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Re: 18 Leo 42 in April 1743

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  • msbhavens1
    Thomas Jefferson was born april 13, 1743, his mars is conj my moon within 3 arc minuts, 18 Leo 45 for me. same sun of course, in fact a lot of his planets are
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 15, 2007
      Thomas Jefferson was born april 13, 1743, his mars is conj my moon
      within 3 arc minuts, 18 Leo 45 for me. same sun of course, in fact a
      lot of his planets are jumbled up with mine. interesting... MissB
      oh and that is the corrected New Style date, not the Old Style
      julian date. MissB

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > MissB sent
      > can someone tell me what star, if any was at 18 Leo 42 in April
      > thanks, MissB
      > ==============================
      > Well, using epoch 2000 as a base (as I do in my book files), 18
      Leo 42 in
      > April 1743 would
      > be, in 2000, 21 Leo 47 (precession correction: 3 deg 35 mins);
      here's what
      > I have in that
      > area (if your e-mail program doesn't have the Greek font, the
      Greek letters
      > under Algenubi may not print - they are epsilon, mu, zeta, eta,
      > alpha)
      > From my book:
      > Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      > Algenubi Epsilon Leonis brow (eye?) 20LE42 9 43 23 46 9 46
      > G0 II
      > Ras Elased Australis, El Genubi, Al Ashfar; Lunar Mansions:
      India: Leo's
      > bright sickle-shaped head and
      > heart (e, m, z,, h, g, a Leonis, 20543-29550) was Magha, 'The
      > 'Increasing' 'Bountiful,' associated
      > with brightness, majesty, power, the father, and bestowing of
      favors; the
      > mansion of the Pitrs, 'Fathers,'
      > maintained in heaven by offerings of their descendants; symbol: a
      > chamber containing a throne.
      > Tania Australis Mu Ursae Major hind paw 21LE14 29 00 41 30
      10 22 3.05
      > M0 III
      > Raselas Mu Leonis top of Lion's head 21LE26 12 21 26 00 9 53
      > K2 III
      > Ras Elased Borealis; Lunar Mansions: see Algenubi, above
      > Pherkad Gamma Ursae Minoris chest 21LE36 75 14 71 50 15 21
      > A3 II-III
      > with Kochab (13 Leo), one of the "guardians" of the Pole Star
      > 20 Hydrae in Water Snake's neck, nr heart 22LE46 -23 58 - 8
      47 9 10
      > 5.46 gG6
      > Lunar Mansions: China: Sing (or Niao), Bird, forming the neck of
      > ancient Great Red Bird; governing
      > the Summer Solstice when honors, awards and positions for virtue
      and merit
      > were bestowed and the
      > hungry assisted. Army commanders gave out new uniforms and
      weapons and
      > exquisite ceremonial court
      > costumes were inspected. It presided over clothing (plants were
      > and cloth dyed during the
      > summer), as well as fords, highway robbery, brigands, danger from
      > during journeys.
      > Zeta Pyxidis Compass (Malus, Argo's Mast) 23LE19 -45 53 -29
      34 8 40
      > 4.89 gG4
      > Also here: Omega, Xi (21533, 21539) in the front paw, 7, Psi
      (21534, 23529)
      > in the breast of Leo; Ó1510 (23508) and M97, the Owl Nebula
      (22539) in Ursa
      > Major's body; Eta Pyxidis (Malus) (21509) in Compass/Argo's Mast.
      > Eta Doradus (20558) in the Golden Pompano fish and 21 Leonis
      Minoris (21501)
      > in Leo Minor. The heliocentric NNode of Saturn was here in 3,300
      > approximate date of the invention of writing in Sumer. Span: 20530
      to 23549.
      > The wrath of the lion is the wisdom
      of God
      > - William Blake
      (Mars here)
      > The Lion's brow frowns upon small-minded thinking or halfway
      > Pherkad is a "guardian" of the Pole, and Ursa Major tends to be
      > in her ferociously maternal "I know what's best for you" approach.
      > dynamic, charismatic, these souls need to be admired and will go
      to extremes
      > in their need to be heroic figureheads. Idealistic, pioneering,
      > with keen, visionary minds that are able to assess problems,
      > and complexity of structure, they take on large tasks, take big
      chances, and
      > are willing to attack monoliths. A star of Malus, Argo's original
      mast. is
      > here, a metaphor for the cosmic tree connecting heaven and earth.
      > nakshatra Magha ("Fathers," "Ancestors") starts here: perceiving
      > as instruments or figureheads of divinity, they attack life with
      > fervor, a sense of social responsibility, and a willingness to
      fight for
      > what they believe. Fanatic, autocratic, bombastic, with Leo's need
      > prominence, dignity and unquestioned, unchallengable leadership,
      they are
      > attracted to military command, religion (some become missionaries
      or form
      > cults), law (both mundane and divine), and leadership roles. They
      > outspoken, love to preach and to "right wrongs," but judgmental
      > may lead to cruelty in the name of righteousness or religion; they
      > present themselves as principled paragons of morality, but they are
      > fascinated by sex, and some may test the edges of propriety and
      > behavior. There is an artistic and psychic side to these stars, a
      > imaginative other-worldly sense of color, texture, sound and vivid
      > impressions, an attraction to the weird, wild and wonderful that
      is ideal
      > for theatre, music, art, fashion, storytelling, filmmaking, dance,
      > It is important to them to physically manifest their work and
      beliefs - many
      > craftsmen, fashion designers, hair stylists, engineers, sculptors
      > architects have placements here. Under the the great sky-beasts
      there is a
      > potential for ferocity, cruelty, violence and brutality, and there
      may be
      > bigotry or suffering from prejudice or the necessity of handling it
      > (freedoms and human rights are essential to them). Their sexuality
      is of
      > prime importance, and many identify themselves through it. Issues
      > honesty or dishonesty, religion vs atheism, purity vs sensuality,
      sacred vs
      > profane, handling intolerance or promoting tolerance (especially
      > peacemaking and adaptation vs violence and terrorism (it is
      important that
      > kindness and understanding be taught early, as they will always
      tend to act
      > on their beliefs). Yearning for glory, they want to be the 1st to
      > anything, and do not handle disappointments well; if success comes
      > some may sink into despair and suicide; eye, ear problems, attacks,
      > injuries, drowning, yet Ursa's sacred, protective maternalism and
      > instinctive pride always return, promising new strength and
      courage. Here
      > the proud Lion's head and Mother Bear's paw imperiously sweeps
      aside all
      > doubts and difficulties, while the Mast of Argo Navis stands as a
      > for the quiet, unmoving center around which all turbulence
      > Actions for justice and human rights; quakes, eruptions, tsunamis,
      > underwater events, submergences, shipwrecks, explosions, fires,
      > poisoned or polluted air, transportation innovations and/or
      > assassinations, violence, meteorite falls, animal attacks
      (especially snakes
      > and bears)
      > I'm curious - what happened in April 1743?
      > Love, Diana
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