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Danae - Different methods of working with stars...

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  • Astrocalypse
    Hello Danae, Busy in the past weeks or so, I am sooooo behind my mail (hey, what s new, ehhh). What s going on ? Please don t go away just yet ! I don t
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005
      Hello Danae,
      Busy in the past weeks or so, I am sooooo behind my mail (hey, what's new, ehhh).  What's going on ?  Please don't go away just yet !  I don't know you enough about your knowledge of astrology but I am sure you have plenty to offer in terms of your personal experience.  I don't think you should take the lack of response personally, it may just be that everyone is busy or your post wasn't received/looked at the first time ??
      I feel Eclipse is such a 'new' area for most people, since the information available is sparse, so it is more a matter of doing our own research and draw conclusions from our personal experience/observations and share.  I don't know where Bernadette got her conclusions from in her book 'The Eagle and the Lark aka Predictive Astrology'.  However, having looked at a few previously ones, she appeared to have got many of them really spot on.  However, I am still waiting for the latest ones to manifest yet having been in a draught for quite some time LOLOL (falling in and out of love and sudden sexual passions).  My lunar return does promise something strongly in July, so we just have to wait and see :-).  But looking back the last time the same series occurred late 1986 early 1987, something along the line of what she wrote did happen to me personally around July/August 1987, even though the affair disappeared as fast as morning dew and participated a death as eclipses said to frequently 'promised', the long term impact was nevertheless profound :-).
      I don't know zilch about eclipses really but from observation, there appears to have been a lot of high profile deaths associated with this particular solar eclipse and the installations of something 'new', though not all necessarily positive in the long term (the Pope, Terry's Law).  The lunar eclipse appeared to be less so but then lunar energies are frequently inward and subtle.  With the degrees so close together and in reverse modes for the past two sets of eclipses (Aries/Libra 19/21d; Taurus/Scorpio 4/5d), I would have thought more people would feel them this time around.  Now, despite the belief that eclipses are only important in mundane charts, I *know* from personal experience that some eclipses impact my chart strongly, so I couldn't help but sit up and take notice just in case I get whacked and get sent into outer space *again* this time around :-).  Ohhh, I actually meant to say, eclipse probably doesn't necessarily entail a physical death (I had one eclipse with all planets and angles duplicating my natal ones and I am very much still here LOL).
      I went to Bath this past weekend for some lectures (a 230-miles return journey) and was due to go with a friend.  Now I like this friend dearly and would have loved nothing more than giving her a lift and keeping her company.  Although not usually obsessed with looking at my own charts, I did out of 'fun' looked at hers and our composite on Friday night.  As it were, I didn't like what I saw and became more than a little bit alarm with where Phaethon is placed (the last time it happened on a composite Asc/Desc axis, I had a car accident with another friend who I had the composite with). Well, the eclipse on our composite ascendant with Jupiter-Neptune tightly conjunct on our composite descendant didn't assure me either (plus other equally ominous indicators).  I might have 'hide' my discomfort and not let my friend down and still went ahead and probably would have drove like a snail and watched like a hawk, if my friend wasn't an astrologer or not share a belief in astrology and would not have forgiven me for letting her down the last minute.  As it were, I came 'clean' and told my friends of my findings even though she was very much a beginner.  Now, rightly or wrongly, lucikly or unluckily, this friend of mine has Sun square Mars with Mars ruling 3rd and 8th and another astrologer had 'done' the dirty deeds of telling her that she will die a violent death (something I would still thoroughly disapprove for fear of self fulfilling prophecy)!!! which was why she immediately decided that she will go on the train instead even though she had to turn up at the conference half an hour late and costed her £££ extra, so both of us are still alive and well this few days later.  But of course, nothing may well have happened anyway if we had gone together (ohh, that delusive Neptune :-))).
      Naturally, the event raised many many interesting questions, most of all, Free Will and Fate but of course I mustn't forget to mention since it is the whole point of the exercise, the lunar eclipses were on our composite Asc/Desc and my Neptune.
      I had gone on for longer than expected, now I must get ready for work...
      (And do please forgive me if I Neptunised (disappeared) again.)
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      well, its true that if you ignore something or someone for long  enough they really will go away.  Looks like I have nothing to offer this group.
      All the best, bye
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      Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:23 AM
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      Hi all,
      just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom concerning the eclipse tomorrow? 
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      > Maybe you could upload the pictures to the Photos
      > section of the group.
      > Mark A. Holmes
      Hi Mark...

      How does one upload to the Photo section of the group, I did not even know
      that there was a photo section :)

      Bernadette Brady

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