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  • msbhavens1
    okay haven t had much time ot look but this is mostly from ann wrights fixed star page, for a beginning, really gotta go pack! Propus/Tejat Prior Rising –
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 23, 2007
      okay haven't had much time ot look but this is mostly from ann
      wrights fixed star page, for a beginning, really gotta go pack!

      Propus/Tejat Prior Rising –
      General influence of the star: Of the nature of Mercury and Venus. It
      causes violence, pride, over-confidence and shamelessness. (Robson).
      Portends lives of eminence to those born under its influence. (R.H.
      The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which
      win because of their manifest intelligence. Al Hena with Tegat
      Posterior and Propus (Tegat Prior) entered Cancer 1349, 1621 and 1755
      AD. respectively. Each of these dates, within a year or two, was
      significant in the rise of European thought and literature from the
      Renaissance onwards. (Dr. Eric Morse).
      Moon aligned with Procyon
      With Moon: Occult interests, restless, never remains long in one
      place, quarrels with friends, partners and employers.
      Procyon is a very fortunate star; known to the Mesopotamians as 'The
      Star of the Crossing of the Water - Dog', as it lies near their River
      of Heaven, the Milky Way. Procyon foretold wealth and renown, and in
      all astrology has been much regarded, giving 'Everlasting of the
      Right, and Good Effect'. Procyon has a Mars-Mercury nature and
      therefore makes people hasty, jealous, pig-headed. But it also
      confers will-power and ability to put thoughts and plans into action.
      According to tradition there is also a tendency to a hot temper and
      impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but fall from high
      position later, is indicated. Enterprises created in haste therefore
      do not last. People who "want to go through the wall with their head"
      only cause injury to themselves. Procyon gives drive and a good sharp
      mind. Linked with positive stellar bodies, success is made greater,
      but the native, in order to avoid a fiasco, has always to take care
      not to be imprudent. With the Sun, a valiant demeanor is indicated.
      Mars North Node, MC all pretty much aligned with Archerner
      Influence of the constellation: According to Ptolemy all the stars
      with the exception of Achernar are like Saturn. Eridanus gives a love
      of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of
      authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea, and of
      drowning. (Robson).
      And with Ankha? The Phoenix? Said to give a pioneering disposition,
      ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame.

      Pallas aligned with Skat

      Eris and Mercury aligned with Zeta Cetas 22 aries
      General influence of the star: Emigration, shipwreck but also rescue.

      Sun aligned with Gamma Aries
      General influence of the star: Daredevils and bold, danger is
      indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy way. (Ebertin).

      Saturn 18 Leo 10 aligned with Naos – Argos – a star on the deck of
      Influence of the constellation: Prosperity in trade and voyages.
      Strength of mind and spirit. Connected to death by drowning.

      PoF aligned with Al Araf 27 Virgo
      General influence of the star: It gives beneficence, force of
      character, strength, combative movements and destructiveness.
      Reliable worker, attentive to every detail of the job, will make a
      good salesman, executive, manager or subordinate commander, but needs
      someone of higher rank to have given him (or her) the job. If less
      well aspected, he can be the sort of underling who provokes his men
      to strike or mutiny by over-playing the 'little Hitler' act. (Dr.
      Eric Morse).
      Jupiter aligned with maasym – star in Hercules arm –
      Pluto aligned with Acumen - General influence of the star: It effects
      the eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes, if in
      conjunction with an afflicted luminary or in conjunction with a
      malefic that afflicts the luminaries. The opposition seems to be
      equally important. (Robson).
      This star along with Aculeus has a notorious reputation in astrology
      as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems. These
      stars shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them
      poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the
      worst rather than the best in everything. If their religious views
      are affected, as so often with anything in Sagittarius, there is a
      tendency to be either the 'hellfire and damnation brigade' or to take
      up a fierce anti-religious and even anti-God stance. But at their
      best, well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception
      well above average as though, perhaps 'blind' to what we see and take
      for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does
      not reach. Not for nothing has the word Acumen come down to us as a
      term for a sharp mind. (Dr. Eric Morse).

      Chiron with Alnair –
      Influence of the constellation: A retiring, active, proud, watchful,
      kind, idealistic and devoted nature, with a liking for astronomy.

      Neptune with Nashira - General influence of the star: According to
      Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter; and, to Simmonite,
      of Saturn. It causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success,
      and gives danger from beasts. (Robson).
      Dependent on its position in the chart it will bring a life full of
      change. According to Arabic tradition this star will make a native
      become a legal advisor or counselor and will give such a person the
      ability to hold a position of trust. This star makes for integrity
      and justice and gives a knowledge of man. Therefore we see here a
      refining Saturn influence, this will be achieved if the natal Saturn
      is well placed. It is interesting that Deneb Algedi is to be found in
      three birth charts of present day atomic physicists (physicist's
      names listed in Fixed Stars by Ebertin-Hoffman). (Ebertin).

      Kaus Medius sets –
      General influence of the star: Promoters of idealistic and humane
      ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of
      justice. (Ebertin).
      It conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined and this
      often shows up in the charts of people who can put force behind their
      reasoning, yet be flexible. (Dr. Eric Morse).
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