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Fwd: Cedar Fire/S Diego Fires

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Something else about the Southern California wildfires from the Political Astrology list. ... wrote: [data from somebody else, Francoise
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2007
      Something else about the Southern California wildfires from the
      Political Astrology list.

      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
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      [data from somebody else, Francoise Frigola]

      Cedar Fire
      October 25, 2003
      5:37 pm, PDT
      San Diego, California
      32°N59'08'', 116°W43'39''
      Rating: AA

      Jupiter was at 5 Virgo 48 in this fire, transiting Saturn and South
      Node are now conjunct (as Ms. Frigola pointed out)

      Now begins Diana R.'s post, edited.

      Mark A. Holmes

      Alpha Sextantis Sextant 4VI07 -11 07 0 22 10 08 4.49 B5 V
      Leo Galaxy Cluster Abell 1020 B Holes? 4VI50 0 44 10 25 10
      28 ----- GC/BH
      Lambda Pyxidis Compass: was Argo's Mast 5VI02 -41 30 -28 50 9 23 4.69
      Upsilon1 Hydrae Water-Snake's back 5VI41 -26 05 -14 51 9 51 4.12
      G8 III
      Lunar Mansions: part of China's Hsiu Tschang, the Drawn Bow or Spread
      see Al Sharasif, 2Virgo

      Fires, explosions, eruptions, storms, fogs, shipwrecks, engulfing,
      overwhelming; air contamination, pollution, smallpox; animal attacks,
      hangings, beheadings, dinosaur events.

      Poisonous Hydra is represented at air contamination disasters: this was
      Mercury at the accidental release of deadly, Soviet weapons-grade smallpox
      virus near Aralsk, Kazakhstan in 1971 requiring massive quarantines and
      emergency inoculations of 50,000, the NNode of a smallpox outbreak in
      the US
      and Canada in 1924; Saturn when the coal-mining community of Donora, PA
      suffered a combination of toxic industrial smoke and fog in 1948 that
      20 and made 6,000 ill, and Uranus in 1962 when a noxious pea-soup fog
      combined with sulphur dioxide over London, killing 136 and felling 1,000
      more, bringing the city to a complete standstill.

      Hevelius, creator of Sextans, placed it here between Leo and Hydra
      these animals were, to astrologers, of a fiery nature" and he had lost his
      sextant when his house burned down: the Sun was here the night Washington,
      DC was burned by the British in 1814, and at the Ramstein, Germany air
      disaster in 1988 when 3 planes collided and crashed in flames, parts
      spectators - 70 were killed, 500 injured, Mercury when the the 1st atomic
      bomb exploded at Hiroshima in August, 1945, Mars at the Port Chicago, CA
      disaster in 1944, when a massive explosion and fire destroyed munitions
      ships and vaporized 321 men, in 1966 when a New York City 5-alarm fire in
      1966 killed 12 firefighters when a floor collapsed (the worst loss of NYC
      firefighters before 9 11 2001), and in 1998 when thieves siphoning oil
      a pipeline accidentally ignited an inferno near Jesse, Nigeria that
      destroyed entire villages and croplands, killing about 800, Jupiter when a
      series of violent gas explosions ripped open streets in Guadalahara,
      in 1992 killing more than 500, Neptune at a Lunar Ecl that was visible in
      Egypt in 48 BCE when Romans under Caesar burned the Egyptian fleet,
      incidentally burning 40,000 scrolls stored nearby (this was Caesar's
      interesting that Neptune was on his Venus when he met Cleopatra!);
      this was
      also Neptune in 1930 when British Airship R101 crashed and burned on its
      maiden voyage, Pluto at the fire at Our Lady of Angels Grade School in
      Chicago in 1958 that killed 90 students and 3 nuns, and at the Guatemala
      City insane asylum fire in 1960 that killed 225 and injured 300, the MC at
      the 1989 Sioux City, IA DC-10 crash landing after an engine explosion: the
      plane cartwheeled in flames, killing 112 (184 survived!), the Asc when
      excursion steamer General Slocum caught fire in the East River, NY in
      1,021 of her panicked passengers, most of them women and children, died,
      Mars when Buddhist monk Ngo Quang Duc burned himself to death in 1963 to
      protest gov't persecutions, and Uranus 2 months later when another monk,
      only 17 years old, did the same. This was the natal Moon of astronaut
      White, Jr who died in the Apollo I simulator capsule fire.

      Love, Diana

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