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Mira: "There's a star with a tail in the neck of the Whale"

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ... In this representation, the neck. I think the person wanted to say something cute. http://users.winshop.com.au/annew/Cetus.html Mark A. Holmes ...
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      --- Diana K Rosenberg <fixed.stars@...> wrote:

      > Thanks for the story, Mark - this article was better
      > than
      > the one in the NY Times.
      > But as for "There's a star with a tail in the tail
      > of the Whale" (which
      > sounds great), Mira ain't in the tail - more like
      > the neck (or heart?)

      In this representation, the neck.

      I think the person wanted to say something cute.


      Mark A. Holmes

      > From my Workbook (position is 1980 - add 23 minutes)
      > Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      > Mira Omicron Ceti var Sea-Monster's heart 1TA14
      > -15 56 - 3 04 2 18
      > 3.04v Md
      > Stella Mira, Wonderful Star
      > Strong, arrogant, coldly royal nature, personal
      > severity, persistence,
      > boldness, endurance. Morose, dictatorial,
      > absolutist, notorious for treating
      > selves and others ruthlessly in drive for success;
      > intolerant, care nothing
      > for what others think; when pressured, can display
      > outbursts of demonic
      > intensity. There is often considerable artistic,
      > literary, musical ability,
      > love of the arts. Higher-than-average possibility of
      > violent death,
      > sometimes self-inflicted. Some go into military
      > services. Issues: freedom,
      > justice, human rights, vs. dogma, entrapment,
      > limitation, slavery;
      > aggression vs pacifism; tolerance or intolerance.
      > Also religion vs cynicism,
      > atheism, whether to be saint or sinner, take the
      > high road or low road.
      > Choking, suicide, eye problems. Assassination,
      > assassination attempts,
      > executions, attacks, invasions, conquests, force
      > majeur;
      > focussed, disciplined willful, outspoken arrogant,
      > intolerant
      > persistent, goal-oriented intense, passionate
      > dictatorial,
      > domineering
      > imaginative, multi-talented conquering, enduring
      > obsessive, ruthless
      > courageous conservative cynical, destructive
      > Here's a paragraph from my book (so you can see how
      > I got the above
      > interpretation):
      > This was the Sun of dictator Adolph Hitler (suicide)
      > and Queen Elizabeth II,
      > the Moon of dictator Maximilian Robespierre
      > (guillotined), Clinton
      > impeachment prosecutor Kenneth Starr, deposed
      > Philippine 1st lady Imelda
      > Marcos and Prince Charles of England. This was
      > Mercury of 19th-early
      > 20th-century financier John Pierport Morgan, creator
      > of US Steel
      > Corporation, investment banker, financier, art
      > collector and philanthropist
      > "acted as the Central Bank and Federal Reserve in
      > the US when none existed"
      > (used astrology) (suffered from rhinophyma, an
      > inherited disease that gave
      > him a deformed nose); this was also Mercury of the
      > 1st "aeronaut"
      > Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier who in 1783 went up
      > in Montgolfier's
      > pioneering balloon and terrorist-mass-murderer
      > Timothy McVeigh (executed);
      > this was Venus of King Henri II of France (killed in
      > a joust) and Commodore
      > Matthew Perry who led the 1853-4 expedition that
      > forced Japan to open trade
      > and diplomatic relations with the US, Mars of Nazi
      > persecutor of Jews Adolph
      > Eichmann (hanged), Iranian Islamic leader Ayatollah
      > Khomeini, FBI Director J
      > Edgar Hoover, humanitarian diplomat Count Folke
      > Bernadotte (assassinated by
      > Jewish extremists while on a peace mission).
      > Statesman (later saint) Sir
      > Thomas More, whom Henry VIII had beheaded, had
      > Jupiter here, as did US Civil
