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Re: Another School Shooting?

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... Well, the star alignments I ve been listing include Saturn on Ras Elased Australis and Ras Elased Borealis (in Leo s head), which can be read together,
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2006
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "msbhavens1" <msbhavens1@...> wrote:
      > Further what is with the attacks on young girls, specifically, I
      > believe Venus was recently square Pluto, but is past that now, so
      > other connection is ???? MissB

      Well, the star alignments I've been listing include Saturn on Ras
      Elased Australis and Ras Elased Borealis (in Leo's head), which can be
      read together, according to Anne Wright:


      ("heartless and cruel"--Noonan)

      Ebertin says something about severe depression and suicide and
      "feverish diseases".

      Now Saturn is conjoining Phekda (Gamma Ursae Majoris), too.

      (Ebertin = "a great blood bath," "a pathological sex nature").

      Also, you have Uranus on Ekchusis (Lambda Aquarii) and Head of Hydrus
      (Alpha Hydri), and North Node on BL Lacertae, as well as Pluto on
      Lesath and Shaula in the Scorpion's stinger, all of which seems to me
      to be fostering a sort of generalized nastiness.

      Pluto is also aligned with Grumium (Xi Draconis), which I think is in
      the Dragon's face (around its chin: where a man's beard grows). I'm
      thinking "insolence" or "daring" (as in "pulling one's beard," an
      insult), "macho," or "misfit." Male energies as menacing, insolent or

      As to what could tie this to girls in particular now (given that the
      transiting Venus-Pluto square you mention is over), I don't know.

      Mark A. Holmes

      > --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "msbhavens1" <msbhavens1@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > this time an amish school in Penn. what is with the rash of this
      > type
      > > of incident? MissB
      > >
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