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Re: [thefixedstars] Gula refs

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  • Rab
    Very excellent. Thankyou, Diana! -=Rab ... From: Diana K Rosenberg To: Sent: Saturday, 17 February,
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      Very excellent.
      Thankyou, Diana!

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      Rab sent

      Re: Gula
      Posted by: "Rab" rab@... rabwil
      Date: Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:37 am ((PST))

      Thanks, Diana.
      What are your references, especially for texts
      that translate Gula as Great (female) Healer?
      This certainly applies to some Tropical Pisceans
      I've come to know lately.

      I went into my "refs" file and plucked out a few:

      (Babylonia) Sometimes called Gula-Bau. A mother goddess, with the power to
      inflict disease, or to cure disease. She lived in a garden at the center of
      the world, and watered the tree that forms its axis. From: Mid-East
      Mythology from the Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of
      Mythology: http://www.cybercomm.net/~grandpa/mideast.html
      Another site (Sumerian Dictionary) has her as "goddess of medicinal healing"


      00000002N @Asklepios, Aesculapius
      00000002T @Name, word
      00000002K @5.5.1, 5.5.2,, 5.5.3,
      00000002P @8, 14
      00000002S @The name of the Greek god of medicine and healing derives from
      00000002S @Akkadian word for "chief physician".
      00000002I @...;The reverse of this silver denarius shows
      00000002I @Aesculapius (god of medicine) standing holding a staff with
      00000002I @a serpent entwined around it, a globe at his feet. This type
      00000002I @was struck in AD 214 on the occasion of a visit by Caracalla
      00000002I @to Pergamum to seek a cure from the shrine of Aesculapius.
      00000002I @The obverse shows a mature bust of Caracalla.
      00000002 @(AsklepioV) is the name of the Greek god of
      00000002 medicine and healing (called by the Romans Aesculapius).
      00000002 The name is taken by Burkert to derive from Akkadian
      00000002 {asugall}({at}){u} "chief physician" which is in turn a
      00000002 borrowing from Sumerian )a.zu.gal( (with the same meaning).
      00000002 {Asugallatu} was an epithet of Gula, the Mesopotamian
      00000002 goddess of healing and medicine. The word went through a form
      00000002 {Asgelatas}, an aspect of Apollo worshipped on the island
      00000002 of Anaphe near Thera with a festival called {Asgelaia}.
      00000002 @Asklepios, the son of Apollo, was not considered the god of
      00000002 healing until the 5th century, and the Greeks placed his origin
      00000002 in Thessaly.
      00000002B @Burkert 1992:75-79
      00000002L @http://www3.sympatico.ca/untangle/asklepos.htm;Asklepios


      The Gula Hymn of Bullutsa-rabi: from Orientalia, n.s. 36 (1967), 120-21, W.
      G. Lambert, (cited in Ancient Mesopotamia by A Leo Oppenheimer, University
      of Chicago Press, 1964, 1977, pp 303 & 385)


      Gula - The goddess whose name means 'great' was a healing goddess who
      understands disease. A patroness of doctors. Worshipped also under the names
      Nintinuga, Ninkarrak, and Meme, originally the names of other goddesses; and
      Ninsina, 'Lady of Isin.' The wife of Ninurta or Pabilsag, or else of the
      vegetation god Abu. Mother of the Healing God Damu and of the god Ninazu
      associated with healing.


      Brown's Primitive Constellations also mentions her (Vol 1, pp 84-5)


      she's on the left on this kudurru (boundary stone)

      Here's a better one (enlarge it)

      She was specifically a doctor, a female physician - one ref had her as
      "The Great Doctoress"

      I'm sure there are more, but its 4:45 AM - gotta crash

      Love, Diana
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