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Re: [thefixedstars] Fixed stars by declination

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  • awc99@mindspring.com
    Hi Diana, Sorry to be late with this well rec d reply, Thank you, very succinct and I appreciate you and your help. Now have a Happy New Year 2007. . . Arthyr
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 29, 2006
      Hi Diana,
      Sorry to be late with this well rec'd reply,
      Thank you, very succinct and I appreciate you and your help.
      Now have a Happy New Year 2007. . .

      Arthyr the appreciative

      At 01:09 AM 12/27/2006, you wrote:

      Fixed stars by declination
          Posted by: "awc99@..." awc99@... kaldu4you
          Date: Tue Dec 26, 2006 1:49 pm ((PST))

      Hi Diana, et al,

      For your consideration:

      A discussion on the degree of influence by fixed stars outside the ecliptic by latitude and/or its large declination from the Celestial Equator.

      Can we use the fixed stars as an applicable influence on house cusps and planets when outside the boundaries of  the ecliptic Latitude and also use extreme upper Declinations?

      By what degree of orb by latitude or declination are the fixed stars applicable ?

      Many astrologers mention a fixed star well beyond the boundary of these two above points and will use a FS as long as it is within the longitude degree.


      Arthyr the inquisitive
      Hi Arthyr,

      For some reason, the stars (even those very far from the ecliptic or celestial equator) work when projected perpendicularly onto the ecliptic...I have no idea why.

      This is from the Introduction to my Fixed Star Report Writer:

      It has become apparent to me that the universe is imprinted upon and within us; I strongly take issue with the idea that “for a particular location or birth place, if a star is not able to rise and therefore will never be visible, it should not be used in the birth chart” (Brady, 1998). The great 1st-magnitude star Canopus (Alpha Argo Navis), for instance, is never visible from Shelter Island, New York (latitude 41N00), yet its degree of celestial longitude exactly culminates, with the Sun, on a client’s chart who was born there; her parents went to great trouble to arrange for her to be born on their boat, and traveling on water has been a major part of her life. Another client, born Jewish in Chicago (41N52) has Venus and Neptune (the latter co-ruler of his 9th house of religion) aligned in celestial longitude with stars of the Southern Cross (56 to 64.5 south declination, 0 - 13.5 Scorpio) in the far southern skies, and although Crux is never visible above 27º north geographic latitude, and thus not visible in the place of his birth, he became a convert to Christianity. After years of research, it has become apparent to me that all of the sky belongs to all of humanity, without strictures or curtailments relating to birth latitudes, longitudes or visual passages. The universe is not “out there” – it is within and a part of all of us, our co-creation with God; each of us resides at the focal center of our personal universe, and the entire cosmos is both within and without each of us. Each member of the human race, whatever his or her latitude of birth, is heir to, and part of, the entirety of the universe.

      It has been suggested that only the brightest stars, and/or those close to the ecliptic, should be used by astrologers. I have not found this to be a useful approach; first, because even more than the stars themselves, the full constellation figures, including those of the Sphaera Barbarica, carry important messages and second, because some rather dim stars (4th-magnitude Omicron Leonis and Mu Cephei, for instance, at 24 Leo 15 and 9 Aries 42 respectively, in 2000) produce powerful effects that belie their pallid visual impacts. For the most part I have kept to the ancient sky-figures and left out the "modern" constellations created in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are a few notable exceptions: Indus, the Indian, for instance, does seem to relate to indigenous peoples. Every named star has been included.

      Love, Diana

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