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NGC objects - positions

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Mark sent Re: Another spider object Posted by: mahtezcatpoc mahtezcatpoc@yahoo.com mahtezcatpoc Date: Tue Mar 6, 2007 3:59 pm ((PST)) ... The NGC/IC
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      NGC objects - positions

      Mark sent

      Re: Another "spider" object
          Posted by: "mahtezcatpoc" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc
          Date: Tue Mar 6, 2007 3:59 pm ((PST))

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, Mark Andrew Holmes <mahtezcatpoc@...> wrote:

       --- Morgana <morganad@...> wrote:
      > > While at the NGC numbered site today, I was able to fill in quite a
      > > few of the RA's of Diana's list, but what I noticed is that the
      > > longitude was maybe 10 minutes more.  Is that site completely
      > > accurate with their Decs and RA?
      > Maybe one person is using 1950 coordinates and the other 2000, or
      > something like that?

      The NGC/IC Project site seems to be using 2000 coordinates (keep that in mind) and it looks like a professional astronomers' project...

      Mark A. Holmes

      I'm using "NGC 2000.0"  Edited by Roger W Sinnott; Cambridge University Press and Sky Publishing Corporation, 1988

      I take the RA and Dec given and convert them using Mark Pottenger's conversion option in his CCRS Horoscope Program
      (Mark has a degree in astronomy).

      Perhaps you can give me a few examples of NGC objects and we can compare details.

      Also, please, send me the URL of the NGC/IC project.

      Love, Diana

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