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Jupiter now and into Sag

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Jupiter s current position: From my Workbook (positions 1980 - for 2007, add 23 minutes) Bungula Alpha Centauri Centaur’s forehoof 29SC12 -42 36 -60 45 14
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      Jupiter now and into Sag

      Jupiter's current position:

      From my Workbook (positions 1980 - for 2007, add 23 minutes)

      Bungula Alpha Centauri    Centaur’s forehoof    29SC12  -42 36  -60 45  14 38   0.00    G2 V
       Toliman; Rigil Kentaurus     This degree is opposite the Pleiades and square royal star Regulus       
        3rd brightest star in apparent magnitude

      Explorers, trailblazers. Fanatic, obsessive, intense, absolutist, passionately emotional. Either deeply religious or follow a chosen leader or ideal to the nth degree. Fascinated by, and become expert in, imagery, propaganda, “spin.” Perfectionists. Fierce, vehement, unwavering; can be vicious, spiteful, destructive, bigoted. Interested in history, geography, adventure, space, astronomy, astrology. Alzheimer’s disease. Propaganda, persecutions, rabid intolerance, stalking, storms, floods.

      And into Sag: (the early degrees of Sag can be nasty)

              Long    Lat     Dec     RA      M       Spec
      Yed Prior Delta Ophiuchi  left hand w/Serpent   2SA01   17 15   - 3 39  16 13   2.74    M1 III
      Dschubba (Isidis) Delta Scorpii   forehead      2SA17   - 1 59  -22 34  15 59   2.32    B0 V
      Graffias Beta1 Scorpii  in Scorpion’s head      2SA55   1 01    -19 45  16 04   2.64    B0.5 V

      Intelligent, gifted; success in writing, law, sports, military, politics, religion, astrology, occult, medicine, but a very dark side: can seem open, optimistic, friendly, but are very private people with strong passions, often have "skeletons in the closet." Hypocritical, sarcastic, intolerant, excessively fond of power ("control freaks"), paranoid, feel aggrieved, blame others for their problems, are often victorious over their enemies. Truly representative of the head of a scorpion and a hand struggling with a serpent! Ambush, stalking, murder, terrorism, assassination; mass catastrophes, including quakes, fires, storms.

      intelligent, experimental, innovative   charming, determined    greedy, dishonest, conniving
      linguistically gifted, sense of humor   shrewd, daring, obsessive       jealous, selfish, shameless, immoral
      leadership & organizational ability     argumentative, persistent       evil-minded, brutal, malevolent
              revolutionary           treasonous, murderous, insane

      Marfik Lambda Ophiuchi  left elbow      5SA19   23 34   21 06   16 30   3.82    A1 V
      Eta Lupi   Beast’s head/neck    5SA30   -17 27  -38 20  15 59   3.41    B2 V
      Scorpio X-1 V818 Scorpii Black Hole N of head   5SA33   5 44    -15 35  16 19   12.2    BH
      Hercules X-1 Black Hole Hercules’ solar plexus  5SA42   57 30   35 23   16 57   13.2B   A9 - B

      Torn between religion, philosophy, and worldly cynicism; battle with despair. Rebels and victims of rebellion. Go beyond accepted behavior; like to shock people: either ignore convention or rebel against it, trying to make their own rules. Nervous, restless, may be mentally and emotionally unstable. Drawn to mysticism, fascinated with magic. Physical skills, prowess, physical fitness, martial arts, dance. Mathematics, geology, philology, patrons, lovers of the arts. Artists, craftsmen. Showmen, comedians, magicians, photographers, architects, poets. Some connection with maritime matters, Jealousy, sexual scandals, pedophilia, aggression against children, alcoholism, addiction. Head injuries, blindness, deafness, birth defects. May suffer imprisonment or confinement, commit murder, assassination, suicide. Issues of sexuality, and obedience and loyalty vs rebellion. Fires, storms, battles, air and sea disasters, fog and fog-related disasters, air contamination, pollution, suffocation, drought, pestilences, plagues, crime, theft; meteorite falls; fanaticism, terrorist attacks, murder, assassination, suicide; scientific and technical achievments, revolutions

      From my Encyclopaedia (these are precession corrected)

      29 Scorp - Jupiter - Bay of Bengal cyclone caused 40-ft sea wave to hit Calcutta 10 5 1864, 10 AM: 50,000 dead, another 30,000 later of disease][US 7th Cavalry under Maj Genl G A Custer, rode out of Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dakota Territory, 5 17 1876, dawn, to hunt Indians][Aries ingress, 1947: Dead Sea Scrolls discov'd nr Khirbet Qumran, Israel][USAF Capt Chuck Yeager in Bell X-1, released from a B-29 mothership, became the 1st to break the sound barrier 10 14 47, approx 10:32 AM PST, Edwards AFB, CA][Start of Attica, NY prison rebellion, 8 22-9 13 71;

      early degrees of Sag - Jupiter -

      King Louis XVI of France beheaded, 1 21 1793, Paris, 10:22 AM (was Scorpio then)][Discovery of Uranus, 3 13 1781, Bath, England <0Sag11-also listed at 29Sco>][(cnj Neptune) 1st Greenpeace action: Canadian activists left Vancouver in old fishing boat to protest US atom bomb tests at Amchitka Isl, Alaska, 9 15 71

      Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown, 10 17 1781][National Geographic Society founded, evening of 1 13 1888, Washington, DC][

      Benigno Aquino assassinated][Start of record-length eruption of Kilauea 1 3 1983: as of March 1997 it had poured out lava “almost continuously”;

      “Mr Watson, come here!” – Bell’s first successful experiment with the telephone, Boston, 3 10 1876, “evening”][Korean airliner downed][Atlanta burned (US Civil War)][Smoldering cotton bales ignited 100 barrels of whiskey on wooden N German Lloyd Line pier, Hoboken, NJ 6 30 1900, 3:55 PM: fire tore through ships, men, few escaped: of 4 large ships & 18 smaller, only one survived; 326 died, many trapped belowdecks on ships; 250 injured][8-ft, 430 lb male grizzly pulled sleeping camper from tent, dragged off and ate him, 6 24 84, “early” - used 6 AM, Gallatin Forest, Yellowstone National Park, MT/WY][Prehistoric cave art discovered, Vallon-Pont-D’Arc, France 12 24 94;

      Great Galveston, TX hurricane 9 8 1900, barometric pressure fell to 27.49", record US low at that time, city totalled, 6-8,000 dead, "one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit N American continent" (Black Holes=storms)][San Fernando, CA quake, 2 10 71][2 men in a group training for Olympic triathlon attacked by a shark in shallow water 6 9 2000, 6:45 AM CDT, Gulf Shores, AL: both survived but one lost an arm;

      Jupiter, SolEcl 4 28 –508 OS, path over Greece, one year before Athenian citizens spontaneously rebelled against a takover by upstart Isagoras and his Spartans allies, drove them out, then recalled their leader Cleisthenes from exile, and charged him with setting up a constitution: considered “the dawn of democracy”][Battle of Trafalgar, last great action fought by sailing ships, 10 21 1805, about 36N, 6E: at 11:45 AM Nelson signaled "England expects every man will do his duty"; 15 mins later battle began; French/Spanish columns were shattered, Great Britain's sea supremacy established for 100 yrs; Nelson mortally wounded, died 4:30 PM][Gen'l Sherman burned Atlanta, GA 11 14 1864, US Civil War][ NCGR founded, 3 6 71, 21:02 EST, Wareham, MA (founded by drs: Oph)][5 people killed when 8 tractor-trailers & van collided in chain-reaction crash/explosion in dense fog, Menifee, AR 1 9 95, about 2 AM: paint cans in truck exploded, some cattle killed: one trucker said drivers suddenly hit “a wall of fog”][Speeding passenger train slammed into train that had hit cow & stalled, 8 20 95, 2:55 AM, Firozabad, India: more than 340 killed, 400 injured;

      A few others from collected since:

      Jupiter at Winter Solstice of 1923 preceding 1924 smallpox outbreak
      Jupiter at Great Blizzard of 1888 (New England); at 1995 Kobe quake, Japan; Great China quake, 1556
      Jupiter, 1983: Islamic terrorist suicide truck-bomb driven into US Marine barracks, Beirut -240 killed

      The left hand of Ophiuchus, holding Serpens, is here - this is definitely a medical area - the Chinese had doctors attending the

      Emperor here:  From the book:

      An ancient Babylonian constellation tablet lists Nutsirda ("Prince-of-the-Serpent"), called in Semitic Namassû, "Reptile." Nutsirda (aka An-u-giê, "Lord-of-the-Underworld") was connected to the god Sagimu, possibly the Lord of Invocation (the ideographs of his name express "mouth" and "invoke"); this asterism presided over dead bodies and disease. The archaic lunar zodiac of "The Tablet of the 30 Stars" from the Birs-Nimroud, which goes back at least 5,000 years, lists asterism XXV Kakkab Mulu-Bat ][ Pa-gar, a-sig: "The Asterism Man-of-Death | the corpse, the fever." made up of Epsilon and Zeta Ophiuchi (Yed Posterior, Han);

      (Yed Posterior is now 3 Sag 20, Han is 9 Sag 20)

      So, maybe, medical news and epidemics?

      Also, mid-December, look for fog-smog events:

      In the book, in the 3-7 Sag segment, I have

      Fires, storms, air and sea catastrophes, fog (the highest score!) and fog-related disasters (Liber Hermetis calls these degrees “humid and misty”), smoke, dust, smog, air contamination, pollution, suffocation; drought, pestilence, plagues, contagions and responses to them; crime, theft, fanaticism, terrorist attacks, murder, assassinations, executions; animal attacks, air and transportation events, accidents (especially those due to poor visibility), crashes, meteorite falls, battles, mass disasters; scientific and technological achievements and revolutions.

      Love, Diana

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