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Re: delta Velorum

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... Vela; ... and Arrow ... Major - it ... Sky, p 87). ... Oh, okay. ... combined to ... Wolf Star ... p, & k ... arrow was ... 20Can43, ... China. ... right;
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2006
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > Mark sent
      > South Node
      > Koo She (Delta Velorum)
      > ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
      > Mark, the "Koo She" of Allen, p 73 listed under Argo Navis, are not
      > Allen listed all of Argo
      > together - and Delta Argo Navis no longer exists. The Chinese Bow
      and Arrow
      > he refers to is a very
      > famous and distinct figure, just below and to the east of Canis
      Major - it
      > only goes to about 30 S
      > declination (see illustration in Staal's The New Patterns in the
      Sky, p 87).
      > Delta Velorum is almost 55 South - there is no Chinese name for it.

      Oh, okay.

      > This is from my Encyclopaedia (positions are 1980):
      > Southeast of Sirius, the stars of Canis Major and 2 of Puppis
      combined to
      > form Hou-Chi, the Bow and Arrow which was aimed at the Jackal or
      Wolf Star
      > (Sirius, 13Can48). The bow was formed from Omicron (5Leo47), PU-m,
      p, & k
      > Puppis (2Leo30, 2Leo39, 3Leo10) and Tau, Delta, Sigma, Epsilon and Kappa
      > (26Can06, 23Can07, 21Can17, 20Can29, 18Can17) Canis Majoris; the
      arrow was
      > Eta (Aludra, 29 Can16), Omega (26Can21) and Omicron2 (the tip) at
      > Canis Majoris. This was the "vigilant Bow" who "punishes rebels & knows
      > those who are crafty and evil." Bow was considered the protector of
      > Now, about the South Node aligned with Delta Velorum:
      > from my Workbook (positions are 1980: for 2007, add 23 mins)
      > Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      > Shang Tseang Sigma Leonis under hind leg 18VI26 1 42 6 08 11
      > 20 4.05 B9 V
      > Chang-Tsiang 1st General on the right
      > Delta Velorum (in Argo's sail) 18VI40 -67 12 -54 38 8 44 1.96 A0 V
      > 93 Leonis above Lion's tail 18VI42 17 19 20 20 11 47 4.53 A
      > Idealistic, utopian, perceptive, looking for ways to set the world
      > desire to interpret, explain one culture to another; translators,
      > focus on elements all have in common, rather than differences
      dividing us
      > (the Virgin "officially" starts in the next 2 or 3 degrees, but her
      > influence is clearly here). Sense of social responsibility, political
      > awareness; tend to be high-strung, irritable, demanding of themselves;
      > expect others to live up to their standards. Sensitive to effects of
      war on
      > common people - many pacifists, anti-war activists, but if they feel
      it is
      > absolutely necessary they will fight, carrying banners of causes
      > into the guns. Good storytellers, remember data and details. Love of and
      > need for freedom, essential dignity. Many feminists. Law, music,
      > astrology, mathematics, literature, the military, diplomacy, technology,
      > medicine, sports and politics are among the favored professions.
      > can be cold, indifferent, closed off from others, and/or grim
      opponents of
      > freedom and human rights. Issues: waging war and terror vs working for
      > peace, idealism vs cynicism, discipline vs debauchery. Eye, ear
      > blindness, head injuries, mental instability, addiction; murder, sex
      > Storms, shipwrecks, fires, military events, attacks, terror, terrorists;
      > peace efforts, peace treaties, feminist and pacifist events
      > Note shipwrecks! - this was on the Political Astrology list:
      > Date: Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:57 am ((PST))
      > Hundreds missing in sinking off Java
      > December 30, 2006 -around midnight
      > Reuters
      > JAKARTA - An Indonesian ferry with at least 600 aboard sank during a
      > night-time voyage as it travelled between Borneo and Java islands,
      > said on Saturday.
      > The sinking is the second ferry disaster in as many days in
      Indonesia after
      > a vessel capsized on Thursday in rough seas off Sumatra island.
      > High seas and bad weather were hampering efforts to rescue survivors
      in the
      > latest disaster, officials said on Saturday, but 69 had been found as of
      > late afternoon, Riyadi, the Search and Rescue operations chief in
      > in Central Java, said.
      > Most of the survivors were in hospital in Rembang. Nine people were
      still on
      > Bawean island, he told Reuters.
      > Rembang is a town in Central Java province. Bawean, in the Java Sea 663
      > kilometres (412 miles) east of Jakarta, is where many survivors were
      > initially.
      > "I am from Purworejo. I hope rescuers can find my daughter,"
      survivor Cholid
      > told Elshinta radio from a hospital in Rembang, where he said he had
      > taken by the fishermen who found him.
      > Crew members ordered passengers to put on lifejackets before the
      ship sank,
      > he said.
      > The ship had reported leaking before it sank at around midnight.
      > Toni Syaiful, a Navy spokesman in the East Java city of Surabaya
      south of
      > where the ship went down, said it had left Kalimantan on Borneo on
      > evening for Semarang.
      > Six navy ships, a helicopter and an airplane had been mobilised to
      comb the
      > area where it sank, he said, but the weather was making rescue efforts
      > difficult.
      > "There are big waves now, about two to three metres (7-10 feet) and
      it is
      > also raining."
      > Syaiful said the ship carried 542 passengers based on tickets sold
      and 63
      > crew. Earlier figures from officials and media had ranged from 500
      to 850 on
      > board.
      > Indonesian vessels often carry passengers not listed on the official
      > manifests. It is also not unusual for information on disasters to
      vary among
      > agencies and officials. Communications infrastructure is sometimes
      poor and
      > more than one bureaucracy can have responsibility for collecting data.
      > Ships and ferries are a popular means of transport among Indonesia's
      > islands, where sea connections are cheaper and more available than air
      > routes.
      > However, safety standards are not always enforced, and accidents occur
      > fairly often.
      > Rescue efforts were also underway on Saturday for passengers on a
      ferry that
      > capsized off Sumatra island on Thursday night during bad weather.
      > "From 51 passengers, we have found four bodies and 28 people been
      > We are searching for 14 others," said Abu Sopha Ibrahim, spokesman
      for South
      > Sumatra police.
      > Love, and Happy New Year to all, Diana
      > PS: If you want I can send you my Argo stars list (Carina, Vela, Puppis,
      > Malus, plus Sextans and Octans which are in the same longitudes)- I
      can only
      > send it privately, but you could put it in the group archives if you
      > The positions are 1980 but it's easy to add precession corrections.

      That's fine.

      Mark A. Holmes
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