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Re: [thefixedstars] Re: Is this a holiday weekend for

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ... Saturn is currently squaring its natal place (in Taurus) in the Republican Party chart (February 28, 1854, 8 p.m. LMT, Ripon, Wisconsin), and Uranus is
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2007
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      > --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "msbhavens1"
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      > >
      > > any country beside the US?
      > >
      > > I wonder because SAturn is hanging on to the last
      > degree of Leo like
      > > its just ready to Slam this weekend? finally slips
      > into Virgo, and out
      > > of Detriment on Tuesday after the US labor Day
      > holiday. I wonder what
      > > that implies, which of course means it is also
      > still firmly aligned
      > > with Regulus.
      > >
      > > any thoughts?
      > >
      > > MissB
      > >
      > It might be hitting the Republican Party's chart.

      Saturn is currently squaring its natal place (in
      Taurus) in the Republican Party chart (February 28,
      1854, 8 p.m. LMT, Ripon, Wisconsin), and Uranus is
      conjunct the GOP Neptune. Maybe a lot of them are
      having trouble dealing with the changes in society.

      While I was looking for star alignments in that chart,
      I saw that in it Neptune is aligned with Achernar
      (could be seen as indicative of the traditional
      Republican ideal of rugged individualism or

      From the Brady star file of SolarFire 5 (see also
      pages 140-142 of *Brady's Book of Fixed Stars*):

      "[Achernar] has a strong effect in event charts
      indicating issues of fire and flood. On a personal
      note it seems to indicate an individual who will take
      many risks and is therefore prone to move from one
      difficulty to another."

      Uranus has been aligned with Achernar recently.

      Mark A. Holmes

      > Virginia Senator
      > John Warner isn't seeking re-election next year (of
      > course, Virginia
      > is fairly conservative, so we can't take for granted
      > that the
      > Democrats will pick up his seat). And Idaho Senator
      > Larry Craig has
      > resigned his seat, and I'm not clear on why--as I
      > understand it, he
      > was arrested after he went into a men's room toilet
      > stall at the
      > Minneapolis-St.Paul airport with a cop in the next
      > stall, and tapped
      > his foot. But no sex act of any kind took place, no
      > illegal
      > transaction of any kind, no fight, no nothing. So
      > what did Craig do to
      > warrant being forced out of Congress?
      > And it looks like not only has the GOP become more
      > homophobic (they
      > had one openly gay member of Congress, former US
      > Rep. Jim Kolbe of
      > Arizona, who retired last year), they've gotten
      > xenophobic,too.
      > Univision sponsored a two-part Spanish-language
      > presidential debate,
      > but while the Democratic debate is still on, the
      > Republican debate had
      > to be canceled because only John McCain committed to
      > attending. If
      > they want to keep destroying what progress Bush made
      > for them with
      > Hispanic voters, they can go right ahead.
      > Regulus, I believe, promises success as long as
      > revenge is avoided;
      > does that extend to punitive or hateful behavior in
      > general?
      > Mark A. Holmes

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