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RE: [AstroLife] Transition/Transformation Assistant

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    ... Hi Diana, thanks for answering ... I understand what you said above. ... Are you saying that those who would assist those who are going through death to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      >I would look for a prominent Leo-Aquarius axis; in ancient Orphic and
      >Platonic doctrine, the Cancer Crab was the gate of entry into
      >incarnation, the Capricornus Sea-Goat was the Gate of the Soul's Return
      >to the cosmos.

      Hi Diana, thanks for answering ...
      I understand what you said above.

      >These figures are now
      >tropical Leo and tropical Aquarius. Actually, the last degrees of
      >tropical Cancer are still in the sidereal Crab - so the incarnation end
      >of it is about 27 Cancer to 25 Leo.

      Are you saying that those who would assist those who are going through death
      to accompany them to meet those on the other side would have an emphasis on
      the Gate
      of the Soul's Return, or Capricorn? thanX
      Cheers, Fay


      That's my guess, Fay. Not the sign of Capricorn, but the figure of
      Capricornus, which
      is now all tropical Aquarius.

      I wrote this for the Uranian Society Newsletter, March 1997


      Capricornus, the amphibious Sea-Goat, dweller at the shoreline twixt matter
      and spirit, has guarded the Gate of the Return of Souls throughout mankind's
      sojourn on Earth. In ancient Orphic and Platonic doctrine, the Sea-Goat was
      the Gate of the Gods, "wherein the souls of men, when released from
      corporeity, ascended to heaven through its stars." Porphyry, in "In the
      Caves of the Nymphs" (ca 300 CE) stated that "souls that descend from the
      heavens to become incarnate on Earth pass through the celestial gate of
      Cancer*, and upon completion of their life cycle they return to the heavens
      through the gate of Capricornus*."

      In a delicious example of serendipitous happenstance, a Cycles & Symbols
      Conference with the theme "The Return of the Soul to the Cosmos" was held on
      February 14-16, 1997 when Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and the
      Sun were all transiting this small, age-old Guardian of the Gate (now
      tropical Aquarius).

      Not only is it the Gate of Return, but it seems to be a Portal of Angels!
      Mohammed, Joan of Arc, Swedenborg, Joseph Smith, St Bernadette, passionate
      visionaries who had conversed with saints and angels, all were born with
      planets in the stars of the original sky-figure of Capricornus! Muhammad,
      born with a Mercury-Admetus conjunction at the Gate of Return, often
      withdrew to Mt Hira to meditate and pray; his life was changed forever when
      the archangel Gabriel appeared, grasped him by the throat and commanded him
      to repeat the sacred words of God. Joan of Arc was born with the Sun in the
      Sea-Goat; when she had reached her 13th birthday and began to receive
      saintly visitations, Poseidon had come to conjunct her natal Sun. Emanuel
      Swedenborg, the brilliant Swedish scientist and visionary, was born with
      Zeus, Mercury, Vulcanus, & Sun in the Sea-Goat. In his 35th year when Uranus
      came to his natal Zeus, he experienced illuminations leading to a divine
      sense of spiritual perception; he saw visions, received revelations, and
      conversed directly with angels. St Bernadette was 14 when the Virgin Mary
      appeared to her; she had been born with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, MC, Admetus,
      Neptune and Jupiter transiting Capricornus, and on the day of her 1st
      vision, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, Sun and Admetus were at the Gate.
      Joseph Smith, born with Admetus, Moon, Kronos and Venus in the Sea-Goat, was
      visited by an angel at the age of 17, which led him to found The Church of
      Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). On the night of the angel's
      visit, Kronos in Capricornus had come to trine his natal Uranus, co-ruler of
      his 9th, and Admetus (still in the Gate) sextiled his MC. When three young
      peasant children beheld the Virgin at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, Juno, the
      Moon, and Uranus were here.

      It was when Uranus recently reached the stars of Capricornus that the world
      suddenly was awash in angels; angel lore, angel dolls, angel books, angel
      films, all inundate the collective conscious. The ancient Guardian of
      Heaven's Gate not only draws us back home at the end of our sojourns, but
      ushers in celestial visitors as well. Now I understand why ancient cuneiform
      inscriptions called this small, strange, humble little figure "Father of

      *(i.e. the original figure of the Crab, which runs from about 26 Cancer to
      21 Leo in tropical degrees, and the original Sea-Goat, which is now
      approximately 28 Capricorn to 29 Aquarius).

      I must have copied this from somewhere - don't remember:

      Porphyry, a Neo Platonist of the 13th century writes in his essay "On the
      cave of the Nymphs" that the ancient philosophers insist that in the
      heavens there are 2 Gates. Is is the reason why the Romans celebrated their
      Saturnalia, when the Sun is in Capricorn and why during this festivity the
      slaves wear the sandals of those who are free: "the legislator obscurely
      signified by this ceremony, that, through this gate of heavens, those who
      are born slaves will be liberated through the Saturnian Festival, and the
      house attributed to Saturn, that is, Capricorn, when they live again, and
      return to the fountain of life"

      should be 3rd century
      Orphic-Platonic; from:

      Love, Diana
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