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Algol's neighborhood (Admetos)

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Mark sent As for alignment conjunctions (stars and planets, energy points, etc. at the same longitude within 1 00 ), I ve got transiting Admetos at 23 Taurus
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
      Algol's neighborhood (Admetos)

      Mark sent

      As for alignment conjunctions (stars and planets, energy points, etc.
      at the same longitude within 1 00'), I've got transiting Admetos at 23
      Taurus 10 aligned with Zaurak (Gamma Eridani) and  Gorgonia Secunda
      (Pi Persei, marking the head of Medusa along with Beta, Rho and Omega
      Persei, which are Algol, Gorgonia Tertia and Gorgonia Quarta,

      Gorgonia Secunda = mesmerized by something?

      Ebertin has the following for Zaurak (spelled Zanrak in *Fixed Stars
      and Their Interpretation*):

      "Has a Saturnian character. Anyone who has this fixed star connected
      with a planet in his chart should endeavour not to take life too
      seriously and not put too much weight on everything other people say.
      This person should struggle to overcome melancholy." (p. 23)

      Where we have Algol, the Chinese have a Great Trench of Corpses stretching from 17-29 Taurus:

      This is from the Chinese section of my Encyclopaedia: (positions are 1980; for present, add 23 mins)

      The leg & tail of the Ram, Delta (Botein) and Zeta Arietis (20TA34, 21TA40), were part of T'ien-Yin, Celestial Twilight (63, 65, Tau, Zeta, Delta Arietis- 23TA22, 23TA45, 23TA07, 21TA40, 20TA34), and presided over spear-carrying hunters who followed the Emperor in the Great Autumn Hunt (Chapter 3); it had a yin character, submissive, weak, dark, cold, earthy.

      A star which may have been 64 Arietis (24TA43) was called T’ien-O, Celestial Dyke, or T’ien-Ho, Celestial River;  it set heliacally in late August when dykes were to be fortified, because the rivers would flood “in furious torrents.” NOTE: THIS FITS ERIDANUS, ZANRAK'S CONSTELLATION)

      The star in the head of Medusa: Algol, Beta Persei (25TAU53) was Tsi-Chi - the Piled-Up Corpses; these were the corpses from mass executions when criminals were mutilated, dismembered and thrown into a great mass-grave trench, as they had no right to an honorable burial. Gorgonia Tertia, Rho Persei (24TA38) with 7 other stars made up Ta-Ling, this Great Trench: 15 Triangulum (17TA20), 17, 24 Persei (20TA40, 22TA15), Gorgonia Quarta, Omega Persei (26TA05),  Misam, Kappa Persei (27TA25), and 30 and 32 Persei (28TA43, 28TA46)

      Then there's Capulus in the same area as Zanrak: (from my Workbook, also 1980)

      Capulus h Persei  Rescuer’s sword hilt/hand     24TA27  40 09   57 02   2 21    4.4p    B0
       w/chi, Double Cluster NGC869
      Segin  Epsilon Cassiopeiae    in Queen’s legs   24TA29  47 33   63 34   1 53    3.38    B3 III
      Gorgonia Tertia Rho Persei  in Medusa’s head    24TA38  20 34   38 46   3 04    3.39    M4 III

      Dogged determination to strive and succeed, dedication to the chosen field of endeavor; feel the need to prove themselves; some drawn to the military, astrology.  Mind is often remarkable, even brilliant, yet beset by fears, doubts, even insanity. Rage, melancholy, isolation, introspection, some perpetrate or are victims of violence. Arouse strong feelings in others-either loved, admired, or despised, hated. Spiritual blindness but have the power to triumph over melancholy, evil, and emerge from isolation, fear, sorrow and guilt into the light. Accidents to the head, mental illness, murder. Challenge of self-control vs self-gratification. Air & shipwrecks, fires, poisoned air, violent deaths

      hard-working, determined                militant, conquering            violent, murderous
      dedicated, persistent, nurturing        isolated, reclusive             victimized, victimizing
      musical, literary, healing              unfortunate, melancholy paranoid, fear-ridden, suicidal
      intellectually brilliant                        ambitious                       controlling

      Admetos has a l-o-o-n-g run thru this difficult area; after it gets through with the "Trench" it
      gets to the Pleiades and then the Hyades, all harsh, aggressive, violent -

      The "dismemberment" aspect of this area is getting attention in the news - there is great interest in
      new prostheses for amputees -

      Wish I could be more cheerful about Admetos' neighborhood, but of course there are always good
      things that happen under these stars, sometimes in reaction or response to the bad...

      Love, Diana

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