter here, said "I want to know what God
      the rest are just details;" whether bearing the Water-Pourer's burdens,
      flying with Cygnus and Pegasus (whose earliest stars are here), riding the
      waves with Capricornus or delving deep into them with Piscis Austrinus,
      these wayfarers search for comprehension, for God and for "what God
      examining and questioning everything for its deeper meaning. These "true
      Aquarians" (these are the last stars that encompass both tropical and
      sidereal Aquarius), born under the the head of the pourer-out of the
      of heaven, share their place in the sky with the gulping Southern Fish
      wants it all!) Whether filled with faith and hope or troubled with
      skepticism, their intense curiosity and will-to-understand takes them on
      life-long pilgrimages of discovery. The Earth and her people, flora,
      weather patterns, minerals, soil and vital signs are their concern, as
      as her enveloping universe and the laws, ways and means of human
      interactions; they create maps not only of the earth and sky but the human
      mind and psyche as well, for here are geographers, cartographers (both
      terrestrial and celestial), cosmologists, geologists, naturalists,
      physicists, mathematicians, physicians, psychologists, astrologers,
      researchers, scholars of religion, philosophy and mythology, students and
      salvors of ancient knowledge, and laws both human and divine. Although
      charming, they are outspoken and "tell it like it is." Stubborn,
      fiercely independent, hungry for knowledge (along with money, achievement,
      and recognition); they are anxious to prove themselves; time presses upon
      them; they never feel they have enough of it to finish their tasks on this
      plane. Under the Veil Nebula they enjoy the secretive, mysterious
      of magic, sleight-of-hand conjuring and "hidden knowledge" granted by the
      study of ancient texts and the occult; some have mystical or visionary
      experiences, and the artists and writers among them have a nicely-honed
      sense of the gothic and macabre. There is a wild, aggressive side to the
      Swan (Persians saw a panther in its stars), and often physical prowess as
      well: many athletes and dancers have positions here (as well as comedians
      with a madcap sense of humor). Some seek God, others play God: mastery and
      control (of themselves and others) is essential to them; opinionated and
      blunt, they can be cold, tough, brutal and ruthless, and may back up their
      hard-won, strongly-held beliefs with force (in extreme cases, murder). For
      those in public life, law, government, politics and military force are
      combined and intertwined. Insisting on obedience and adherence to
      laws; some
      embrace pacifism while others try to enforce what they consider absolutes
      and fundamentals (as if by forcing them on others, they may quiet
      their own
      repressed doubts). Scandal-prone, often beleaguered, they are high-strung,
      sensitive to slights, wrongs and injustices to themselves, but nonetheless
      may impose them on others; some are arrogant, rigid, aristocratic and
      chauvinistic, even satyrical, sneering and bullying. The gulping Southern
      Fish can make them greedy for money and the trappings of success, and
      a few
      give in to overindulgence and addictions, yet many here are
      uninterested in
      riches; enlightened by Aquarius' gift of a wide-ranging, universal mind,
      recognizing the oneness of humankind, they open themselves to the
      all-encompassing energies of the divine, searching (through laws, social
      philosophy and/or reform) for ways to create a peaceful Utopia and to help
      their fellow-passengers on Spaceship Earth. The earliest stars of
      head are here, and mental health is an important concern: some are
      conflicted in their sexual identity, convinced that their physical
      bodies do
      not match the true gender of their souls. Longing for faith but wracked by
      doubts or beset by painful emotional conflicts, they can learn to use the
      mind itself to heal; a few have psychic ability which can be used to help
      others. Issues include waging war vs making peace, taking
      responsibility for
      oneself and others vs self-pity; self-discipline vs self-indulgence;
      severity and prejudgment vs forbearance, tolerance and understanding.
      stars form the last quarter of a Grand Cross of the Pleiades, Regulus,
      Bungula (Alpha Centauri) and Omicron2 Cygni. High above the travails of
      Earth, the soaring wings of Cygnus grant a breadth of vision vouchsafed to
      few. Multiple births, umbilical cord problems (around the neck): head
      injuries, face or skin disfigurements (especially the nose) (the
      Water-Pourer's head and neck are here); hearing problems, alcoholism,
      addictions, substance abuse; cannibalism; Great journeys and treks,
      of long-contained or long-repressed energies and/or tensions;
      assassinations, mass intolerance, persecutions, droughts, famines,
      epidemics, disasters with a high number of fatalities, fires, storms with
      extremely high winds, floods, extreme cold, major fossil discoveries;
      paradigm shifts; meteorite falls

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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    • sisterbellabee@aol.com
      Thank you for forwarding this Mark ... (mailto:PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com) , Diana K Rosenberg wrote: About the discovery of
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        Thank you for forwarding this Mark
        --- In PoliticalAstrology@ yahoogroups. com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
        <fixed.stars@ ...> wrote:

        About the discovery of Neptune
        About discovery of Neptune

        1) Upon receiving data on where the new planet should be, they
        (according to the account) went straight upstairs to look at the
        sky, and found it right away (w/a telescope). Now, that means it
        had to be late enough for the sky to be fully dark
        ~ I didn't know this Diana, can you mention or reference a source?
        - what time would
        that be at the Autumn Equinox in Berlin? Anyone know that?
        Sunset for this year, September 23rd, Solar Fire calculates at 5:57 pm LMT, 7:04 pm visual in CEDT.  At sunset the Moon is transiting a solstice degree of Saturn, Neptune.
        That matches the time calculations for this site:
        Date, sunrise, sunset, length of day, etc...
        Sep 21, 20076:50 AM7:09 PM12h 18m 40s− 4m 03s1:00 PM38.3°150.202
        Sep 22, 20076:52 AM7:06 PM12h 14m 36s− 4m 03s1:00 PM37.9°150.159
        Sep 23, 20076:53 AM7:04 PM12h 10m 33s− 4m 03s12:59 PM37.5°150.117
        Sep 24, 20076:55 AM7:02 PM12h 06m 29s− 4m 03s12:59 PM37.1°150.074
        Sep 25, 20076:57 AM6:59 PM12h 02m 26s− 4m 03s12:58 PM36.7°150.032
        Sep 26, 20076:58 AM6:57 PM11h 58m 22s− 4m 03s12:58 PM36.3°149.989
        I would think, two hours of twilight, at least, for the deep sky to shine?
        I am wondering that Pisces at the midheaven, Cancer rising, with Neptune and Saturn in the 9th house could be appropriate, perhaps the angles holding a grand trine with Scorpio Moon.  Mars, at apex of the yod with Saturn/Neptune and Pluto, could well be in the fourth house at discovery.  Maybe Venus at the IC? 
        "The discovery of Neptune was extremely important because it was the first planet detected by combining the science of astronomy and the discipline of mathematics." 
        10:00 pm LMT shows a strong interception of Gemini/Sag in the 12th/6th houses with Jupiter in the twelfth, whereas 10:30 pm or thereabouts intercepts the Moon in the fifth house (porphyry houses).
        This earlier timing seems well, to me.  What timing do you think?
        Sincerely, Sherri

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