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Re: current transits

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  • msbhavens1
    discussion interspersed bellow.... ... to have been taken out of the vaccines a while ago, but may not have been taken out of all of them, plus they continued
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 13, 2007
      discussion interspersed bellow....
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      > >Hi Derek,
      >> >The mercury preservative is called thimerosol. It was supposed
      to have been taken out of the vaccines a while ago, but may not have
      been taken out of all of them, plus they continued to use the
      thimerosol loaded vaccines that they had in stock for years after the
      supposed ban. Autism is said to have gone up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in
      156 over the last few decades, which is a massively huge increase.

      MissB enquires: how much of this change is due to changes in
      Diagnosis and ability to diagnose (autism has been misdiagnosed as
      retardation for centuries, even in the last couple of decades) and
      also inclusion of milder forms that were never considered before? I
      have difficulties with the numbers these days because of the changes
      in diagnosis in last few decades. ergo, I find the numbers
      questionable, not that there isn't 1 in 156, but that there weren't 1
      in 156 before that were just not being properly diagnosed.

      Another source of mercury is that it's an environmental toxin found
      in high levels in coal emissions, and of course in some fish, so we
      have more work to do in cleaning the mercury out of our environment
      than just in the vaccines, tho from my research I think it really has
      been a contributor to the
      > >autism epidemic. My opinion.

      MissB - mercury is a problem as are other heavy elements, I can no
      longer eat Tuna mroe than say once a month, it makes me violently
      ill, I can taste the metal in it, even when its from the butcher, not
      the can. Makes me wonder what effects its having on the Dolphin
      community, being their favorite and all.

      > >'fun facts to know and tell' - #1 - we hear with our bones and
      skin as well as thru air-conduction thru our ears. Bone-conduction
      levels of sensitivity should be somewhat lower than air-conduction
      thru all frequency levels in both ears. It isn't uncommon to
      find 'spikes' where bone conduction is more sensitive for many
      people, and that can indicate a boundary violation in the person's
      early years. Autistics, however, often have bone-conduction more
      sensitive than air-conduction throughout most if not all of their
      frequency ranges in both ears, which causes them to 'feel' sounds
      faster and more strongly than they 'hear' them,and can process them
      thru their minds.

      MissB- bass at 14 decibls or above hurts me physically and gives me
      violent tendencies...

      I also wonder if dolphin Therapy might not be useful in autistic
      treatment as they would definitely feel the sonar and Dolphins can
      change brain patterns drastically. They are extremely useful in
      calming violent down syndrome children. One visit in a pool with
      dolphins can have long term gentling effects on them. MRIs done pre
      and post show significant brain pattern change. might be somethign to
      look into.

      Janis - Some are almost deafened by the
      > >sound of their own blood coursing thru their veins. This extreme
      > >heightened sensitivity is part of the problem, and can sometimes be
      > >addressed by some specific listening programs, such as the Tomatis
      > >method, and/or Jeff Strong's REI - rhythmic entrainment
      > >program. It's amazing stuff.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >'fun fact' #2 -snippage - Western medicine in
      > >general isn't very focused on healing or curing anymore, but on
      > >and the bucks go to developing and marketing drugs that generally
      > >to be taken long term if not for life. But that's another soap-
      > >:-)

      MissB - I would add to that, its mroe about treating symptoms than
      the illness. where as eastern medicine attempts to treat the illness,
      even if not always effective. Western medicne can also focus on
      removal instead of fixing something which is also not necessarily a
      good idea in my opinion, but hey... semantics interesting thoughts...

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      > >--janis
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      > >The "debate" over autism is that vaccines containing a mercury-
      > >substance (thimerol or something like that) can bring on autism
      > >rapidly
      > >and more deeply. Believers of this say that autism has risen
      > >signifcantly
      > >since the early 80's, which is either when vaccines became more
      > >or
      > >the mercury was introduced into the vaccine (it is supposed to
      work as a
      > >
      > >preservative of the vaccine).
      > >I have never done any research on this so I can only pass on the
      info I
      > >do
      > >have. I also know that when i was younger I have what I believe to
      > >autism (i was never diagnosed and my parents never seemed to
      notice) but
      > >it
      > >has gone away substantially over the years. I haven't had any
      > >since high school, but i could also blame my "recovery" on more
      > >pursuits, etc.
      > >As I said above, it is a mercury-derived compound said to bring
      this on,
      > >so
      > >I suppose that would be the planet looked for in regards to
      > >
      > >aspects, placements, etc. Natally I have Mercury in Pisces,
      > >and
      > >making no aspects to any other planets.
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