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Chiron, Aquila, Sagitta; etc.

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Chiron, Aquila, Sagitta; etc. Posted by: Mark Andrew Holmes mahtezcatpoc@yahoo.com mahtezcatpoc Date: Fri Feb 9, 2007 3:56 pm ((PST)) ... Mark replied: Yes,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2007
      Chiron, Aquila, Sagitta; etc.

       Chiron, Aquila, Sagitta; etc.
          Posted by: "Mark Andrew Holmes" mahtezcatpoc@... mahtezcatpoc
          Date: Fri Feb 9, 2007 3:56 pm ((PST))

      > Mark sent
      > > Chiron
      > >
      > > *Tso Ke (Rho Aquilae)
      > >
      > > Diamond Ring Nebula (Abell 70 Aquilae)
      > >
      > > *Chi Cygni (fairly well-known variable)
      > >
      > > *Struve 2398 (Draconis; nearby star)
      > >
      > > *Epsilon Indi
      > >
      > > *Lucida Microscopii (Gamma Microscopii)
      > >
      > > WZ Sagittae (cataclysmic variable)
      > ==========
      I sent:
      > How about the helicopters being shot down in Iraq - Aquila and Cygnus
      > = flight, Sagitta = weapons

      Mark replied:

      Yes, and Indus = Asia? Also, there are claims that this was an Al-Qaeda job (Draco?)

      And, you will notice that stars from Microscopium are involved also. This whole mess is coming under more scrutiny.
      About Indus, I have found it to relate to indigeonus peoples; in this case
      the "native" local people as distinct from westerners as "invaders"

      I don't usually use the modern constellation figures, but Indus is one of the exceptions;
      my problem with Microscopium is that it impinges on stars that would be the aft end of the
      Southern Fish; however, in this case I think you might have something (more scrutiny)

      One thing I've found with Draco is a sort of "overview," and "the ability to see (or imagine) the
      whole picture" (Draco is at the N Pole, the word "dragon" derives from Greek derkein, "seeing") and I found a lot of
      playwrights and filmmakers under its stars...then there's the source of the word "draconian":

      From the book, under
      Kuma  Nu2 Draconis  in Dragon’s head    10SA24  78 08   55 10   17 32   4.87    A    m
      Rastaban  Beta Draconis  Dragon’s eye   11SA58  75 17   52 18   17 30   2.79    G2 II

      Mercury at the Lunar Ecl of October 621 BCE: after a coup attempt by a would-be tyrant, Athenian Archons were instructed to record Athens’ laws in writing: lawgiver Drakon drew up punitive, “intolerably harsh” laws that held even minor transgressions punishable by death: ever since, such extremes have been called “draconian.” 

      Here it could relate to the Bush administration taking "Draconian measures"

      So with both Microscopium and Draco involved, one could say we have, with the situation in Iraq, a combination of
      close scrutiny, "micromanagement" and stepping back to see the overview, along with
      attempting draconian measures.

      Love, Diana

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