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Guardsmen Come to Colo. Ranchers' Rescue

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Judy sent: Posted by: Judy Johns ingress@pacbell.net tuckermom2000 Date: Thu Jan 4, 2007 11:08 pm ((PST)) Guardsmen Come to Colo. Ranchers Rescue Friday
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      Guardsmen Come to Colo. Ranchers' Rescue

      Judy sent:

          Posted by: "Judy Johns" ingress@... tuckermom2000
          Date: Thu Jan 4, 2007 11:08 pm ((PST))

      Guardsmen Come to Colo. Ranchers' Rescue
      Friday January 5, 2007 5:01 AM
      Associated Press Writer

      LAS ANIMAS, Colo. (AP) - As a column of National Guard trucks rolled up to Billy Jack Hawkins' home on the plains, the 57-year-old rancher stomped his boots in the snow and marveled at the blizzard it had taken the troops more than four hours to dig through.

      ``It's a bad one,'' the bearded Hawkins said of the snowstorm that buried his ranch and his only way back to town - 20 miles up the road - for six days. ``We were locked in. No way out.''

      Hundreds of National Guard members this week joined local and state officials spread across southeastern Colorado hunting for stranded ranchers and their multibillion-dollar herds of cattle.

      Helicopters delivered hundreds of bales of hay across the Oklahoma Panhandle, Kansas and Colorado's rangeland, while ranchers in smaller copters landed near frozen streams and broke up the ice with sledgehammers so their livestock could drink.

      Tens of thousands of cattle were caught in the blizzard that dumped up to 3 feet of snow a week ago in eastern Colorado and the Kansas and Nebraska plains.

      The storm has left thousands of livestock dead in Colorado, but a more massive die-off appears to have been averted, officials said Thursday. The National Guard was ending its airlifts of hay Thursday, though it planned to continue work on the ground.

      This made me think of an event in the winter of 1886-87 - called "The Great Die-Up" when hundreds of thousands of cattle died in winter of 1886-87 on the Great Plains, ruining cattle ranchers - extreme low temps and blizzards, starting 11 13 1886 (source, documentary “The West” produced by Ken Burns, shown on PBS, Sept 1996). I used the 1886 Winter Solstice chart for Dodge City, KS (12 21 1886, 9:20 PM GMT, 37N45 31, 100W00 55) and entered it in my Encyclopaedia

      When I read what Judy just sent, above, I ran a Winter Solstice chart for 2006 and set it for the same place - Dodge City, KS, to see if there were any things that were the same. (12 22 2006, 0:22:10 AM GMT)

      What stood out was that the 1886 chart had the Asc at 28 Taur 53, the Pleiades Cluster in the Bull, and its opposite, Alpha Centauri, on the Dsc;

      At the 2006 chart these same stars were on the Anti-Vertex-Vertex axis! (Pretty much the same for Las Animas, Colo, the site of the story above - 38 N, 103 W)

      The Pleiades have always been known for storms, floods, and "something to weep about" - and of course, since it's in the Bull, cattle can be involved.

      The very earliest depictions of Taurus show him with lightning bolts springing from his back, symbolizing the storms.

      Another match was the 1886 MC at Dodge City - 7 Aquar 56 (cnj Ceres); the 2006 chart has Chiron in the 8th at 7 Aquar 04; this is another big storm-and-flood area:

      Youe Psi Capricorni  breast/leg (or heart?)     7AQ09   - 7 02  -25 16  20 46   4.14    F5 V
       Arabia: along with Alpha and Beta Capricorni, determinant stars of Sa’d al Dhabih, the Lucky One of the
       Slaughterers, the Lucky Sacrificer or the Lucky Assassin
      Tau Capricorni  in neck of Sea Goat     8AQ18   3 21    -14 57  20 39   5.22    B6 III
       Part of China’s Lo-Ien, a Network of Dykes to collect rainwater for reservoirs, irrigation and the repair
       of dykes to prevent flooding

      here, under Mundane, I have: Snow and ice storms and events, floods, fog, fires, air crashes, earth upheavals (etc)
      and a great number of examples to prove it...

      The solstice chart run for Las Animas has an exact Uranus (in the 9th) trine the Asc (11 Cancer, the helio NNode of storm-god Jupiter)

      showing the humanitarian (Uranus) help the govt is sending.

      A third item is 1886 Uranus was 12 Libra, the 2006 Zeus 11 Libra - this also is a very major storm area (Gienah and Alchiba in the Crow, which was, anciently, a storm bird) which makes me realize that there is a rough "grand trine" of storm stars in the 1st decanates of the air signs!

      But what really strikes me is the power and importance of those stars in the Bull - they nail it every time!

      Love, Diana

      PS: the events are 120 years apart - a trine.

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