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  • D Sinclair
    Bernadette, thankyou for answering my question. My main area of study this semester has been myth - in relation to the sacred. Your reply has made me wonder.
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      Bernadette, thankyou for answering my question.
      My main area of study this semester has been myth - in relation to the sacred.  Your reply has made me wonder.  Would it be correct to relate to the rising star, then, as having/retaining chthonic qualities - or as having been 'cleansed' of these as in Innana's Descent?  Likewise, is the setting star 'fallen' and seeking redemption (compelling one, as you have said, a desire towards a 'destiny') or one's inner celestial/divine spark?
      Sorry if this adds more to your already busy day, I will certainly understand if you don't get around to answering! 
      In the Work,
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      Hullo Danae

      > what precisely do the terms 'heliacal rising star' and 'heliacal setting
      > star' refer to?.
      > These are significate points in the cycle of a star's phases. Ptolemy
      > wrote of these in his work "The Phases of the Fixed Stars". Briefly...

      Heliacal Rising Star - The star that is rising before or with the sun which
      is returning from its period of Arising and Lying Hidden where it has been
      journeying through the underworld. Thus star has been abstent from the night
      sky and now it returns.

      Heliacal Setting Star - The star that is setting just before or with the
      rising sun and is just completing its phase of Curtailed Passage. Therefore
      it will now beginning to touch the earth after having spent time in the relm
      of the immortals (the circumpolar stars).

      Both stars are I believe most important is defining firstly one's deamon,
      ones driving force, that which is the invisible telological force which
      pulls one forward in life and the other (setting) the talks of the manner in
      which a person feels that they need to forfill their destiny.

      If you are interested I have just released a whole full day workshop on the
      subject with all sorts of visual aids - called a studyshop and this is
      available on the web: - It is called Sky Myths, Star Phases.


      Or of course I can refer you to my book - Brady's Book of Fixed Stars
      (Weisers 1998) where I have devoted a whole chapter to star phases.

      Sorry for the ads, but if you are interested the book or the studyshop will
      give you a lot more information.

      bye for now

      Bernadette Brady

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