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Re: The Urn and the Hyades

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... wrote: So we re set for more stormy weather, right? I didn t get it really bad here but the Dallas-Fort Worth area got baseball-sized
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 15, 2007
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:

      So we're set for more stormy weather, right? I didn't get it really
      bad here but the Dallas-Fort Worth area got baseball-sized hail.

      Mark A. Holmes

      > Hi
      > Just noticed the Venus-Mars square in the April 17 New Moon (which is a
      > "Supermoon" - i.e. at perigee): Venus is in the "rainy Hyades" - the
      > in the Bull's muzzle; from my book:
      > The key word here is "overwhelming": torrential rain ("hyades" literally
      > means "rainers"), storms, floods, fog, air and ship wrecks, mass
      > (i.e. floods of people), invasions (in ancient China the Pleiades/Hyades
      > area was "The Announcer of the Invasion at the Border"), exile, fires,
      > uprisings, demonstrations, riots, epidemics (including smallpox), mass
      > events, upheavals, murder; disasters caused by poor visibility.
      > Technological developments in communications: preservation and
      > of information, but not usually conducive to negotiations.
      > In both eastern and western ancient sky-lore, the Hyades have always
      > associated with storms and torrential rains: the Chinese had the
      cluster as
      > Yü-Shï, the Ruler of Rain, from at least 1,100 BCE, and the Hsiu Py was
      > called "The Mouth of the Sky," presaging torrential downpours.
      Ovid's: Fasti
      > IV, 2nd Nones (ca 8 CE), has "the next day calls up the Hyades...and the
      > earth is soaked with heavy rain" and Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE)
      called the
      > Hyades "violent and troublesome...causing storms and tempests raging
      on both
      > land and sea." Mercury was here at the Solar Eclipse preceding the Great
      > Mississippi River Flood of 1993 after weeks of almost unceasing rain; 7
      > months later a Lunar Eclipse here preceded severe December floods in
      > This was Mars at the Aries Ingress of 1910, a year of devastating
      floods in
      > Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Serbia, and a typhoon
      that caused
      > severe flooding in Japan; Uranus was here at the Great Mutation
      > (Jupiter-Saturn cnj) of 1524 that was followed by torrential, unceasing
      > rains and floods in Italy; Pluto was here in 1889 when a violent
      storm hit
      > Samoa, destroying warships of the US and Germany that had been on
      the brink
      > of battle ("the typhoon that stopped a war)." Pluto was here at the
      > Johnstown Flood of 1889 that killed 2,200 in Pennsylvania; when
      Typhoon Paka
      > devastated Guam in 1997 this was the Asc degree at the moment the
      winds hit
      > 236 mph (380 kph), the highest surface wind ever recorded up to that
      > This was the NNode at a Solar Eclipse in 1333 that ran a path of
      > through Italy, 6 months before a historic Florence flood, and the
      NNode at
      > the "Onze Heures Moins Dix Flood" of 1910, when all the public clocks in
      > Paris, controlled from a central power station, stopped at the same time
      > (exactly 117 years and 28 minutes after the beheading of King Louis
      > the SNode was here at the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that
      > the city and left 6,000-8,000 dead – "one of the worst recorded natural
      > disasters ever to hit the North American continent." (the Hyades
      > with its rains and storms, continues through the next 3 degrees). The
      > alleged UFO crash near Socorro, NM in 1947 occurred during a storm:
      Mars was
      > here. This was the natal Neptune of crude. atheistic, blaspheming
      > 18th-century slave-trader John Newton who, after surviving a
      terrible storm
      > at sea became an Evangelical Christian and wrote the words to the hymn
      > "Amazing Grace."
      > Even Confucius gets into the act!
      > The story is told of a time when Confucius
      > set out on a walk with a group of his
      > disciples, and instructed them to take their
      > umbrellas. After a time it rained heavily,
      > and a disciple said "there were no clouds
      > when we set out, but you told us to take umbrellas -
      > how did you know it was going to rain?"
      > Confucius replied "last night the Moon was in the
      > constellation Py, and it is written in the
      > Shih-ching, 'When the Moon
      > is in Py, there will be heavy rain' - thus I
      > was certain that it would"
      > OK, now that I've beaten that into the ground, I will point out
      that Mars
      > at 8 Pisces, sq that Venus, is in the Urn of the Water-Pourer!
      > Unusually powerful earthquakes, extreme winds (Liber Hermetis:
      "wintery and
      > windy"), floods, fogs, shipwrecks, collisions, fires, riots, brutal
      > expressions of race and religious prejudice, public health threats and
      > responses to them
      > As I'm writing this a major storm which has left a path of destruction
      > through several states, is hitting us here in NY right now, and MSNBC's
      > headline is "WICKED WEATHER"
      > NEW YORK - Airlines canceled more than 350 flights Sunday as a
      > nor'easter gathered strength along the East Coast and threatened to
      > some of the worst flooding to coastal Long Island in 14 years.
      > The cancellations were primarily at the New York area's three major
      > and affected most carriers, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port
      > Authority of New York and New Jersey. JetBlue Airways canceled 56
      flights in
      > and out of New York's JFK airport and Boston's Logan airport, spokesman
      > Bryan Baldwin told NBC News.
      > More cancellations from major airlines were expected throughout the day.
      > And so forth.
      > By the way, 27 Aries (Al Pherg and 30 Cephei) is an area of fogs
      > Saturn (at Al Terf, Lambda Leonis) is in the degree of the 9/11
      > Venus...don't get me started...
      > So let's hear it for the fixed stars! Old reliables, when it comes to
      > earthly events.
      > By the way, the Hyades are also known for seditious riots - like the
      > anti-Putin riots in Russia right now.
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com
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