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Bridge/Milky Way

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Somebody (Beth?) wrote ... And Mark sent It looks like the Ascendant of the chart just misses the Milky Way (Robson, *The Fixed Stars And Constellations In
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2007
      Bridge/Milky Way

      Somebody (Beth?) wrote

      > but what about the Milky Way? some see that as a road rather than a
      > river? Okay just speculating.

      And Mark sent

      It looks like the Ascendant of the chart just misses the Milky Way (Robson, *The Fixed Stars And Constellations In Astrology*, p. 66).

      You may be on to something here - in most cultures, the Milky Way is either a river or a road.
      here's a list I did years ago (but I'm very much afraid it will mess up in transmission:

      England: The Way of St James;                   Tahiti: A shark-infested creek
                      also: Watling St                        Hebrews: A River of Light
      France: Road of St Jacques of                           Polynesia: Long Blue Cloud-Eating Shark
              Compostela; also Lights held by
              Angelic Spirits to show Mortals                 Australian: The Fire-Smoke of
                              the Way to Heaven                                       an Ancient Race
      Spain: El Camino de Santiago                    Masai (Africa): A Road Across
      Rome: Strada de Roma, Heavenly Girdle                                   the Sky
      Turks: Pilgrims Road                                    Teutonic: Path to Valhalla
      Peru (Inca): The Dust of the Stars                      China: The Celestial River, The
      Arabs: Path of the Chopped Straw                                Silver River, The Milky Way
                      Carriers; the Straw Road                Eskimo: Path of White Ashes
      India: Bed of the Ganges,Court of God           Egypt: Great Stream
      Path of Noah's Ark                                      Wotan's Way
      The Weather Street                                      Milk Path
      Jacob's Road                                            Bird's Way
      Jacob's Ladder                                          Winter Street
      The Mother of the Sky                                   The Weather Street
      Abode of the Souls of Heroes                            St Hilda's Street
      Ashen Path                                              The Mother of the Sky
      The Womens' Street                                      Silver Street
      Milky Circle, Milky Footpath                            Dove of Paradise
      Via Belli (War's Way)

      Sometime years ago I crawled over maps trying to find the boundaries (I didn't want
      to just lean on Robson)

      This is from my book

      It is impossible to give precise boundaries to the Milky Way, which is the visible local arm of our galaxy; as best as I can figure, from Norton's Star Atlas, it now crosses the ecliptic at approximately 21 Gemini to 8 Cancer, 15-23 Sagittarius, and 29 Sagittarius to 9 Capricorn (tropical). (This means that there are two degree areas, at about (tropical) 21-23 Gemini-Sagittarius, and 29 Gemini-Sagittarius thru 8 Cancer-Capricorn, that have the Milky Way at both ends, forming an axis).

      Now, the collapse chart has 28 Sag-Gemini rising/setting, so that looks pretty good for an edge of
      the Milky Way - no?  I also remember some time back poring over an ingress chart for
      a major flood and there was nothing much I could find, except that 21 Gemini-Sag were rising-setting and
      I wondered about that big river in the sky.

      OK; Pluto cnj Asc: Pluto undermines; it's opposite Hades cnj Dsc:
      Hades decays and/or crumbles (and it's in Gemini, sign of roadways)

      Could be that it turns out that a bridge support (or supports) were undermined or decayed.

      And Mars at Algol (dismemberment) is on the Equal House 6th cusp, inconjunct Pluto and Asc,
      maybe adding to the idea of the bridge breaking apart, and it's sq Saturn, ruler of the 2nd-of-
      infrastructure, and Mars is the planet that damages.
      The dispositor of Mars is Venus, and she could not be more weakly placed, in
      detriment, rx, and in detriment by house as well!  Her only asset is a sextile to Kronos (authority),
      and the authorities seem to be handling it all quite well. 

      Gotta shut down. Maybe I'll send this to a couple of other lists as well - hope that's OK..

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://ye-stars.com

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