      > War Confederate officer and slave trader Nathan
      > Bedford Forrest (a founder
      > of the Ku Klux Klan), civil rights leader Rev Martin
      > Luther King Jr
      > (assassinated) and revolutionary Che Guevara
      > (executed). Actor and US Pres
      > Ronald Reagan (survived assassination attempt) had
      > Saturn here (died of
      > Alzheimers). One name for Koui was "The Great
      > General:" this was Uranus of
      > extremely self-disciplined military genius King
      > Charles XII of Sweden
      > (became king at 15, killed by a sniper's bullet to
      > the head at 36), Empress
      > Michiko of Japan, 1st commoner to marry into the
      > royal family (suffered for
      > it), Gen'l/US Pres Andrew Jackson (survived
      > assassination attempt) and US
      > Gen'l H Norman Schwarzkopf, Uranus and Pluto of
      > British Gen'l Lord Kitchener
      > (drowned at 65 - his ship hit a mine). 13th-century
      > Mongol Emperor of China
      > Khubilai Khan and French King Louis IX (St Louis)
      > who died on a crusade both
      > had Neptune here, as did South African PM D F Malan
      > who established
      > apartheid and PM Winston Churchill of England; under
      > Pluto were WWI Gen'ls
      > Ferdinand Foch and J Joffre. Born with the NNode
      > here were Swiss Reformation
      > leader Huldrich Zwingli (killed in battle), US Pres
      > Herbert Hoover and
      > "moody, restless, quarrelsome" English soldier,
      > statesman and empire builder
      > Robert Clive (suicide), and with the SNode, austere,
      > humorless, reactionary
      > WWI Gen'l Erich von Ludendorff. This was Venus
      > (ruler of MC at Ulan Bator)
      > at an 1167 SolEcl that ran a path of totality over
      > Mongolia the year and
      > place Genghis Khan was born (Genghis was enslaved as
      > a youth - a
      > characteristic Andromeda experience). Under a
      > Venus-Neptune cnj here in 597
      > BCE Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadrezzar: 10,000
      > captives (Andromeda!) were
      > carried into exile in Babylon. This was Mars at the
      > 490 BCE Battle of
      > Marathon in Greece, when 11,000 hastily-assembled
      > Athenian citizen-soldiers
      > repulsed 15,000 Persian invaders - "the first of the
      > great decisive battles
      > of the world." The Sun and Asc were here at the 1775
      > Battle of Lexington
      > when "Minute Men" of the Colonial Militia stood up
      > to English troops,
      > starting the American Revolution, Uranus at the
      > SolEcl of July, 336 BCE:
      > King Philip of Macedonia had just been assassinated
      > - his son Alexander the
      > Great started his conquest of the Persian Empire:
      > the eclipse's path of
      > totality sliced through all the
      > about-to-be-conquered lands. This was Uranus
      > at the Libra Ingress of 1934 just before the start
      > of the epic "Long March"
      > of Chinese Communists, Neptune at the Battle of
      > Poltava (Swedish invasion of
      > Russia) in 1709 when Peter the Great defeated
      > Charles XII - the beginning of
      > Russia's military power and the end of Sweden's,
      > Jupiter in 1916 at the
      > start of the Battle of the Somme in which 1,100,000
      > died, the SNode in 1939
      > when Nazi Germany attacked Poland, starting WWII,
      > the Sun in 1915 when
      > poison gas was used for the first time at Ypres,
      > Belgium during WWI, Jupiter
      > at the June, 540 CE SolEcl (path of totality through
      > the Roman Empire) the
      > year bubonic plague started in Egypt; it spread
      > throughout the empire,
      > especially Byzantium: "The Plague of Justinian may
      > have been the most
      > terrible that has ever harrowed the world." Jupiter
      > was here when Saddam
      > Hussein's troops attacked peaceful Kurd villagers
      > with mustard gas and
      > cyanide in 1988, killing more than 5,000, the SNode
      > when Abraham Lincoln was
      > assassinated in 1865.
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com

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